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Autoimmune disease

Coeliac’s please, what bread??

33 replies

Ramina · 09/01/2022 13:19

Just wanted to know what bread you like/eat? My son has just been diagnosed and we are struggling to find one. He loves his toast and sandwiches so he’s struggling. I’ve tried the genius range but to be honest, even the birds left it when I put it out. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

OP posts:

Haudyourwheesht · 29/01/2022 21:05

The Warburtons tiger cob is lovely, but so expensive, so we have a breadmaker and generally make our own. It's much nicer than most bread you can buy.


marriednotdead · 29/01/2022 21:20

Not regular bread but a quick easy naan fix here. I’m not coeliac but I appear to be gluten, yeast and egg white intolerant so it’s been a blissful find after a decade with no bread!


Equalizer · 29/01/2022 21:48

@Haudyourwheesht do you have a recipe to share by any chance? I also have a bread maker but not had much joy with wheat free.


Haudyourwheesht · 29/01/2022 22:02


Equalizer · 29/01/2022 22:09

@Haudyourwheesht thank you for this! I'll have to try it with an egg replacement and see what happens Smile


user1471443411 · 29/01/2022 22:15

Agree with Schar frozen cobs and not liking the genius bread - I'm just going on my daughter's opinions here, not mine as I don't eat it.
She also likes M&S seeded sliced bread, and Morrison's and Co-op's own brand sliced are both ok too (I think Asda too but there isn't one near us so don't get it much). In general, Morrisons and Asda are both the best for both price and quality in the gluten free ranges.


Haudyourwheesht · 29/01/2022 23:36

@Equalizer (and anyone else!) Becky Excel's recipes are brilliant - always work, and adaptable to dairy free too. Well worth checking out her website.


Yearofthetygerburningbright · 09/02/2022 05:00

We just keep all the bread in the freezer and get out however many slices are needed at the time, defrost for about 15 minutes or toast from frozen. Different toaster for the non-gluten people.

Your best bet in the long run could be to get a breadmaker. My coeliac friend makes all her own bread now. We are lazier and go for a mix of Genius, Warburton's, Schar, M&S and other brands, depending on the task at hand, what's in stock and what that week's budget is! Just experiment while also telling him that unfortunately, he'll just have to be less picky while you get different ones each time to try out. It's a million times better than it was 20 years ago and too expensive to waste! And people do get used to it, even though it is a shock to begin with.

M&S do some quite nice sliced brown bloomer for sandwiches and their white Tiger Rolls aren't bad, if slightly stodgy. Tesco, Asda and Morrisons also have some good offerings at keen prices. And there is a range of gluten free wraps, B-free or something like that. Maybe try those. The Warburton's white makes a better ham sandwich to the Genius white. The Schar sweet rolls are an acquired taste good for breakfast with jam or nutella or with ham and cheese a bit like when you have that in a croissant, the ciabatta are good with soups. (The brown/white question isn't the same for non-gluten bread, so brown isn't necessarily lower in fibre or more healthy for him, it's just made with different things.)

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