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Why are boys names so difficult with our surname?

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Gallante · 26/07/2022 02:01

Our surname is Valentine and really struggling for a boy’s name due to initials.

I want to avoid names beginning: B, C, D, H, I, N, T

So far on list but we can’t agree on any 100%:

OP posts:
Theoldwoman · 26/07/2022 13:52

Jeremy Valentine
Elias Valentine
Reuben Valentine
Mateo Valentine

sunglassesonthetable · 26/07/2022 14:02

Swooning at Alexander Valentine.

Purplepatsy · 26/07/2022 14:07

Cindie943811A · 26/07/2022 08:22

DV is also used for diarrhoea and vomiting and I wouldn’t want to risk the names other kids could make out of that.
I think you have a very attractive surname OP. There are so many name combinations that sound quite distinguished .
Alexander would be my choice.

I have never yet heard of any child being bullied because of the initials of their name. How many children would know that DV stands for diarrhoea and vomiting anyway?
Alexander Valentine sounds good, as would a shortened version of Alex Valentine.

Cindie943811A · 26/07/2022 15:25

Unfortunately it is older kids and immature adults who suggest negative associations to children.

MurderAtTheBeautyPageant · 26/07/2022 15:28

Alex/ander Valentine is such a swoonsome name.

Gallante · 29/07/2022 00:09

Penfelyn · 26/07/2022 02:37

I frankly couldn't be arsed to care so much about initials. Stick a middle name in there if you're concerned. Even if his initials were DV so what ? Do you think most people really would associate these random letters with domestic violence ?

I don't say this to be harsh, I just mean you're making your own life harder than it needs to be. I'd understand avoiding initials like BJ or SS but at the end of the day every single letter combination can probably be an acronym for something.

For what it's worth initials didn't hurt Johnson's political career.

It was more D&V - diarrhoea and vomiting! Or divvy (does anyone still say that?!)

OP posts:
CockSpadget · 29/07/2022 00:10

I have a client called Valentino Valentine!

Gallante · 29/07/2022 00:12

larkstar · 26/07/2022 02:38

When you say you are struggling why exclude so many names without giving a good reason - it doesn't make sense? Fair enough if your surname is Hole and you want to avoid first names beginning with A.

I’m a nurse so want to avoid initials for below reasons - remind me of my job too much!

BV - bacterial vaginosis
DV - diarrhoea and vomiting
IV - intravenous

And don’t want CV, HV (too much like HIV) & TV.

OP posts:
Gallante · 29/07/2022 00:15

So far, Alexander, Noah & Joshua are being considered!

middle name will be Michael

OP posts:
WudYouSayItInRealLife · 29/07/2022 00:44

Alexander Valentine is a really fantastic name.

CthulhuInDisguise · 29/07/2022 01:05

Alexander Valentine is a lovely name.

Julian Valentine
Florian Valentine
Sebastian Valentine
Jamie Valentine

Luredbyapomegranate · 29/07/2022 01:30

Crunchygrass · 26/07/2022 02:06

I think Alexander Valentine is a beautiful name.


It’s a bit of a tricky surname for a boy but it will work and be quite cool if you keep his name simple and clearly male -

Patrick, Laurence, Joseph, Samuel, Noah, Thomas, Benjamin, Jonah, Max, Jacob, Issac, Frank, Nicolas, Joel, Arthur, Alfred, Robert, Matthew all work (unless there is some funny initial thing I haven’t thought of, but you are worrying too much about initials - what’s wrong with all the one’s you listed?!)

Kai Valentine sounds like a fish, and Zach Valentine like a gigalo (although I did have an instant vision of Brad Pitt in seduction mode in Thelma and Louise so not all bad). Rowan is too clunky and unisex, Arlo too faddy and fussy.

Luredbyapomegranate · 29/07/2022 01:31

BV - bacterial vaginosis

I can tell you for a fact this one is not an issue, that is seriously obscure

Gioia1 · 31/07/2022 20:45

Deangelo Valentine

CharlieAndTooManyCharacters · 01/08/2022 09:46

I don’t understand why those initials upset you but AV doesn’t.

why is TV worse than AV?

I really don’t think any of the initials are terrible. I’d just pick a name I liked. How often do people even use your initials?

Gallante · 02/08/2022 02:55

Well, had my 20 wk scan today and found out we are expecting a girl so we don’t need to worry about any boys names now!

OP posts:
JasmineVioletRose · 02/08/2022 07:31

Aw congratulations op 💛

chilledbubble · 02/08/2022 07:33


MandyRice · 02/08/2022 09:09

Congrats, op! Lots of lovely girls’ names go with your surname.

(Sad though that there’s isn’t going to be a Jack Valentine, as that sounds like a dashing highwayman whom all the women fall in love with even as he’s stealing their jewels.)

Amdone123 · 02/08/2022 09:19

Alexandra Valentine then !
I was loving Alexander Michael Valentine - never mind.
I loved a pps suggestion of Beau and I do know a female Beau, but I can't help thinking she should be Belle ( which I don't like).
What girls names do you like ?
( I love your surname btw).

Dottodo · 02/08/2022 19:33

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Gallante · 02/08/2022 19:34

MandyRice · 02/08/2022 09:09

Congrats, op! Lots of lovely girls’ names go with your surname.

(Sad though that there’s isn’t going to be a Jack Valentine, as that sounds like a dashing highwayman whom all the women fall in love with even as he’s stealing their jewels.)

Thanks, although my nephew is Jack so that wouldn’t have been an option anyway!

OP posts:
Maireas · 02/08/2022 19:35

weathervane1 · 26/07/2022 02:08


Aww. I used to love him 💕

Maireas · 02/08/2022 19:37

A girl?
Do you want suggestions, or is that easier?

Gallante · 02/08/2022 19:39

Girl list:
Charlotte (nn: Lottie)

middle name will be Elizabeth

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