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Does your adult DC live in the family home still?

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allthenights · 16/01/2024 22:52

If you have DC in their 20's, can I ask if they still live in the family home?

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snoopyfanaccountant · 16/01/2024 22:55

20 year old at home, 23 year old moved out last summer into a student flat. I moved out at 24 when I got married.

OliveToboogie · 16/01/2024 22:55

My 25 daughter has her own home . My 19 son lives with me.

mrsfollowill · 16/01/2024 22:57

21 yr old DS still with us. Has a full time job locally and is saving up to buy a house one day. Why do you ask?

2chocolateoranges · 16/01/2024 23:01

20yr old at uni lives at home
22yr old still lives at home, started graduate job with 2 and a half years of exams to go. They’re working and saving as much as they can for a deposit for a flat looking to move out after final job exam.

I moved out at 24 and dh was 26. We moved in together after getting married.

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