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To think covid body aches are the worst

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Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 15:45

I have covid and feel horrendous. Fatigue, chills, coughing no energy. I am on day 1 and have to say this is bad. I am having excruciating period type stomach and a legs pains.

Anyone else?

How long do they last? I have 3 little kids to look after and am just an emotional mess right now. Don't know point of this post just need to vent and some solidarity really

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GCAcademic · 18/10/2022 15:47

Sympathies, OP. I only had the aches on the first day, after that it was mainly extreme fatigue. I had to nap constantly.

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 15:49

@GCAcademic thanks for your reply. That is somewhat reassuring. I can't sleep at all. I've tried. The day is going so sloooow. Its excruciating

Fingers crossed the aches go soon I'd rather be tired then in achey agony

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CosmopolitanPlease · 18/10/2022 15:50

Please accept gentle arm pats from me op, covid body aches are rotten. I remember wondering miserably how long mine would last, imagining days on end, but for me it was just the one day. Hope you feel better soon Flowers

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 15:52

@CosmopolitanPlease thank you so much for your sympathy and reassurance I really do need it right now..

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ForensicFlossy · 18/10/2022 15:53

I had horrendous leg pains but as the pp have said, they only lasted for one day.

AbsoluteTruths · 18/10/2022 15:55

I tested postive Saturday, a day after feeling shivery and sore. The skin on my back felt tender, almost like sunburn. Now after a good sleep I just feel like I have a headcold really. I felt a bit worse when I had Delta last November, the worst was not tasting food and smelling burnt plastic when the windows let 'fresh' air in. Try to rest, even if you can't sleep op. Plenty of fluids too. I like a vicks inhalor to try to get things moving.

Lindy2 · 18/10/2022 15:56

I found soaking in a warm bath helped - although not easy to do if you're looking after 3 small children.

Is there anyone who can help with the children to give you a chance to rest?

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 16:01

@Lindy2 my husband is helping as he has it too but can't do it all

I'm so restless lying in bed awake like this. Wouldn't wish it on my enemy

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IheartBTS · 18/10/2022 16:05

Same as others have said, I had lower back/pelvic/upper leg pain, and shooting pains all over for the first day only. These symptoms made me re-test, despite having a negative LFT earlier that day. Sure enough I tested positive.

IheartBTS · 18/10/2022 16:06

P.s I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you rest as much as you can, and drink plenty of fluids. If you are able to take pain relief, I strongly advise it.

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 16:08

@IheartBTS thank you. I am breastfeeding too which is making me ultra depleted but I suppose I could try some lemsip pretty sure paracetamol is ok

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ChocChipOwl · 18/10/2022 16:10

I tested positive yesterday and I'm not feeling so good and my main symptom, apart from feeling like I have a heavy cold, is random body parts aching in an Unpleasant way. I woke up with a painful ear and currently my legs hurt, oh and my arm

I've taken some nuromol (im a sucker for a new painkiller!) and I'm drinking hot honey with freshly squeezed lemon and orange. I've also doubled my vitamin D dose and I'll have a couple of magnesium baths

Thankfully, although I have children, they are not little so I don't have they to contend with, bar making sure the teenager is fed and watered

Sympathies. I honestly thought I was immune to it!

KimberleyClark · 18/10/2022 16:16

When I had Covid my armpit sweat stank to high heaven. Much worse than usual.

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 16:39

@KimberleyClark nice 😄 not had that one yet. I guess if I don't shower long enough 🚿😅🤷‍♀️

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Mabelface · 18/10/2022 16:44

The worst pain I had was in my jaw. Still got a bit of residual pain 5 weeks later. Hips and knees were so painful. I already have arthritis there which is normally perfectly manageable, but covid really exacerbated them.

Take paracetamol at regular intervals to help. My pharmacist told me to avoid ibuprofen for covid.

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 16:45

@Mabelface thbaks that sounds rough

My teeth really ache which is weird

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lisaJN1986 · 18/10/2022 16:45

We all had this a couple of weeks ago, it was a flu like illness, the usual symptoms and bed bound for a day, but the leg pains were something I have never experience before. Upper leg and buttock cramps, I could not get comfy in bed and was rolling about all night trying to ease it. All the family describe similar leg aches.

Strange virus.

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 16:50

@lisaJN1986 im in so much discomfort just tried to stand and almost fainted. Using a hot water bottle for the aches but it's not much relief. Did you feel better generally after day 1 or just the aches and pains subsided?

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zen1 · 18/10/2022 16:51

I’ve just recovered, but when I came down with it 12 days ago, I had rapid-onset body aches, esp pelvis, abdo, legs and neck. Also horrendous headache, freezing, white hands and feet even with a hot water bottle on them. Went to bed, sweated for two hours and when I woke up, pains and fever had gone but was left with cold symptoms.

zen1 · 18/10/2022 16:53

Cough started on day 2, but was better within 4-5 days.

zen1 · 18/10/2022 16:53

Cough started on day 2, but was better within 4-5 days.

yerdaindicatesonbends · 18/10/2022 16:54

The worst of the aches and pains lasted only a day or two I would say for me, still carried on a little longer but not as severe. For me the pain was mostly in my legs, and weirdly specifically my ankles. It felt like they were going to break whenever I stood on them!

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 16:55

@zen1 sudden onset pains in those areas is exactly what I have. I've managed to doze very lightly but no signs of them alieviating yet 😭

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JudithHarper · 18/10/2022 16:55

Can't be that bad if you have started this thread and are answering peoples replies.

When I had flu 12 years ago, if the house were burning down I simply wouldn't have, nay, couldn't have got out of bed.

Fannying around online just didn't even register.

Littleoldbear · 18/10/2022 16:58

@JudithHarper its helping distract me. I'm stuck in bed completely restless and sore if I just focus on how awful I feel ill start spinning out

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