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Paying grandparents for childcare - Yes or No?

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Firsttimemumz · 08/02/2024 11:28

Context - grandparent is doing childcare for 3 days a week, sometimes 4 occasionally (around 10 hours a day)

Friend thinks paying grandparents for childcare is ridiculous, out of order that they’d even accept a penny. She said she would question if my child is a money making business for his grandparent.

I’m paying them £20 a day which in my eyes is very cheap for childcare. I offered this amount, so grandparent could buy themselves lunch etc if they go out with baby or if they want to treat themselves. Feel it’s good to pay, to show appreciation. Saving us hundreds a month. Grandparent more than happy with this, wouldn’t accept more.

Going to continue our arrangement but interested to know your views

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olympicsrock · 09/02/2024 07:26

I would call it giving them spending money to do nice things together with the child.
That way no one feels like it is payment / a financial arrangement .

DisforDarkChocolate · 09/02/2024 07:27

It's none of your friends business.

I wouldn't accept money from my children but I would expect them to pay towards trips out sometimes. I think you have a nice arrangement.

quisensoucie · 09/02/2024 07:43

10 hours a day?!
Ok, 50 isn't old, but it isn't 30 either
How do they fit in their life doing a 30-40 hour week?

AhNowTed · 09/02/2024 08:42

You aren't really paying for childcare by any stretch, and your friend is a fucking user.

Beautiful3 · 09/02/2024 08:43

£20 is cheap and a nice token of appreciation. They feel like it's a nice bonus to babysitting their grandchild, and It's far cheaper than childcare.

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