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Autoimmune disease

Coeliac’s please, what bread??

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Ramina · 09/01/2022 13:19

Just wanted to know what bread you like/eat? My son has just been diagnosed and we are struggling to find one. He loves his toast and sandwiches so he’s struggling. I’ve tried the genius range but to be honest, even the birds left it when I put it out. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

OP posts:
bobbythevet · 09/01/2022 13:20

We use schar

itsgettingweird · 09/01/2022 13:23

The schar frozen rolls are really nice.

They also do ciabatta rolls and panini rolls.

I use Tesco own GF bread for day to day but use warburtons when on offer.

The warburtons brioche square rolls are really nice and soft. They are really expensive at £2.50 for 4 so when they're 25-50p on short date (usually Co op) I buy 3-4 packs. Same with their crumpets.

I'm also not a fan of the genius range. Even their crumpets aren't as nice!

Yarnivore · 09/01/2022 13:24

I use Warburtons GF tiger bread for toast but yet to find anything tolerable for sandwiches.

The Schar frozen rolls are incredible though, just defrost/heat in oven for 8 minutes and once cool are a perfect crusty roll.

elephantoverthehill · 09/01/2022 13:25

I recommend Warburton's. It can really only be eaten as bread on the day purchased. I slice up a loaf and put it in the freezer for toast. Panninis heated in the oven aren't bad.

DrCoconut · 09/01/2022 13:30

We like schar sliced bread even though it's small. And juvela part baked rolls.

Naijamama · 09/01/2022 13:32

Schar super sandwich (I can only ever find this in Asda for some reason) for sandwiches. We use wharburtons or genius for toast though. The wharburtons is better by miles though

Ramina · 09/01/2022 17:42

Thank you so much everyone. I had never heard of schar before. It seems very popular with all of you. I’l definitely get some tomorrow!

OP posts:
BoodleBug51 · 09/01/2022 17:47

DD has got 2 coeliac's in the house, and they buy either Schar or Asda own brand. Apparently Asda have got a really good free from section that is really good.

When her 2 were diagnosed, it was a bit of trial and error finding which ones they liked! And it's not a cheap experiment either.

As an aside, she got me to download the food directory app from Coeliac UK, it's a life saver when I'm shopping for them. You need to be a member but it's not a lot and it saves a lot of label reading as it's so confusing when you start off.

WhatAWasteOfOranges · 09/01/2022 17:51

Have a look on myglutenfreeguide on Instagram/ her blog she has various reviews and recipes and is a great source of information

Cattitudes · 09/01/2022 17:56

Warburtons GF tiger bread for toast agree with this - nice for toasties too. Wouldn't bother with anything as bread to be honest would possibly have a wrap but generally stuff other than sandwiches are better.

Bimblepops · 09/01/2022 17:58

Warburton’s Tiger Loaf, really tasty - toasted it as is. Makes great sandwiches.
Also, if you have a big M&S near you, their tiger loaf rolls are absolutely delicious.

itbemay1 · 09/01/2022 17:58

Warburtons and it can be purchased online

itbemay1 · 09/01/2022 18:00

Apologies not purchased direct from above link but advises stockist

BrambleyHedge · 09/01/2022 18:01

Also recommend the schar frozen rolls. I also like promise bakery brioche loaf. I'm more of a toast person though

pastabest · 09/01/2022 18:14

Wharburtons Gluten Free Tiger Bread
Wharburtons Super Soft Gluten Free buns (they are square)
Schar Panninis
Marks and Spencers GF bread is good but we don't get it often as there isn't one near us.

you can also get quite good gluten free bread from Wheat Free Baker, our favourite is the white loaf

I know you only asked about bread but other useful things to know if you if you are new to gluten free:

For pies try Jackson's bakery

Morrisons do great margarita / pepperoni pizzas in the gluten free freezer or even better if they have a fresh pizza counter they can do you a normal 'pick your own' toppings pizza on a gluten free base. You do have to watch the people on the fresh counter though to make sure they use fresh spoons/ sauces etc though.

Sainsburys, marks and spencers and aldi all do battered fish/tempura chicken type stuff thats gluten free

you don't need to buy special sauces etc from the gluten free isle in most cases. Most of the usual dolmio type pasta sauces in jars are gluten free anyway EVEN the white sauce for lasagne etc.

The main things that catch people out are things like chips, crisps, sweets and chocolate, lots of cheap cola and fruit juices where you might not expect gluten to be used but often is.

McDonalds - the fries are gluten free and if you take your own bun and order a burger without the bun and are willing to out it together yourself from the bits they put in the box then the burgers are gluten free too.

Floralnomad · 11/01/2022 22:24

My daughter prefers Schar , we’ve tried them all .

limberlost · 11/01/2022 22:51

Many companies will send out trial packs to newly diagnosed coeliacs. I often see notifications from Juvela about this on Facebook.

gelatodipistacchio · 11/01/2022 22:55

Dark horse response here but I really, really like the seeded Genius cob. It used to be called Fibre Fest but I think they rebranded it recently. It makes fab wholemeal/seedy toast.

Schar is also decent, as mentioned, and I like the B Free brown bread too.

gelatodipistacchio · 18/01/2022 15:12

To whomever suggested Jackson's, thanks so much!

I have always wanted to try a Belgian bun and now here I am. It's delicious!

gelatodipistacchio · 18/01/2022 15:13

Meant to include a photo

Coeliac’s please, what bread??
Ramina · 27/01/2022 15:35

Wow, thank you so much everyone! Once again the wonderful folks of MN delivers. I’ve wrote all the info down and we are off to experiment and hopefully find our forever bread!

OP posts:
Boomboomackalackalackaboom · 27/01/2022 15:42

Yep Schar. If you have a home bargains near you have a look in their bread aisle, they sell little schar loafs and seem to be better value.

Becky Excell not only does amazing recipes she also posts about GF items that are in the regular aisle so don’t cost extra

You may need to double check in case ingredients have changed.

Birthdayhat · 27/01/2022 15:46

My boys both like bfree white sourdough the most but it hasn't been great quality recently - very crumbly. Usually it is great for both sandwiches and toast and we are still using it, long life too so handy to have in. Schar also great but diddy slices. M&S seeded loaf is my favourite.

Meadowblossom · 29/01/2022 20:17

Tesco’s own brand as it’s cheaper.

Equalizer · 29/01/2022 21:01

Following with interest, thank you!

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