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To consider tipping it over his head.........

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GumsAndRoses · 18/06/2008 08:46

Rather then throw it away?

stupid twunt Dh got a beer out of the fridge last night while watching yet another boring game of football (I had an early night with my book)and he left the blardy fridge door open.

Everything is ruined, my trifle is a gooey mess so in the bin or over his head

Mumsnet you decide...........

OP posts:
McDreamy · 18/06/2008 08:47


mishymoo · 18/06/2008 08:48

Over his head of course!

WelliesAndPyjamas · 18/06/2008 08:48

Serve it to him? And he can't leave the table until his plate is clean.

GumsAndRoses · 18/06/2008 08:50

[evil grin] like your thinking WandP

OP posts:
Alambil · 18/06/2008 11:16

oh definitely head!

GodzillasBumcheek · 18/06/2008 11:17

Over his beer (save the trifle in the back of the fridge until then, covered up) next time a match is on

kittywise · 18/06/2008 11:19

head, for sure!

OrmIrian · 18/06/2008 11:24


I feel strongly about this as I've not really seen my DH since the footie started. We went camping at the weekend and he sulked because he missed 2 matches . Kids aren't allowed to watch TV or use ps2 atm. I don't miss the TV but I do miss being able to speak to my DH and get more than a grunt in response

cornsilk · 18/06/2008 11:28

in his shoes

shatteredmumsrus · 18/06/2008 11:29

I agree.dh said to me when the premiership finished that he is going to turn the skysports on. Only to realise that Euro 2008 is on terestrial channels and we have watched footall twice a day since it started. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

GodzillasBumcheek · 18/06/2008 11:31

I sooooo love my DH for hating footie [heart emoticon]

GooseyLoosey · 18/06/2008 11:34

Over the television. He won't be bothered to clean it off and will leave it for you. It will take you a week or so to get around to it and hey presto, no more football!

OrmIrian · 18/06/2008 11:34

You see I don't mind normal football - saturday or sunday for a few hours (often in the pub) is fine. All day and all evening is a bit much.

mumblechum · 18/06/2008 11:35

Godzilla, me too! He's blissfully unaware there is football on at the moment.

Flashman · 18/06/2008 11:39

FFS what is it about the footie that annoys so? - it is only every two years - world cup then Euro's before some smart arse tells me it is 4 years!

GumsAndRoses · 18/06/2008 11:44

I rang him up and called him all the names under the sun and get an "oh sorry" then he has the cheek to say he will go to asda and get more stuff so I can make another trifle, yeah right, now wondering what part of feck off he doesn't like

Really the football is doing my head in, he is obsessed with it, oh and the dilema he faces are truely something "football or grand prix, what shall I watch

OP posts:
GodzillasBumcheek · 18/06/2008 11:46

Er, where do i start?

It's boring
It pushes other, actually interesting/enjoyable programs off the telly
It's boring
It is irritating

Get it?

Ok, that's obviously a non-footie fan's opinion, but that's what i am.
Go out and play the game yourself and stop sitting on your butt stoping me from watching the 2nd episode of Pushing Daisies FFS.

Twelvelegs · 18/06/2008 11:48

Careful your comments could be considered as domestic violence .
Couldn't you not tempt your dh away from the telly by bathing yourself in beer and putting on a tight fitting kit??? I am nothing if not classy!!!

Flashman · 18/06/2008 11:53

Hmm I think that I would choose to watch the footie - I think the beer would be warm in bathing in - and my good the thought of my DW in tight fitting kit at the moment would just make me laugh!!!

You do realise that once the footie finishes the olympics is just about to start!!!

GumsAndRoses · 18/06/2008 11:57

Twelvelegs I take your comment onboard, I may have gone a trifle mad for a moment, I will get a sponge for my brow and sit down as my legs have turned to jelly and work on a plan to be a bit fruity to lure Dh from the footy, or put my foot down and stop being a cowardly custard

OP posts:
minouminou · 18/06/2008 11:58

Get new ingredients?
Tell him he can get to M&S or Waitrose and get their finest ready-made
DP left a roasted ORGANIC (ie £10) chicken overnight in the oven after i told him to put it in the fridge (he got them confused).
I called him at work, got his secretary, told her to tell him off, so she did, and ordered him to replace it.

TheHedgeWitch · 18/06/2008 11:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

GumsAndRoses · 18/06/2008 12:01

Good plan TheHedgeWitch, just check the fridge door, dont let him spoil the strawberrys and cream

OP posts:
TheHedgeWitch · 18/06/2008 12:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

OrmIrian · 18/06/2008 12:21

flashman - it's the seemingly blanket coverage that winds non-footie fans up.

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