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To block OLD for asking me to buy him an I Tunes Voucher

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2022NewTimes · 16/10/2022 12:34

Just out of a 29 year relationship - been single for a year so though I would give OLD a little lookie.....

I have been chatting a man from OLD since Wednesday evening...all really nice and going well - a little bit too lovey-dovey for my taste - this morning he asked if I could help it at the supermarket - odd thing to ask as I live 70 miles away from him - so I ignore it - later I message to say was it meant for me ? He said he has trying to buy an ITunes voucher but they had none in the store could I help him.....I said you can get a monthly subscription taken straight from your credit card so you always have your iCloud space - he said it didn't work - I said can you buy the gift card online - he said "?" I then said you can buy them on Amazon or you can ring your local stores and see if they have them in stock..

So I then ask him straight out " are you asking me to buy one for you " He replied "yes If you could help me get one."

I replied " well thats such a shame as you seemed really nice.... please note that is completely inappropriate to ask someone you have been speaking for less than five days to buy you something......I will not be contacting you again "

AIBU - and should I report him on the OLD site ?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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AlecTrevelyan006 · 17/10/2022 08:15

iTunes??? It’s 2022. They should b using Spotify.


AllyCatTown · 17/10/2022 08:27

WagathaChristieMystery · 16/10/2022 12:37

I wouldn’t report him. Neither of you ‘owe’ each other anything, especially at such an early stage of getting to know each other, but I don’t think he’s done anything wrong. Just block him if you don’t feel comfortable with what he’s asking.

He has done something wrong though as I imagine romance scammers are not allowed on OLD sites.

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