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Please help, trapped wind

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lifeisaboxofcereal · 08/01/2024 23:04


bit of a desperate plea here

Does anyone have any advice with trapped wind?

im in agony here. I came home from work tonight, had dinner as usual, fell asleep on the couch and had a nap for 2 hours and woke up at 9. I had some crisps and an apple and was about to go and get ready for bed but I was suddenly hit with the most excruciating tummy pain. I’ve had trapped wind before and this feels similar although a very very extreme version. It’s like waves of the most extreme cramping pain and occasional lower tummy grumbling noises. But I can’t seem to pass the wind and nothing else is helping at all. It’s been going on for over an hour now and I’ve never felt so horrible with it in all my life. It’s coming on/off in waves but when it’s happening I was just about screaming in pain

does anyone know of anything that would help? I saw a thing online about lying in a position and putting your leg upright etc but it didn’t help.

thanks so much in advance

OP posts:
lifeisaboxofcereal · 08/01/2024 23:05

It’s also not constipation- I went to the toilet at about 10 and it was totally normal x

OP posts:
nadine90 · 08/01/2024 23:06

A peppermint tea normally helps me x

Rainraingoaway21 · 08/01/2024 23:07

Try lying on your left side and bring your knees up. If it is wind that should help. Do you have any Buscopan? Stops the cramps fast.

Thro · 08/01/2024 23:08

Lying down flat can help, or having someone rub your back.
However, this sounds extreme - I would phone 111 for advice in case it’s something else. Hope it eases soon.

Mother87 · 08/01/2024 23:08

As much stretching as possible & lying on back & 'cycling' but not with legs up - more to the side (works for babies - works for me!)

Mufflepuff · 08/01/2024 23:10

Lie on one side for 5 mins and then turn onto the other side. Repeat a few times. You can lie in recovery position as it puts gentle pressure on your stomach. You can also try happy baby yoga position.

lifeisaboxofcereal · 08/01/2024 23:10

Thank you so much. No peppermint tea in the house but have peppermint capsules from Holland and barrett- absolutely no idea why! I’ll take them and see if it helps and I’ll try all the positional advice

thanks so much again

honestly never had pain like this it’s awful x

OP posts:
Fedupwithitx · 08/01/2024 23:11

Drink boiled water when it's cooled down.
If no peppermint tea available

Grimchmas · 08/01/2024 23:11

I think you should call 111 just in case it isn't trapped wind - that would have normally passed by now I would have thought.

Plain hot water to sip was what I was recommended, and gentle movement. I would also try sitting on the loo, not pushing but to see if that prompts your bowels to move in a helpful way.

PoptartPoptart · 08/01/2024 23:12

If it is trapped wind you need something with Simeticone in it. Tablets like Windsettlers or Deflatine are available over the counter. Is there anyone that could pop to a 24 hour chemist for you? Or even a 24 hour Tesco?
Hope you’re ok OP - trapped wind can cause a ridiculous amount of discomfort.

mrsfollowill · 08/01/2024 23:15

Do you have any soda water in the house- I found by chance this really helps when I had a Pret sandwich with bloody rocket in it. If no soda water some bicarb mixed into a glass of tap water or other sparkling water? Sympathy- it was just like never ending contractions. Try kneeling and then putting your hands and face on the floor. I hope it 'passes' soon.

PickAChew · 08/01/2024 23:16

Simeticone is great and it's available in most supermarkets, no need for a chemist. It's the active ingredient in infacol.

Hot drinks really help and a hot water bottle.

curtaintwitcher78 · 08/01/2024 23:16

Boiled water with sugar in.

PTAProblems · 08/01/2024 23:19

Have a bath or try a hot water bottle. Always helps me, mine can last all day til I get in the bath! I hope it passes soon, it's awful!

User146386733 · 08/01/2024 23:19

Trapped wind can be horrid. Try touching your toes then stretch up and put your hands high above your head. Do that repeatedly for a few minutes (like you're unloading shopping onto the top shelf).

caringcarer · 08/01/2024 23:20

A hot water bottle against tummy whilst lying on left side might help.

Silverbirch7 · 08/01/2024 23:22


BeBesideTheSea · 08/01/2024 23:22

Massage your tummy in a clockwise circular motion - Google advice for trapped wind in babies. Honestly it works and also I found it relieved the pain.

NoCloudsAllowed · 08/01/2024 23:26

Walk around, or do cat stretch. Or stand then lean forward, hands on floor or a chair and lift one leg up and down. If it's wind, you need to work abdominal muscles and that sorts it.

Are you sure it's not appendix or something that needs attention?

watcherintherye · 08/01/2024 23:31

If it is trapped wind, water bottle might help, or a warm bath.

ManyATrueWord · 08/01/2024 23:31

Heat! Electric blanket. Hot water bottle. Wheat bag. If nothing else is available empty rice into a pillowcase, knot it and microwave it until warm. I have even used hot water in a plastic bottle. Heat relaxes the muscles, although come to think of it I have no idea if externally applied heat can warm up the air in the colon enough to expand and move. Probably not .

Buscopan is available on the supermarket shelf if you have an all night one. Windeze too.

Good luck. I've never had such horrendous pain as when I had a bowel spasm.

BashfulClam · 08/01/2024 23:34

I’d call 111, DH had what he thought was trapped wind, it was a kidney stone.

fungibletoken · 08/01/2024 23:36

Lots of great tips above, OP - hope it passes quickly! But if it doesn't I'd second those suggesting you call 111 to rule out something needing treatment. That this came on after a long nap makes me wonder if you're a bit under the weather. Take care 💐

LaurieStrode · 08/01/2024 23:39

Do you have any mustard in the house? Can you take a few spoonsful (prepared mustard, that is)? It is a good home remedy for upset stomachs. Google "trapped wind mustard" if you want reassurance. It is an antispasmodic and also will get your salivary glands going which in turn aids digestion.

thedementedelf · 08/01/2024 23:45

Are you diabetic op?

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