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To tell you that I only bloody did it?!

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Mochachocolatte · 12/10/2022 07:17

After what feels like a lifetime of paperwork and meetings and legal battles and evidence seeking and drafting...

My Local Authority have finally conceded, ahead of tribunal, that my son needs to be in a special school!!!

I am honestly in shock. I know in reality it has been a short fight for us (he's almost 6) but if has been all-encompassing and my mental health has taken such a battering.

The LA are now consulting with a set of quite niche specialist schools - three of them I know won't accept him, two of them might, and if they don't then there is still my preferred school which has already stated they will take him and offered a space.

And I'd be happy with either of the other two anyway! So the fight is actually over. It is over! I did it!!

I don't think I have ever been so proud of myself in my life and wanted to share :)

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girlmom21 · 12/10/2022 07:18

That's amazing news OP. He's going to get the support you both deserve in a safe and inclusive environment. Well done you! X

summergone · 12/10/2022 07:19

Yay ! Well done !

Motnight · 12/10/2022 07:19

Well done, Op.

Cosmicdreams · 12/10/2022 07:20

Well done op this is great news. I hope your DS now gets the support he needs 😊

Americano75 · 12/10/2022 07:21

What a lucky boy having such an amazing mum behind him!

Musicalmaestro · 12/10/2022 07:21

That is brilliant news OP. So glad for you, after all your efforts that your DS will be in the best place possible.

Goodadvice1980 · 12/10/2022 07:23

Great news! Although sad you had to battle for it 😒

RonSwansonsChair · 12/10/2022 07:25

Well Done! Great result for you, but sorry you had to go through the fight in the first place.

Figrolls14 · 12/10/2022 07:29

Congratulations OP!!!!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺ

Hearthnhome · 12/10/2022 07:33

Congratulations Op. you are an amazing person. And you are an amazing parent and advocate for your child.

Razzlefrazzle · 12/10/2022 07:34

I know from personal experience how hard you have had to fight and how draining that is. Enjoy your victory, your DS is a lucky boy to have such a strong advocate in his Mum.

AgentProvocateur · 12/10/2022 07:39

Well done. He’s very lucky to have a mum that fights for his best interests like this.

Newnamefor2021 · 12/10/2022 07:41

Well done OP.

HollyGoLoudly1 · 12/10/2022 07:42

Well done, what an amazing achievement. I hope he's very happy wherever he is placed πŸ’

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 12/10/2022 07:42

That's amazing news!
Someone I manage is undergoing a similar fight with his LA for his teenage DD so I have some insight to what this involves.

Mercedesbenz2022 · 12/10/2022 07:43

Well done Mama bear !
that’s great news

buggeredmyleg · 12/10/2022 07:43

Well done you

Iusyje · 12/10/2022 07:44

Congratulations!! πŸ‘ 🎊 πŸ’ OP. Wishing you and your son a good settling in at the school.

AloysiusBear · 12/10/2022 07:44

Well done OP, i hope he thrives in the right setting for him.

AloysiusBear · 12/10/2022 07:46

Btw if you have any advice to share i bet there are lots on here who'd welcome it.

Choconut · 12/10/2022 07:46

Wonderful, I'm just sorry you had to go through so much to get to this point.

Dontjudgeme101 · 12/10/2022 07:46

Excellent news op. I am so pleased for you. πŸ’πŸ’

forlornlorna1 · 12/10/2022 07:48

Well done op. Brilliant news!. I've been there myself a few years back and the weight that lifted off my shoulders was immense!!! My dd has been flourishing in her new specialist school. It was worth all the stress.

Pisses me off that we have to go through these things and fight like this for our kids.

Hope it all works out ok x

TacCat49 · 12/10/2022 07:49

Well done Mum.

londonrach · 12/10/2022 07:50

Well done. Had a friend who successfully managed to fight and get her ds into specialist school a year ago. I. The last year he has gone from being none verbal (aged 8) to talking and writing....she posts daily on Facebook and the difference is amazing and rightly she so proud of him. Congratulations xxxx

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