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Not losing weight, help!

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squirrelnutkin23 · 22/01/2024 21:53

My New Year's resolution was predictably to lose weight. I'm 5'6/7 and 12 stone. I'm not morbidly obese but I have a very wobbly, protruding belly and I'm bloated in my face. I don't like the way I look but I do like wine and food. I've tried calorie counting which tends to work quite well for the first half of the week but by the time the weekend rolls around I fall off the wagon again. I also binge eat snacks and tend to ruin my calorie counting in about 5 minutes flat when I get in from work.

So my 'diet' and plans for dry January have failed already but I have managed to stick to my exercise goals. I've been going to the gym more, walking a lot, doing home work outs when I can. And although I know diet trumps exercise I guess I expected to see a small improvement as I'm definitely more active than I was last year.

But today I weighed myself at the gym and I've put on weight! Only half a pound but I don't get it. I'm feeling really dejected and don't know where to go from here. I simply can't give up the food I enjoy. And I like having a drink two or three times a week too. I have precious little other pleasures in life and I'm starting to think I just have to accept my size and shape now because I know I won't give them up.

But I really would like to lose a bit even if it's slow and gradual. Does anyone have any small, achievable daily habits or changes that they could recommend for weight loss? Or lower calorie swaps maybe for certain food?

OP posts:
Foxymoxy68 · 22/01/2024 21:54

Following as I could have written this myself!

Drosera · 22/01/2024 21:55

Weights and a bit of cardio was much more effective for me than solely running. Allowed me to eat a lot more.

Piglet89 · 22/01/2024 21:56

I had to ditch the booze as the hangovers even after a small amount the night before just weren’t worth it.

also I think you tend to eat more the day after a night where you’ve drunk alcohol

Drosera · 22/01/2024 21:57

I agree with the below. I used to look more like the left and now look more like the right despite eating much more.

Not losing weight, help!
BobbyBiscuits · 22/01/2024 22:01

Have you tried cutting down on bread? I found that once I allowed myself just once slice of bread per day I easily dropped weight, without really noticing. ( I used to eat at least one big sandwich and sometimes pastry most days) If you don't really eat bread then less carbs in general is good, like half a jacket potato instead of a whole one or 2 new potatoes instead of 4, half portion of rice etc? Add more veg to your plate to make up the difference. That worked for me alongside x trainer and weights. And drink loads of water. Keep going. It's natural to not always lose each week but don't be disheartened! Well done : )

squirrelnutkin23 · 22/01/2024 22:12

I think alcohol is my main issue. I only drink two-three times a week but I always feel bloated and crave shit food after. I drink gin and tonic for a low cal option but I do love my wine too. I wish I could just knock it on the head but i rarely get to go out and having a bottle glass of wine when the kids are in bed is honestly a release for me, I'd miss it. I realise I have to make sacrifices if I want to see improvements with my weight though. I'm in my late thirties now and I swear it never used to be this hard when I was younger. I'd easily drop a few lbs if I wanted to from barely doing anything. I guess my metabolism is slowing down or something.

OP posts:
Bigdoglittlecat · 22/01/2024 22:12

80% is diet, 20% exercise. So you do need to address what you’re eating as well as keeping up the exercise if you want to actually lose weight. Can’t out-train a bad diet!

Drosera · 22/01/2024 22:20

Tbf you can sort of out-train a bad diet. Professional strongmen are eating 10-20,000 cals a day and loads of sugar/carbs for energy. 😂 Probs not so much the average person but I can eat a lot at times and not put on fat.

Alcohol actually does more harm than the sum of its calories because it interrupts protein synthesis (stops you building muscle) and also increases the change of calories being converted into bodyfat - can't remember the scientific explanation.

CatalogueOnVinylFlooring · 22/01/2024 22:26

I recently started Slimpod and after the first 12 weeks of the weight loss pod, you can move onto the sugar pod and alcohol pod. Well the sugar pod was a disaster, made me want to eat more. But the alcohol one really has made a difference. So much of my alcohol drinking is habitual - because it's the weekend, because I need to relax, because I always do it. I realised what I was craving was a feeling of relaxation, which alcohol provides almost instantly. But sometimes, a really hot shower and some yoga stretches gives me the same sensation.

Quitelikeit · 22/01/2024 22:30

You need nice low cal meal ideas

hunters chicken
thin bagels
Birdseye microwave veg

MujeresLibres · 22/01/2024 22:33

An extra pound or two might be your muscles holding glucose in preparation to fuel a workout. Don't give up on your exercise, it will help.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 22/01/2024 22:34

Drinking 2 or 3 times a week is a lot if you're trying to lose weight,that would be the obvious thing to cut back on.

lechatnoir · 22/01/2024 22:34

Well done for recognising it's likely alcohol that is the main culprit. Next is being honest about how much you drink - keep a record for a normal / unrestricted week and at the end work out the units and calories. I did this and was slightly horrified into action! I actively sought out some nice g&t alternatives (still served in my big bowl glasses on ice) and now rarely drink alcohol at home unless we entertaining. Not only do I feel and look better (alcohol is a killer for face bloat) but I've also loss weight partly due to reduction in calories from the booze but also less shit food intake when I'm well oiled. It's like quitting smoking, a habit you need to break and the first few weeks are the toughest but you gradually think about it less then before you know it, you have a new normal that doesn't include regular alcohol consumption.

LunaNorth · 22/01/2024 22:41

I hear you.

I do resistance/cardio three times a week, and have kept that up for two years. Also walk the dogs for at least 40 minutes a day, occasionally play tennis, swim - I’m very active.

I fast between 7:30pm and 11:30am.

Stick to 1800cals or below every day.

I don’t drink any alcohol at all, ever. Haven’t touched a drop for three and a half years.

5ft 7, 12st 8 and I cannot shift an ounce. It’s getting me down. I literally don’t know what else I can do!

alwaysonadiet1 · 23/01/2024 09:36

I'm so similar to you except I'm ten years older and want to get a grip before menopause hits! I've lost and gained the same 2 stone so many times. I've had it with diets so my plan is to eat everything I love but keep the portions of obviously fattening things like mashed potatoes small. I need to cut down on wine too. White wine is my poison. I'm going to buy half bottles instead of full bottles because once a bottle is open it can be hard to stop but the first two glasses are the ones I really enjoy, after that it's just a bad habit. Definitely keep up with your exercise OP because it will do you good and improve your shape even if not your weight. Good luck. Don't give up.

felissamy · 23/01/2024 09:47

@LunaNorth what can one do! This is me and same, nothing shifts. What next? Do we have to go lower? Is there a whole food group to cut out? Any advice anyone?

Lammveg · 23/01/2024 10:00

Prepare some healthy/low cal snacks for when you get in from work.

Look at volume eating - eating a lot of low calorie food so you feel more full

Look at calorie consumption over the week not the day. So if you know you're going to have say 2200 calories on a Saturday, you have less calories to use in the week.

Also small fluctuations in weight are normal - you'd loose that half a pound on the toilet.

SunnyCoco · 23/01/2024 10:03

Don't give up
It's early days
My body always seems to have a week or two jetlag on the scales!

LunaNorth · 23/01/2024 21:07

felissamy · 23/01/2024 09:47

@LunaNorth what can one do! This is me and same, nothing shifts. What next? Do we have to go lower? Is there a whole food group to cut out? Any advice anyone?

I’ve signed up for Zoe, so I’m hoping that’ll shed some light.

I wonder if it’s my HRT that’s keeping my weight up. If so, it’s a sacrifice worth making. I just have to hope I’m healthy despite the extra pounds.

Notimeforaname · 23/01/2024 21:11

I've put on weight! Only half a pound but I don't get it. I'm feeling really dejected and don't know where to go from here. I simply can't give up the food I enjoy.

You do get it, this is why you haven't lost weight.
It's your eating habits.

The exercise you are doing is fantastic! But that should be just to keep ourselves fit for many other reasons.

The weight not shifting will be down to want you eat.

Jtdoyoveme · 23/01/2024 21:15

I’m 39, 5ft 7 and 12stone 8. Been going to the gym at least 6 times a week since mid December and nothing! I also like wine and always get back on it most Mondays, but a lot of my social circle is around alcohol and I really like it 😩😩😩 I’m going to try and be better next month.

good luck x

Not losing weight, help!
PuffinMcStuffin · 23/01/2024 21:25

If you actually really want to lose weight you have to be in a calorie deficit and booze makes that pretty impossible.

If you want it enough, you can do it.
But you have to actually want it.

Drosera · 23/01/2024 21:43

One of my favourite foods while cutting were omelettes. Three eggs, loads of broccoli, and some chicken. Pretty low carb but never felt like I was 'missing' something like when I'd have a chicken salad, for example.

I think the chunky texture kind of makes it feel like a carby meal when it's not.

disappearingfish · 23/01/2024 21:46

Sorry but it will be virtually impossible to lose weight if you are drinking regularly.

There's lots of quit lit out there, plus apps, podcasts etc.

What's stopping you knocking it on the head?

familyconflict · 23/01/2024 22:01

Similar to you - I started my diet after Xmas - 5ft5 and 12st 4. In my early 50’s. After just steadily putting on weight for a few years, I just knew I needed to get back under 10 stone, and a holiday planned for April motivates me.

First 2 weeks I used fitness app - 1000 calories a day, no excuses and no cheating. Made it good food - I.e. no empty sugars or white processed carbs. Everything counted which was an eye opener. I worked out an evening meal for about 500/600 ie chilli, brown rice and lots veg. Only extra allowance for chocolate on a Sat night only ( have lots of Xmas choc left) No alcohol. At the same time I did something physical every day - went back to the gym and walked extra speedy with the dog. I felt good and lost 6 lb quite quickly. I drank water if I was hungry and had an earlier night to stop the temptation for grazing.

i then had an emergency medical incident (unrelated) and needed a small op, feeling so ill I didn’t eat but also haven’t done any exercise. I have lost a further 7lb in 2 weeks. Not recommended obviously.

The point is I agree with posters who say ultimately it’s calories deficit by food/exercise and having the knowledge of the calories. It was a pain initially counting but once I knew it got easier. I can no longer eat well in the week only - I just don’t lose it.

I can only do gentle exercise for another 4 weeks so I can see I will have to be back on 1000 calories but at 11 st 5 I feel motivated.

good luck.

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