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AIBU to be anoyed at having to pay for the syringe for my DDs medicine?

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Liz79 · 22/06/2008 17:22

DD is breastfed and has been prescribed gaviscon. If you ff you just put the powder in the bottle but we are bf so you have to make it up by adding first 5ml and then 10ml of water. I asked the pharmacist for a syringe to measure the water with and to administer it. She charged me 55p for it . I know its only 55p which I can afford but it was the principle. I feel discriminated against for bf

also posted on bf board

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 22/06/2008 17:23

Message withdrawn

Mercy · 22/06/2008 17:26

Sorry but YABU. It's a one off payment of 55p.

I thought you were talking about some life-saving medication involving new syringes several times a day when I saw the title.

MingMingtheWonderPet · 22/06/2008 17:31

Mmm, probably more important things to worry about

JennsterSlugSlayer · 22/06/2008 17:33

So they give them away for free? They don't get paid for them.

Guadalupe · 22/06/2008 17:36

use a spoon then

sheepgomeep · 22/06/2008 17:36


you still have to pay for a syringe whether you bf, ff, if your child is ill and the only way to get medicine down them is via syringe.

I had to buy syringes to get maintenance antibiotic down my ds (He had kidney reflux, he had this every day for 3 years)

we went through shed loads and I STLL didn't whinge.

themildmanneredjanitor · 22/06/2008 17:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pruners · 22/06/2008 17:38

Message withdrawn

katw3kitts · 22/06/2008 17:38

I think 55p is a bit much.

Cost pennies to make (if that)

but YABU.

McDreamy · 22/06/2008 17:39

Buy a bottle of nurofen, you get one free inside.

WigWamBam · 22/06/2008 17:39

It's pennies. Save your anger for something which really matters.

BetteNoire · 22/06/2008 17:39

I don't think you're going to get a huge outpouring of sympathy on this one, Liz79.

I echo Guadalupe's advice - use a spoon.

sheepgomeep · 22/06/2008 17:40

it is a bit much to pay for a syringe and maybe they should be free. I did have some free ones but not many.

agree with pruners whats it got to do with bf??

sheepgomeep · 22/06/2008 17:41

Mcdreamy In always seem to get those funny shaped spoons with nurofen bottles not the nice rounded calpol ones

McDreamy · 22/06/2008 17:42

oh really, don't you get the orange syringes anymore?

JennsterSlugSlayer · 22/06/2008 17:43

No that is how much they cost making no profit.

stoppinattwo · 22/06/2008 17:43

we get ours for free with childrens prescriptions...I do understand your annoyance...55p isnt a lot but it is a principle.....if you can only give the medicine with a syringe then it should come with the medicine.

55p is a tin of beans these days

lulurose · 22/06/2008 17:44

Don't get it, now if we were talking life saving, day in, day out medication which required a syringe then I would have sympathy. Wish this was all I had to get worried about.

belgo · 22/06/2008 17:44

Liz79 - just think about all the money you are saving by bfing. I'm sure it's considerably more then 55p.

JennsterSlugSlayer · 22/06/2008 17:44

If you are ff then then the gaviscon goes in the bottle with the formula.

Pruners · 22/06/2008 17:46

Message withdrawn

McDreamy · 22/06/2008 17:47

Good point pruners

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 22/06/2008 17:49

Liz - actually I don't think YABU. You have the meds but don't have the means to give them accurately without the syringe.
You should be given one.

We used to have to use syringes with dd's meds - a dozen different doses a day. We used reusable syringes but they didn't last long being sterilised. The only way I could get them was to 'aquire' them during hospital visits, nag my practice nurse or buy them myself. By the 100 direct from Baxa.

mamablue · 22/06/2008 17:52

I bought some nurofen suspension last week it had a syringe inside the box. I am sure your doctors surgery would have given you one free, ours does.

ScottishMummy · 22/06/2008 17:55

No YANBU, next time ask gp for syringe to administer the gaviscon. but i dont think it is anti-BF just not joined up thinking.

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