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As8ly4yn · 13/04/2022 20:51

My best friend recently found out she's pregnant with a DD, and is thinking of the name Hayley, but is wondering if it is too 80s and a bit dated?

OP posts:
Cindie943811A · 14/04/2022 15:20

It’s a surname meaning probably hay field and has no history to it as a first name as Hayley Mills was the first(Mother-was Mary Hayley Bell).
I just feel the name is a modern invention with no soul to it like, say, Pepper or Cinnamon or Brandy or Shandy or Chardonnay.

Electrox · 14/04/2022 17:23

I really like it.

GoodSoup · 14/04/2022 17:33

I like it and never hear it recently.

TedsaidFred · 14/04/2022 19:31

I met someone recently who has a 3 yo called Hayley and I was surprised because I haven't come across it since my school days. There were two in my class, born in the 80s. However it felt quite fresh rather than dated, I think it's totally usable.

Padderbadger · 15/04/2022 01:53

It does feel a bit 80s for me, lots of Hayley's in my school in the 90s

jokalyn · 15/04/2022 02:13

It does seem old but every old name keeps randomly coming back where you wouldn't expect. And Halley/Hallie is a lovely name but not that different really so can't rule any name out at the moment

user1492757084 · 15/04/2022 05:31

Hayley is a nice name.

Saltyquiche · 15/04/2022 05:40

I both love and hate it.

Saltyquiche · 15/04/2022 05:41

What about Heidi, honour or Halle

highhoo · 15/04/2022 05:46

I love it. I met a 4 month old Hailey recently and thought it was very sweet and I actually prefer the more modern / American spelling

Samthenanny · 17/04/2022 10:38

My sisters a Hayley and she’s super friendly and nice. She’s 30

peaceinourtime · 17/04/2022 10:43

Its my name, I really don't like it. When I worked in Tesco about 12 years ago I had lots of customers telling me that their granddaughter was also called Hayley.

SeanChailleach · 17/04/2022 17:43

I met a 9 yo Hayley spelt Hélie a couple of years ago. I am guessing French but not sure.
That would mean "sunny" I think.

StopFeckingFaffing · 17/04/2022 17:50

The only Hayley I've ever known (but spelt Haley) was a rather terrifying girl from a notoriously scary family from my childhood

It doesn't have good vibes

Furrbabymama87 · 17/04/2022 17:57

Too dated. Not awful, but nothing nice about it either.

HR313 · 17/04/2022 17:59

I’m a Hayley - I’m not so keen on it myself but my mum named me after Hayley Mills. I’m in my early 30’s. I used to get called Hales which I hated 😭

RainynightinGeorgia · 30/04/2022 19:01

Lovely name

A580Hojas · 30/04/2022 19:06

I love it. I only know one Hayley, she's early 30s, and the most wonderful person - perhaps that sways my opinion.

I also worked with a Hayley back in the early 90s. She'd be about 50 now.

I think it is an under-used name and well due a come back.

Hallyup89 · 30/04/2022 19:09

Love it, wanted it, but it doesn't work with our surname.

BonjourCrisette · 30/04/2022 19:15

Hélie is a boys' name.

I do rather like Hayley and I don't think I would have said that ten years ago and wonder if it's maybe about to make a comeback in a retro sort of way. I reckon if your friend goes for it there might be tons of them in another ten years.

Comedycook · 30/04/2022 19:17

Dated and downmarket

A580Hojas · 30/04/2022 19:19

Comedycook · 30/04/2022 19:17

Dated and downmarket

Nice Hmm

caringcarer · 30/04/2022 19:33

Not keen. Reminds me of Hayley from Coronation Street.

Feckingfeck · 30/04/2022 19:35

I know one... she is a CF 😊

Orphlids · 30/04/2022 21:13

I really like it. It sounds so cheerful and sunny and outdoorsy. I’d love to meet a little Hayley. I’m imagining untidy golden pigtails, freckles, a gingham dress covered with grass stains and a daisy chain crown.

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