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If you wfh do you go out and work from somewhere?

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C1239 · 08/10/2022 18:31

Not sure my subject title makes sense! But if you work from home or hybrid work do you ever go out to a local cafe or library or anything to work to mix it up a little? I never really know what you are ‘allowed’ to do when working from home!

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missbipolar · 08/10/2022 18:33

That largely depends on what you do surely? As a call center type agent- wouldn't be a appropriate, if your someone who has to deal with sensitive information over phone calls/zoom meetings also wouldn't be appropriate

bananaboats · 08/10/2022 18:35

No, my contract doesn't allow it.

GyozaGuiting · 08/10/2022 18:37

I work for myself so I sometimes pop to a coffee shop if I’m doing strategy work or something that needs more concentration, like accounts! I also find the change in scenery helps.

EmpressaurusWitchDoesntBurn · 08/10/2022 18:37

I’d be allowed to but I have a big screen at home & it would be a pain just using my laptop.

I go to my local coffee shop before work most mornings instead.

pinkappleorpineapple · 08/10/2022 18:41

I mainly work at home but occasionally go to DH's office for a change of scenery if I have a day with e.g. a long webinar and very few meetings. We tend to have lunch out together which is nice.

Some colleagues and I are talking about taking turns to host each other for days this coming winter so I will need to move from the lounge to the kitchen!

TastesLikeFlavourlessFizz · 08/10/2022 18:42

I don’t but not because I’m not allowed. I like to use 2 screens and have a lot of meetings so it wouldn’t work.

NoWordForFluffy · 08/10/2022 18:46

No; I'm a solicitor and confidentiality is paramount.

roarfeckingroarr · 08/10/2022 18:49

Yes, I work from cafes regularly. I enjoy the change of scene and background noise.

MintJulia · 08/10/2022 18:50

No. Drop DS at the school bus, back home and log on by 8am. Stop at 1, make lunch or go for a run, then work from 2-5.15.

Once a month I have lunch with a local group who all do the same sort of work. Saves me going insane 😊

PastMyBestBeforeDate · 08/10/2022 18:51

No. I don't suppose it would be a problem but I don't.

LordEmsworth · 08/10/2022 18:54

Yes. If I don't have meetings - usually a Friday - I'll go to a local cafe with my laptop, have a coffee & catch up with emails & tasks. I'll choose a table with my back to the wall so no-one can see my screen, and I won't take calls while I'm there. A change is as good as a rest...

AriettyHomily · 08/10/2022 19:18

No, I like my office too much. My boss mostly works from David lloyd.

FTHC · 08/10/2022 21:21

I don't think there's anything to say I can't, but I like to use 2 monitors so it wouldn't be practical.

Michellebops · 08/10/2022 21:23

I'll sometimes go to my parents or a colleague's house or they'll come to mine.

It's good to see people

Turtle93 · 08/10/2022 21:25

Lots of people who I work with will often work in cafes and trains etc due to nature of the job. I will work in a cafe if I've got two appointments on my WFH days and it's nice for a change of scenery! I organise myself so that I don't have any meetings/calls scheduled when I am WFH.

Ponderingwindow · 08/10/2022 21:30

No, I need a large screen. I’m also not allowed network access over random WiFi.

StupidSmallFruit · 08/10/2022 21:32

No, I need two screens and am on Teams calls, so it wouldn’t work.

RedWingBoots · 08/10/2022 21:32

No my last 3 projects and current one involve lots of confidentiality.

While you can get laptop screens so other people can't read your screen I have too many meetings where sometimes we look through confidential data.

I do hear people on train platforms and trains discussing confidential things on the phone. Some are good and don't let things slip, others need to be stared at until they shut up or move away from everyone. I know people act exactly the same in cafes, etc when I've been in them with my inquisitive DD.

BoxOfCats · 08/10/2022 21:34

In the summer I often work from the garden.

Suzi888 · 08/10/2022 21:34

Yes- well unless it’s a meeting. Set that background all you want but it shakes like hell! We can turn cameras off (sometimes).

Hotandbothereds · 08/10/2022 21:35

I work from home three days a week and technically I could go to the library or a cafe, but it’s easier to stay at home because it means I can take the dog out at lunchtime & I’d only have to come back to do that if I went somewhere else.

PerfectlyPreservedQuagaarWarrior · 08/10/2022 21:36

Nope, wouldn't want to and couldn't anyway.

Coasterfan · 08/10/2022 21:37

No I love being at home, I have meetings all day Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and I need silence to work on the stuff i do Mondays and Fridays.

Midnights · 08/10/2022 21:39

I'm not allowed to, if I want to work somewhere else it has to be the office. I'm not even allowed to WFH if there's strangers in the house. It's a nightmare!

notdaddycool · 08/10/2022 21:40

Very occasionally only. Not a lot of places near here I’d choose to use.

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