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Butter boards. I mean .... ???

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Laiste · 03/10/2022 18:03

So - you crape butter up off a board. With bits on it/in it ....
Everyone else scrapes their bread about in it as well ...

I'm Confused

Anyone here had it. or made one?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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tunnocksreturns2019 · 03/10/2022 18:04

Urgh yuck!!

Livinginanotherworld · 03/10/2022 18:05

I feel sick even thinking about them. Grazing platters are bad enough. 🤮

Laiste · 03/10/2022 18:05

I'm watching a video of someone buttering their bread before dipping it in the butter board 🤔

OP posts:
Pixiedust1234 · 03/10/2022 18:07

That's my dinner plate, and I don't share 😂

womaninatightspot · 03/10/2022 18:08

Well the cost of butter nowadays it probably will turn into fancy restaurant dish.? Personally it looks awful I would not be keen on scraping bread across the communal butter. You do get some lovely artisan butters flavoured with truffles/ matcha as well as the usual suspects. I love butter but I’ll keep it to a single serving.

Jubaju · 03/10/2022 18:11

They look delicious ….
but I’m not sharing one 🤮

Rockbird · 03/10/2022 18:14

All of those communal food boards look utterly revolting. The worst of them being the table covered in foil with 100 portions of nachos dumped on it. 🤮

Laiste · 03/10/2022 18:15

Here's another one.
I mean, i LOVE butter, but i just don't get the logic of this.

Agree with pp it's just the whole sharing platter thing re hashed isn't it. With a shit ton of butter 😅

OP posts:
ErrolTheDragon · 03/10/2022 18:33

Weird. A 'viral trend', is it? More like a bacterial one, I suspect. Though as that piece notes: 'I also wondered about sharing a board like this in a communal setting – but I think those germ-related worries could be quelled with a butter knife.'

So ... just make some nice flavoured butters in dishes and provide people with cutlery, you eejits.

JubileeTrifle · 03/10/2022 18:35

Double dip - grim.

Notreallyhappy · 03/10/2022 18:36

Wrong on every level 🤑

CaronPoivre · 03/10/2022 18:40

I saw this in a magazine at the hairdressers. Truly revolting idea. Mushed up grease with lumps in for people to drool over. Myocardial infarction on a chopping board.

Yesthatismychildsigh · 03/10/2022 18:41

What a load of walkers.

Yesthatismychildsigh · 03/10/2022 18:42

What a load of wankery.
ignore my precious post.

StupidSmallFruit · 03/10/2022 18:44

The thought of putting greasy butter on a wooden board is all kinds of wrong.

It’s a hard pass from me.

DeltaAlphaDelta79 · 03/10/2022 18:44

I saw one the other day for a cream cheese board, exactly the same concept. I'll eat pretty much anything, anywhere but that was too extreme for me!

2anddonefornow · 03/10/2022 18:45

Even worse than grazing boards, not a chance!

StupidSmallFruit · 03/10/2022 18:52

Just because something is hot on tiktok, doesn’t mean it has to be followed.

There is nothing appealing about a butter board, whereas there absolutely is a lot appealing about a cheese - antipasto platter.

Boxofsockss · 03/10/2022 18:53

Heard of it. I will stick to cheese boards!

Dilbertian · 03/10/2022 19:03

I like the concept, but why would you stick your own piece of bread in it? Surely it should work just like ordinary butter in an ordinary butter dish? Just scoop up what you want with your knife.

ChardonnaysBeastlyCat · 03/10/2022 19:07

It's mashed up butter. Not a fan.

iklboo · 03/10/2022 19:08


cushioncovers · 03/10/2022 19:13

Imagine if the board someone scrapes the butter on isn't clean. 🤮

bellac11 · 03/10/2022 19:17

Whats the difference between sharing platters of dipping oil where people dip their bread in oil, or pots of dip that people share on a platter

I love butter but it might even be too much for me, its very rich. Although I do love butter a lot

thefiddlerselbow · 03/10/2022 19:19

Nope just wrong. Unless it's an individual one. The fear I have of double dipping... ugh... saliva... ughhhh
I'm not good with grazing boards either unless sharing with DH.

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