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To find the Halloween and Christmas decor available now over the top

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thebear1 · 15/10/2022 08:29

Seems to have gone from sticking a pumpkin in the window for Halloween or hanging some decorations on the tree at Christmas to themed duvets, cushions, mugs and outfits for pets etc. I know I don't have to join in and I don't, but I just think it's pretty rubbish environmentally.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Youdoyoutoday · 15/10/2022 08:33

You're right! I saw Halloween bedding the other day and was quite surprised but I guess different strokes for different folks and all that jazz!

FamilyTreeBuilder · 15/10/2022 08:37

Plastic fantastic. It's so wasteful and it's all very well saying "well just don't buy it then" but it's already been made and put on the supermarket shelves so the demand is clearly there. People clearly do buy the aisles full of tat at the supermarkets and Home Bargains, which is over packaged, made of plastic and impossible to recycle.

The only Halloween decoration you need is a pumpkin which is entirely compostable and biodegradable.

PeekabooAtTheZoo · 15/10/2022 08:39

It’s like this in the US. I think they have found a new market for environmentally damaging polyester tat. Easter will be next.

nokitchen · 15/10/2022 08:39

Yes it's bizarre

PortiasBiscuit · 15/10/2022 08:39

Someone feeds their kids by making this stuff! There are just too many of us and we all need to eat,

PeekabooAtTheZoo · 15/10/2022 08:41

PortiasBiscuit · 15/10/2022 08:39

Someone feeds their kids by making this stuff! There are just too many of us and we all need to eat,

Have you heard of sweatshops and mass production? 🤣 This isn’t half a day’s work for a plastic blacksmith!

Phrenologistsfinger · 15/10/2022 08:42

Yes, horrid plastic tat is destroying our world. It’s so depressing!

ofwarren · 15/10/2022 08:44

I just don't have the space in my brain to think about redecoration every season or when there is a holiday other than Christmas.

Like a pp said, Easter will be next. I've seen a neighbour who change their wreath on the door to one with eggs in, they have an Easter tree in the window and they decorate the doorstep with bunnies and other easter/spring type things. It's done very well and obviously gives them enjoyment but I really hope it doesn't become a 'thing'.

Discovereads · 15/10/2022 08:45

And I felt sick seeing on the news a photo of Mrs Hinch’s front door autumn display. It’s literally tons of edible pumpkins & squash in a pile. That she will probably just let rot and toss in her green bin. All that money on food that she is just putting out for shoe and then binning. I’d rather put a few tins in a food bank trolley than display even one pumpkin on my door step (not that I can afford either). It’s conspicuous consumption & food waste in the faces of people who are literally starving.

DuchessOfDisco · 15/10/2022 08:45

PeekabooAtTheZoo · 15/10/2022 08:41

Have you heard of sweatshops and mass production? 🤣 This isn’t half a day’s work for a plastic blacksmith!

But people working in those sweatshops still have their own kids to feed.

KimberleyClark · 15/10/2022 08:46

I always feel sad after Christmas seeing real trees put out with the rubbish.

AboutTheYoungIdea · 15/10/2022 08:47

I agree about the environmental side to a point but surely people are entitled to whatever makes life a little bit cheerier.

It’s tough for a lot of people atm and maybe a Christmas duvet or a hot chocolate in a pumpkin mug brightens a rubbish day for someone.

Also I think a lot of people buy stuff to re-use from year to year or enjoy making things with their kids, it’s not just throwaway tat.

Bagzzz · 15/10/2022 08:48

I don’t mind things like duvets that can be reused, maybe good costumes as well but the amount of plastic is bad.

AboutTheYoungIdea · 15/10/2022 08:48

Mrs Hinch’s display was ridiculously OTT though 🙄

Discovereads · 15/10/2022 08:49

Here is her pile of rotting food. 😕

To find the Halloween and Christmas decor available now over the top
ImissyouBR1 · 15/10/2022 08:49

I think it's all produced by the same factories that feed Shein. Because the Halloween stock in Shein was in Next for twice the price last month. Similar also in Asda and Matalan.

It's very tacky. It's such a waste.

I quite like the nice Christmas stuff but I don't understand the need for a new set of baubles every year. My friend does this - she chooses a new colour scheme each year and bins the previous years. But doesn't believe its wasteful.

FamilyTreeBuilder · 15/10/2022 08:55

It’s conspicuous consumption

This is exactly the phrase I was looking for and didn't come to my pre-coffee menopausal brain.

It's about showing STUFF for social media. And even though everyone will pop up saying that oh no, they never post on Instagram and it's just for them and the tat makes them happy - the whole idea for the tat in the first place comes from social media and the "lifestyle bloggers".

Halloween bedding and changing your Christmas decorations every year for a whole new set is MADNESS and in the same basket as disposable fashion, cleaning wipes and single use plastic containers. Just don't do it.

I think it is a bit much to expect Mrs Hinch - a woman who has made her career out of an unhealthy obsession with disinfectant - to be all over the wider implications of her display. She just doesn't think about these things so deeply. All about the appearance.

ImissyouBR1 · 15/10/2022 08:56

Isn't Hinch obsessed with cleaning? What will she do with all the flies, stench and rotting veg?

That display is OTT and shallow...


KimberleyClark · 15/10/2022 08:57

I like to buy a little Christmas decoration when on holiday. My tree is decorated with memories. I have decorations from Italy, Germany, Greece and France as well as some little glass angels from Ripon Cathedral. And some baubles belonging to my late ILs.

InCheesusWeTrust · 15/10/2022 08:59

BIG BOG Christmas fan with boxes of decorations...
It IS too early for aisles and aisles of Christmas stuff.
Should be law that it's not out until November

YellowTreeHouse · 15/10/2022 08:59

YABVU. On the 1st October every year, even before we had kids, we decorate the house.

All the windows and outside areas as well as the inside of the house with Halloween related cushions, blankets, trinkets, plates, cups, curtains, bath mats etc.

You name it, we have it! Same for Christmas too.

Stop being a misery guts 😂

FamilyTreeBuilder · 15/10/2022 09:00

We do that too, @KimberleyClark . Nothing matches, some of the decorations are 6 months old, some are older than me. I have some amazing 50s/60s glass baubles which were my granny's, so delicate and fragile but I love them so much.

But for many people it's all about the "theme" and what the fashionable colours are, and because they are having a silver and purple tree they have to bin all the gold and red they bought last year.

KimberleyClark · 15/10/2022 09:03

I agree @FamilyTreeBuilder. So much waste.

InCheesusWeTrust · 15/10/2022 09:04

Where dod the reat of my post go🙄

I don't think they are ott. It's lovely shiny stuff but I do wish they were bit more durable, the basics. I always aim to get stuff which will last few years. Lots of people dod heavy decorsting in days gine by, lots will do in days to come.
Even when I was a child we did more than just stuck some decorations on the tree. Themed tabelcloth were normal thing, cushions, garland of various materials.

It's totally fine for people to have fun with themed stuff, Christmas should as midwinter festival they were, bring the mood up. But shame lots of the stuff will not last more years, I would agree there.

Youdoyoutoday · 15/10/2022 09:05

Discovereads · 15/10/2022 08:49

Here is her pile of rotting food. 😕

OMG that's so excessive!! What a waste!

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