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To think why it’s considered normal to be able to hear neighbours through the wall?

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Housingstockrubbish · 15/10/2022 09:49

Why is the UK housing stock so rubbish and we do we put up with it? My whole life I’ve lived in all sorts of properties but the one thing in common is that I ALWAYS hear my neighbours through the wall.

It just seems to be accepted! I would love to be able to sit in my house with a book and cup of tea without hearing my neighbour screaming at her kids. My first house I had to also hear my neighbour screaming at her kids.

Friends and work colleagues are always telling me how they’ve had their sleep interrupted by noisy neighbours but we all
just think it’s because we need to live in a detached house despite there being few detached houses at expensive prices!

Ive looked into sound proofing but it seems like quite a niche area you’d expect there to be loads of businesses everywhere and especially locally, offering to put neighbours out their misery but there’s none where I live.

It just seems to be a case of put up and shut up. My friends from other European countries are shocked at the cardboard houses we live in!

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geraniumsandsunshine · 21/10/2022 13:44

Live in 100 year old semi and no issues at all. I often ask if they hear the baby but other than the odd occasions where he has been I'll and up all night it doesn't bother them and I don't hear them. I do hear the piano because it comes through the chimney.

TopazQuartz · 09/01/2024 00:12

I know I'm dragging up an old thread, but I agree the housing stock is shocking and rubbish. In answer to the question what should be done about it. I don't know but I think surely raising awareness through the media would be a start, band together, petitions, etc.

Other ideas? This is a pet hate of mine, more than noisy neighbours is poorly built buildings so people will be heard even when they are relatively quiet people just living their lives. It's wrong and will stay wrong while millions of people do nothing about it.

WhatWillAPearDoAtNight · 26/03/2024 17:46

nosyupnorth · 15/10/2022 13:21

The problem isn't the properties, it's the people.

I heard all sorts of obnoxious noise from the people who lived next door to me previously. The current tenants, hardly a peep - I once heard their baby crying but only because it was the middle of the night and there was no other noise around.

Unfortunately too many people in the country thud around obnoxiously screaming at each other when there's no need for it, they were just never taught to live at a civilised volume.

This! My previous neighbours I never heard a peep from. The current lot are constantly screaming, shouting, banging around a swearing at each other and guess what? Their young children also communicate in the same way. It's really starting to get to me tbh.

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