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As8ly4yn · 13/04/2022 20:51

My best friend recently found out she's pregnant with a DD, and is thinking of the name Hayley, but is wondering if it is too 80s and a bit dated?

OP posts:
mrsfoof · 01/05/2022 21:04

I knew loads of Hayleys that were born in the early 80s and a couple from the late 60s / 70s.

It's pretty but not especially dated (although less commonly used in more recent times). I know a few high-flying career women called Hayley too. Go for it.

Allthesefolks · 01/05/2022 21:12

It’s my name and I hated it, people always tell me it’s a nice name though! My sister’s name is mentioned above too, we are truly 80s children 🤣 It’s definitely in the Darren category of a bit naff and dated.

I’m not downmarket, rough or a bitch as PPs are suggesting though 🤨

FairyCakeWings · 01/05/2022 21:18

I like it.

blameitonthecaffeine · 02/05/2022 11:27

I like it.

I know one who is 15 but other than that, all late 20s - 40s. I would think of it as slightly dated, I suppose, but don't think that should matter if you like a name. It will just make her unusual in her peer group.

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