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To ask husband to fancy dress for sons 5th birthday party

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Ahbegyuhpardun · 09/01/2024 09:36

My son is having a pokemon themed bouncy castle party in the local sport centre.
He loves imaginary play and 'playing pokemon in real life'. We often have to have practice battles at home.
I'd love to dress up as Jessie and James for his birthday party. But no other parents have dressed up and I'm not sure if the other kids would 'get' it because they're not all into pokemon.

I know my son would love it but also worry it would be a bit 'cringe' and fall flat 😂.
Plus I know my husband probably doesn't want to do it 😂

I also feel like it won't be long until he'll be too old to do that kinda thing as well though.

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Goatymum · 09/01/2024 09:39

I wouldn’t, but I hate fancy dress!

VisiblyNot25 · 09/01/2024 09:39

I think it’s a sweet idea but I think it might be a bit too cringe, especially if you & your DH aren’t both totally into it. What he’ll remember & appreciate is you engaging with his play at home.

Floofydawg · 09/01/2024 09:44

I would rather chop off my right arm than dress up in fancy dress, so it's a no from me.

Youcannotbeseriousreally · 09/01/2024 09:45


WandaWonder · 09/01/2024 09:45

A nice thought....

TheYearOfSmallThings · 09/01/2024 09:46

It's fine for you to dress up, but don't make your husband do it if he's not keen.

sawnotseen · 09/01/2024 09:49

Ha ha we did years ago for DC's Peter Pan party - me as Mrs Darling and exH Captain Hook - kids loved it! Hope he has a great party

takealettermsjones · 09/01/2024 09:49

Just do it at home!

LadyOfACertainAge · 09/01/2024 09:52

I’ve done this before and DD loved it! I’m not a great lover of fancy dress but if you can do it easily then go for it!

susiedaisy1912 · 09/01/2024 09:55


Whataretheodds · 09/01/2024 09:59

How sad that adults wouldn't be prepared to do something a bit "cringe" for their 5 year oldest birthday.

Ellie1015 · 09/01/2024 10:02

Dressing up is absolutely fine if you enjoy it and really uncomfortable if you don't. You could ask dh but i wouldn't push him if he doesn't say yes. It is good if you can all enjoy the party.

ToRecordOnlyWater · 09/01/2024 10:03

If you think your son will love it, do it! My husband did similar with my stepdaughter when she was small, and all the kids loved it as he really got into character, held the piñata for kids to hit etc. - I understand if you’re not used to that kind of thing it is a learning curve but I can’t imagine avoiding something my child would enjoy because I deem it to be ‘cringe’. But then again, I go to comic conventions in full costume every year so it may just be that I’m a bit desensitised to being in costume and not easily embarrassed by it!

VisiblyNot25 · 09/01/2024 10:13

Whataretheodds · 09/01/2024 09:59

How sad that adults wouldn't be prepared to do something a bit "cringe" for their 5 year oldest birthday.

I don’t think it’s about not being prepared to do silly/ fun/ playful/ embarrassing things with and for your small kids - it’s about it potentially being a bit cringe for everyone else at a public party if you’re the only adults dressed up. I love fancy dress, but in this circumstance, I think I’d feel a bit like I’d become the centre of attention at my kids party. I’m assuming this is a primary school party, in which case all through primary school you’ll be the parents who dressed up. Some people would be happy with that and really relish the role- and absolutely fair play to them - I love parents who are like that - but it wouldn’t be for me, and if it isn’t for your DH, I really wouldn’t pressure him.

MRSMTO · 09/01/2024 10:15

I would absolutely dress up if it would have brought a smile to my 5 year olds face and so would my husband! It's a bit of fancy dress and there is nothing 'cringe' about it being that's it's for a 5 year old!

GavinHendersonsChipPan · 09/01/2024 10:17

I would just get a pikachu onesie and see if he’d be up for wearing that. You could get an eevee one.

You can peel it off when things cool down a bit if you don’t fancy wearing it any more.

The five year olds might only know Pikachu and the other popular characters from merch. The parents would know some
of the more popular pokemon too.

Doing an actual good Jessie/James outfit would be pretty hard and expensive, and might fall flat.

fourelementary · 09/01/2024 10:19

Are Jessie and James not kind of baddies?
Get your son an Ash Cap- it was my sons fav present age 4/5!! I also had a Pokémon party in 2001… it’s mind blowing that kids are still into it!!!

oneflewoverthe · 09/01/2024 10:20

Oh dear. I wouldn't expect adults to dress up if they didn't want to. I've always disliked fancy dress. I find it a bit odd that some grown adults get so excited about it

dinglyping · 09/01/2024 10:25

A reluctant adult dressing up would be cringe. If you can do it enthusiastically and own it then go for it, but don't pressgang him him into it.

peachsweettea · 09/01/2024 10:34

sawnotseen · 09/01/2024 09:49

Ha ha we did years ago for DC's Peter Pan party - me as Mrs Darling and exH Captain Hook - kids loved it! Hope he has a great party

What does a Mrs Darling costume look like?! you could have at least gone as Smee 😂

MogTheMoogle · 09/01/2024 11:02

Team Rocket isn't too OTT in terms of outfits. I think even if you had matching white t-shirts with an R on, would be a great effort! White jeans or trousers and black boots. No obligation to wear a white mini skirt and thigh high boots.

Maybe a bad wig.

Please set up a Meowth (?) doing something terrible aka elf on the shelf style!

If you're not asking other adults to dress up, I wouldn't go too crazy but I think its fairly recognisable and simple without being overly cringe. All dress up is slightly cringe but its not like its an overly uncomfortable outfit, and taking off the wig/popping on a jumper makes it basically normal (well white jeans aren't exactly my thing but...).

Its not like you're dressing up as Nurse Joy.

You can always mention adults are welcome to dress up or down as pokemon themed they like. Someone will at least have a pokemon themed top!

mightydolphin · 09/01/2024 11:24

Why don't you just dress up in a Pokemon onesie on your own? That way you aren't dragging your DH into it and you can take it off if you start feeling a bit awkward at the party/the novelty has worn off.

Sockmate123 · 09/01/2024 11:35

We dressed up for my daughter's Wednesday themed birthday last year. Her Dad, Myself and sibling all dresses in Addams family costumes. Daughter loved it and her friends still talking about it being the best party....go for it, life is short! Have fun 🙂

OrigamiOwls · 09/01/2024 12:26

Could you hire like a meet and greet thing instead? Our local community Facebook group frequently has people advertising Disney princesses visits and the like, so I would expect that Pokémon would also be available somewhere.

Stompythedinosaur · 09/01/2024 12:28

I got dp to dress up as various themed things for parties - a dinosaur, a lava monster etc - generally to chase the kids round as part of a game. It seemed to go down well. It also makes it clear who the party-running parents are.

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