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Leave 12 & 7 year old in house whilst I run round the block

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Healthkick · 11/02/2024 09:53

I’m running a half marathon in 8 weeks. I’m trying to train but it’s difficult to get time. Would I be unreasonable to run round the block possibly 6 times to get some practice in.

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Sk8erboi · 11/02/2024 09:54

It depends on the children and how sensible they are.
I left mine at that age to go for a jog round the block and they were fine, they could contact me if they needed to and I stayed close so I could get back if needed.

Candleabra · 11/02/2024 09:56

How long will the run take you? If you’re literally running round the block you won’t be far away. I’d leave a 12 year old for a bit, but probably not in charge of a seven year old. Only you know your kids and how responsible they are.

sunshineandshowers40 · 11/02/2024 09:58

I would if they were both happy to be left. How long would it take to run one block?

Mandarinaduck · 11/02/2024 09:59

Totally fine in my view.

whatsmynameaga1n · 11/02/2024 10:00

I think it’s fine if they’re sensible kids!

BungleandGeorge · 11/02/2024 10:20

7 is too young and 12 isn’t old enough to be in charge. Surely there’s some time when the 7 year old is at school/ with other parent/ in childcare etc that you could go?

Mynewnameis · 11/02/2024 10:21

I think its OK at 12. Do they have a phone?

Mittemucci · 11/02/2024 10:22

Totally fine. I used to drag mine on the bike to join me while running but in the end everyone was happier leaving her at home for half an hour when she was 8/9

ShoesoftheWorld · 11/02/2024 10:22

Borderline case IMO. The age gap is big enough for the elder to be effectively supervising the younger, and I'm not sure that's quite fair on the 12yo. tbh. 12 and 9, probably fine. 12 and 7, less so.

userzH · 11/02/2024 10:23

Can you do it so you keep running past your house? That's what I would do.

12 is ok (just - I rarely leave me 12 year old) and 7 is a definite no.

But I'd say if you can keep running past your house - not necessarily just up and down your street but so the kids know you are really close by then that would be ok.

TwylaSands · 11/02/2024 10:24

I would have does this, but when my kids were 7 we lived on a cul-de-sac and all the neighbours were very nosy friendly. My ds wouldnt have even noticed i wasnt in the house if he was on bis ps.

Snowdate · 11/02/2024 10:26

Oh please 🙄 this is why we have kids who can’t wipe their own arses if you think a 12 can’t cope for 20 mins in the house with a 7 year old.

i bet those are saying it’s too young don’t let your kids out to play on their own or with friends
really sad sign of the times.

its perfectly fine. They have a phone, it’s a quick run

baileybrosbuildingandloan · 11/02/2024 10:28

Whenever I'm in London I see many kids of 9/10/11 getting the tube to school on their own.
I'm sure they'll be fine!
I'm more worried about you being able to run 14 miles when your only practice will be running round the block 6 times tbh.

Willmafrockfit · 11/02/2024 10:29

how big is yoru block
12 year old yes of course
7 year old and 12 year old together, depends
but probably

PuttingDownRoots · 11/02/2024 10:30

Will you be checking on 7yo each time you run past?

Alternatively challenge them to a scooter or bike race.

WarningOfGails · 11/02/2024 10:32

I do find MN extraordinary on this sort of question. Yes it’s fine.

NuffSaidSam · 11/02/2024 10:35

If you think it's fine, it's fine. You know your kids, your house, they layout of your street, your area etc. better than any of us do. Trust your own decision making.

The people who are saying it isn't fine are probably right for their own kids and setup, but not for yours.

2024theplot · 11/02/2024 10:36

I wouldn't leave the 12 year old in charge of the 7 year old, speaking as the eldest child that was in this situation - it's unfair on the 12 year old if anything goes wrong or the 7 year old acts up.
Is the 7 year old fine to be left with no supervision? If not, that's your answer imo.
I would take the kids out with you, get them to cycle/scooter along while you run.
I don't think 6 laps around the block is sufficient for half marathon training with 8 weeks to go, but presumably this is in addition to longer runs?

LilBus · 11/02/2024 10:38

Of course it’s fine. I left my 12 year old with my 6 year old whilst I went to a meeting at my other child’s school (5 mins walk away) as I wasn’t able to take the children with me.

drspouse · 11/02/2024 10:40

I am full of cold so didn't want to take the DCs (12 and 9) to church. I remember being their age and going to Sunday school on my own (I wanted to go but lots of kids were sent to give their parents a lie in).
Mine go to the shops on their own. I won't leave them in the house BUT my eldest has epilepsy and if he had a fit while out and about (happens maybe 4 times a year) the younger one knows to shout for help. I would probably leave them together, actually, but not the 12 year old on his own for that specific reason.

ilovebreadsauce · 11/02/2024 10:44

You have gone very wrong somewhere if you can't leave kids of that age

Jennyjojo5 · 11/02/2024 10:45

Absolutely fine if the 12 year old is a sensible enough kid! It’s always nerve wrecking when you start to leave them for the first time but you’re staying nearby so no problem

TheYearOfSmallThings · 11/02/2024 10:46

I think it's fine if they are halfway sensible.

BoohooWoohoo · 11/02/2024 10:47

The 12 year old will be fine but it’s hard to comment on the 7 year old. If they are the type to be happy with a screen while you run then go for it. If they are likely to immediately go and find their sibling to annoy them or do dangerous stuff then 7 year old needs to scoot/bike/run with you. I often see runners with kids.

Octavia64 · 11/02/2024 10:47

Take your phone and instruct the 12 year old to ribg you if any problems.

Make sure the 12 year old has a phone and can use it (on the off-chance they aren't glued to the damn thing already).

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