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Does anyone else hate Mother’s Day?

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FlatWhite2 · 19/03/2023 13:05

I have to start this by saying I have no real reason to hate Mother’s Day. My mum is still alive, I have a good relationship with her. I have 2 beautiful kids I love. But I cannot abide the endless Instagram/Facebook devotions to people’s wives. I’m probably jealous, my husband doesn’t use social media a huge amount and wouldn’t be the type to publicly declare this anyway, but I can’t help but hate them when I see them. I hate how competitive this day has become & how crap you can feel by reading how much love is heaped so publicly onto other mums. I have to say that I know I am extremely lucky not to have a real reason to hate this day so I realise how trivial and petty this sounds. Anyone else feel this way or just me?

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coffeeandcola · 19/03/2023 19:44

I despise the 'what did you get' rubbish. I like it when people discuss having a relaxed time with family, but the competition over whose children love them the most by who gets the most presents is ridiculous.

I got nothing today, no cards etc, and I don't care. I have a loving child and DH, I don't need materialistic possessions to prove love.


JustGotToKeepOnKeepingOn · 19/03/2023 21:05

Meh. Take no notice of SM. I always find the people who post the most about how marvellous everything is... are actually the ones having the shittiest time...


Snippit · 19/03/2023 21:19

Thankfully I don’t do facefuck, it’s vomit inducing on so many levels. My niece is one of them apparently, her whole bloody life is on there. Honestly I don’t know how people find the time, she has two kids and they both work full time.

it’s like keeping up with the Kardashian’s. My ex hairdresser used to put so much shit on it and professed to suffer with social anxiety, PLEASE! don’t insult my intelligence. And what’s with businesses only being contactable via facefuck 🤷‍♀️

its lovely to Google my name and nothing comes up, so reassuring, bliss!

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