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To have allowed my ds1 to buy a nerf gun!? Argh

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cadburyegg · 06/10/2022 17:04

DS1 is 7.5 and saved up his pocket money to buy a nerf gun at the weekend. He was very excited, although it probably wasn't something I would have bought him, I didn't think anything of it at the time. We have talked about rules playing with it etc. one of my friends has said it was a bad idea to let him have it because it teaches young children about violence. Argh! It didn't occur to me that it would be harmful - it's part of a game after all and they often do water gun fights at beavers etc. although like I said it wouldn't have been my choice.

So was I BU? Any tips...

OP posts:
OhmygodDont · 06/10/2022 17:07

Lol nothing wrong with a nerf gun your friend is weird.

alot of childrens party places now have the option to add on nerf guns, soft play centres, inflatable place, trampoline places I think our ice rink does too.

PurpleWisteria1 · 06/10/2022 17:08

It’s perfectly fine OP. Lots of boys want to play shooting and sword fighting. My 2 would make guns out of anything and everything from a very early age (think pasta, sticks, leaves, plants, food packaging etc.)
They have every nerf gun under the sun.
My rules are no pointing it at faces and never too near to someone.
They have targets to shoot down and all sorts of battery operated targets too.
They are not violent in the slightest and are almost too old to play with them now.

Lolapusht · 06/10/2022 17:11

Get some safety glasses, have a “no aiming above the waist” rule (my DC’s aim is a bit ropey so best mitigate!), be aware that you will get shot in the face at some point and it will be bloody sore, you will find Nerf bullets EVERYWHERE, forEVER, but yourself a bigger Nerf gun and plenty of bullets and have an epic battle!

SuperSange · 06/10/2022 17:18

We've got a ton of them, but if he won't wear safety glasses, he can't play with them. A young family member came close to losing an eye recently.

lickenchugget · 06/10/2022 17:23

Absolutely fine.

StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 06/10/2022 17:25

Hey it opens up a whole range of possibilities for Xmas presents! There are lots of accessories. Nerf is one of the few things my asd ds' can play with other kids.

Nadal · 06/10/2022 17:27

My boys have had nerf guns. They enjoyed them but they were just some of their toys.

Doesn't turn them into a gun toting maniac.

womaninatightspot · 06/10/2022 17:28

Safety glasses, we use ski goggles. Don’t aim at face. All the kids have them. One of the holiday sessions is bring your own nerf gun run by the council.

Ariela · 06/10/2022 17:29

I disagree. As with ordinary guns, there are rules, rules that he HAS to stick to such as not firing at people (who are not expecting it) particularly not at faces. That it is put away in a safe place where younger siblings/visitors cannot access it, etc. All responsibility you'd have to have with owning a real gun.

Lozzybear · 06/10/2022 17:29

All good until they shoot you in the bottom.Well that’s what my DSs do!

Elisheva · 06/10/2022 17:35

Buy yourself a bigger, better nerf gun. They’re so much fun 😁

ScottyDogsForAll · 06/10/2022 17:39

DS had a NERF armoury by 7 and has caused no issues. Yanbu.

CheezePleeze · 06/10/2022 17:41

Your friend is definitely weird.

Has she never heard of target practice skills?

Stade197 · 06/10/2022 17:46

I think nerf guns are fine for kids, but as others have said have a 'no aiming at faces' rule & get safety glasses - my dad accidentally shot me in the eye once and that really hurt!

wheretoyougonow · 06/10/2022 17:52

2 rules need to be adhered to:

  1. NO AIMING AT THE HEAD (sorry for the shouting it's shouted regularly)

  2. Adults have to play nicely and not get over excited - looking at you DH
Bobbi730 · 06/10/2022 17:54

My friend had a no gun rule for her kids and they become obsessed with playing with guns at friends houses. She have in and bought them nerf guns. They have both grown into lovely, non violent men.
We have the same rules about safety goggles, not shooting at people not in the game etc. and they're fine.
I would also say buy one for yourself as it can be a lot of fun on a rainy winters day stalking each other around the house 😀

gogohmm · 06/10/2022 17:55

I personally would not allow any guns, even brightly coloured water pistols. Guns are not toys even pretend ones.

Sarahcoggles · 06/10/2022 17:59

Like many people I didn't like the idea of guns for my 2 boys. But Nerf guns were just becoming a thing when they were younger (can't remember the ages but both young primary school) , and I gave in. We had loads of fun having epic nerf gun battles in the house, building forts and barricades, their friends charging around - it was great.
They're 17 and 13 now and not remotely interested in guns at all. Nor are they at all violent.
I'm still finding nerf bullets behind the settee years later though, so stock up on those!

runwithme · 06/10/2022 18:06

They are harmless fun, and encourage creativity. The boys like to do trick shots and make targets.
Definitely buy extra bullets, they don't need to be nerf branded ones.

Hungrycaterpillarsmummy · 06/10/2022 18:08

I agree with your friend tbh. Of course it sets them up to be rough/violent.
Point and shoot, destroy etc etc

SomeSquirrelsAreBlack · 06/10/2022 18:10

Slippery slope. Look at what happened in Thailand today and all the school shootings.

SomeSquirrelsAreBlack · 06/10/2022 18:11


SomeSquirrelsAreBlack · 06/10/2022 18:12

Want expecting to find so many NRAs on Mumsnet

HighlandPony · 06/10/2022 18:13

Your friend is weird. What about paintball? Airsoft (which is basically nerf for teenagers) or tattie guns? It’s more about having fun with pals. What’s her opinion on snowball fights?

SomeSquirrelsAreBlack · 06/10/2022 18:14

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