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For thinking that Mumsnet is full of bored women who should be doing something else

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forgiveANDforget · 19/06/2008 15:27

Name changed for obvious reasons - ie avoidance of cyber bullies whilst expressing my true feelings on this. I was a lurker for quite a while, summed up the courage to post thinking that I had some good things to share and could be of help where appropriate. I think some of the threads are genuinely helpful and a great idea. However, I feel that some of them - probably this one included - is really a complete waste of time and energy. It seems to me that there are an awful lot of MNers who have nothing better to do than spend hours typing endless crap on these threads. Don't you have any "real life" friends to talk to?? Wouldn't you be better spending your life in the real world rather than exchanging endless ridiculous tittle tattle with one another? What are your kids doing whilst you spend hours on the computer?? Or your partners? I'm off to get a life.... why don't you??

OP posts:
Iota · 19/06/2008 15:28


Flier · 19/06/2008 15:29

oh dear.... has someone annoyed you today?

youcannotbeserious · 19/06/2008 15:29

Yeah... you are probably right.

For me, I am home alone with my (gorgeous perfect wonderful) 5WO son.

Rightly or wrongly, I feel pretty housebound, so futile posting is good fun.

Does every post HAVE to be useful and helpful? Surely not every conversation we have each day is?

It's a life line right now for me.

claricebeansmum · 19/06/2008 15:29

For some people this is a lifeline.

Some people have problems with RL friends...

...disabled and problems with getting out
...marooned in a foreign country

Off you go.

Flier · 19/06/2008 15:29

why name change though?

LadyOfWaffle · 19/06/2008 15:29

What are you doing here then? Obviously you have read said threads... Shut the door quietly eh?

LittleMyDancing · 19/06/2008 15:30

think it's like any conversations among friends - 90% of conversations are about nothing at all (or property prices, yawn) but 10% are crucial, essential, supportive, sympathetic, helpful conversations.

You don't get the 10% without the other 90%.

LadyOfWaffle · 19/06/2008 15:30

But yeah, it is full of bored women who should probably be doing something else

CountessDracula · 19/06/2008 15:31

why name change?
This is a valid opinion why are you scared to post under your real name? Especially if you are "off to get a life"

Personally it saves me from the tedium of work I don't really do it at home

Rhubarb · 19/06/2008 15:31

I agree actually. I'm on here today because ds is ill, asleep now on the sofa, and I'm bored. There is no-one else to have a chat with so I'm on Mumsnet.

It's a bit like phoning someone up to have an utterly pointless chat with them. It's another form of socialising.

But I have plenty of other things I should be getting on with.

youcannotbeserious · 19/06/2008 15:31

Littlemydancing: Very good point.

I'm sure we can turn this thread into idle chit chat pretty quickly!

bellavita · 19/06/2008 15:31

I am sorry you feel that way forgiveAndforget - but some mners have little contact with the rl and if this helps them vent their frustrations or just having a chat with others - good for them.

Yes, your thread is a complete waste of time.

PuppyMonkey · 19/06/2008 15:32

Is this what you call irony?

Oliveoil · 19/06/2008 15:32

I'll have you know that every single one of my posts is valid, helpful and fabulous to behold.

CountessDracula · 19/06/2008 15:32

oh I never do irony
i send dh's work shirts out

Flashman · 19/06/2008 15:33

Err last time I checked not a bored housewife - it is nice hearing crap from lots of diverse people - if only to get a consensus that I am a twat!!!

Oliveoil · 19/06/2008 15:33

ba dooom tish [drum noise]

ScottishMummy · 19/06/2008 15:34

forgiveANDforget are you in a huff because someone skelped yer arse on MN? diddums ME?

I dont have a life according to you

my child is at nursery being ignored by staff

i am at work like an avarcious career driven baby ignoring mum (i am supposed to be writing reports).

phew so i have even addressed the great ole working mums and precious moments debacle


zippitippitoes · 19/06/2008 15:35

rofl i love these ops

forgiveANDforget · 19/06/2008 15:36

By all means have helpful wonderfully supportive threads which help people who genuinely need it - I have no problem with that - this was exactly why I came on here in the first place. But don't tell me that threads such as the one entitled "don't shave bumholes is good advice" then really, what the heck is it all about?? It's got to be from someone who surely could spend their time doing something a bit more useful?

OP posts:
Joolyjoolyjoo · 19/06/2008 15:36

Well, I'm not here a lot, tend to come on late at night when kids are asleep and DH is watching some dross on tv! My RL friends don't stay awake late enough for me!

At the moment ds is asleep, dd1 is at nursery and dd2 and I have just finished eating a plastic picnic and she is preparing a plastic dessert! So I am having a (real!) cup of coffee before tackling the kitchen, which doesn't really strike me as any more worthy than swapping ideas and viewpoints with a wide base of very different people, tbh!

I like to have my views and preconceptions challenged. I like to be made aware of things I didn't know. I am interested in people, from all walks of life and have lots of friends from different backgrounds. I like the fact that I can voice my opinions on here without fear of upsetting a friendship, or offending someone I know and love, just because I see something differently to them.

I'm pleased you have decided to get a life. I already have one, thanks! I manage to combine plenty other interests, hobbies and relationships with the occasional foray into an internet forum (or two!) But I guess I might be exceptional...

bellavita · 19/06/2008 15:36

Lol - "skelped yer arse"

zippitippitoes · 19/06/2008 15:37

its called having a larf

Tortington · 19/06/2008 15:37


i have just seen the light

OP thank you -

am off to wash windows

ScottishMummy · 19/06/2008 15:37

oh unclench.go have a fruitshoot.none of this is real, dont be so damn precious

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