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Buying house next to a pub

51 replies

Quaggainexcelsius · 01/10/2022 21:13

So I can make as much noise as I like?
Do you think this is a good idea? I'm very tolerant to noise so wouldn't be kept awake or bothered by it. Can anyone see a downside. It's cheap too. Pub is nice one with good food not a spoons!

OP posts:
Fizbosshoes · 01/10/2022 23:11

We stayed opposite a pub once. The people noise (for me) was not as bad as the deliveries of barrels/bottles sometimes quite early. I wouldn't want that every week.

FatOaf · 01/10/2022 23:12

I'd recommend you paint your front door urine-yellow, because you'll constantly have blokes pissing on it after closing time. I live round the corner from a pub and have had couples copulating on my drive, human excrement on my doorstep, you name it...

Sparklesocks · 01/10/2022 23:16

We live down the street from a pub, it’s a funny little road as it’s a cul de sac with a pub on the corner. We’re far enough away from it that we don’t hear it but occasionally we get drunks who wander down the street to wee near us, or sometimes couples come down our end to argue, or friends amble along and have drunken ‘I love you, man’ deep chats. It doesn’t happen often enough to be a pain but I can’t imagine what it might be like for the houses nearer - so just bear that in mind!

CoffeeLover90 · 01/10/2022 23:23

I live in a town with a few pubs and some I wouldn't mind living next to and others I wouldn't even walk past. It depends on the pub/clientele. So, if I was you, I'd visit this pub on a Friday or Saturday and stay late, closing time if possible, to see how the people act in the area. Hopefully the kind who jump in the taxi, maybe a little sing song or some tolerable noise. If they're throwing things about, vomiting, pissing in the street etc then obviously wouldn't consider living near.

TokyoTen · 01/10/2022 23:24

I'd be wary as it could affect its resale value.

LumpyandBumps · 01/10/2022 23:38

If you are not worried about the noise it might work out ok.
I lived next to a pub for about 5 years. It wasn’t that bad. We had slamming cars doors and loud voices at closing time, which wasn’t too much of a problem.
Then they decided that instead of taking food to tables in the already noisy garden they would give everyone a number and announce it via a loud speaker. It pretty much made the garden unusable at weekends, which was the only time we were home.
We decided to move.

PrtScn · 02/10/2022 00:20

I lived in the next street from a pub. No problems with noise per se, but because I was on a corner, would get people standing and chatting at stupid o'clock before going separate ways, along with empty bottles and pint glasses on my garden wall. I got a few nice pint glasses out of it mind, along with quite a bit of local gossip.

PrtScn · 02/10/2022 00:21

oh, and caught more than one bloke on my drive pissing in the hedge.

CongratulationsBeautiful · 02/10/2022 07:42

Get motion sensor sprinklers maybe?

Redkettle · 02/10/2022 07:49

I would never buy a house next to a pub or a corner shop. Or a fast food place or supermarket. We used to live near an aldi and the boy racers in the carpark after hours would keep us up all night and the litter from McDonald's uses to blow down into our street. I went to aldi and git them to put up a car barrier. It got mowed down first night it was up. Never again.

UsernameNotAvailableApparently · 02/10/2022 07:50

I’ve lived next to pubs twice and every Sunday morning, without fail, I’d have to jump over a puddle of piss to leave my property.

Never again.

TooMuchToDoTooLittleInclination · 02/10/2022 08:04

matthancockslovechild · 01/10/2022 21:44

If its a pub in a residential area it will be fine. People just leave the pub and go home. Presumably no taxi rank or kebab house which would mean people would hang around?

How long have current owners lived there? If its a long time then it shows there are no issues.

Economic downturn also means pub could close in near future and you will have got a bargain!

Where is this utopia you speak of? I've never known a pub where people just leave quietly & go home.

Just because the previous own have been there a long time doesn't mean it ll be fine. They could be deaf/unable to sell/whatever.

The pub could close, then there could be break ins/squatters.

@Quaggainexcelsius the noise is only one aspect (a big one, have you really considered the very late night 'good byes, car doors slamming, broken glass it's not just the music or general 'hum' of the pub). There's the parking, possible damage to your property, resales value (& time it could take) DC (or future Dc) being exposed to pub goers antics/language?

I lived near a restaurant. You'd think that wouldn't be too bad?! It was AWFUL never, ever again.

Yayasisterhood · 02/10/2022 08:13

I live next to a pub. It’s fine. We had less considerate landlords for a while and even that was ok - its in a small town and it never stays noisy late at night because it’s too cold for people to stay out in the garden. A few times a year we get a proper blow out but we don’t mind. The thing that drives me crazy is the drunken posh people laughs at lunch time when I am WFH, but even that is only for a few months of the year. This pub now closes at 10.

EspressoPatronumm · 02/10/2022 08:24

We lived 2 doors down from a pub and it was okay but I wouldn't do it again. Glasses left on the top of car, fights in the street, karaoke we could hear word for word. Someone threw a rock into one of the pub Windows and the police were called.

Then Covid happened and it obviously stopped we logged across the road and you can't hear it now . We still live in the village and it is getting busier but by no means the party pub it was

NightmareSlashDelightful · 02/10/2022 08:24

It very much depends on the pub. We live close to a pub (well, it’s a taproom) now and it’s fine — little cosy inside-only place, people aren’t allowed to stand outside drinking etc. And it’s no bother, except for the occasional noisy barrel or bottles delivery and waste collection.

Conversely, I also lived over a pub that turned into a bit of a ‘scene’ and that was a living hell. Rowdy from Thursday lunchtime to Sunday night every week. Smashed glass everywhere. Worse on bank holidays. People pissing and vomiting in the street. Drug dealers and sex workers (of both sexes) hanging around. People passed out lying in the road. Live music from their terrace/beer garden that you couldn’t shut out, even with the windows closed. This was in a pretty smart part of London too (Wandsworth, by the river).

I’d say visit the pub a few times — especially Friday or Saturday nights, and Sunday lunchtimes/afternoons — to get a sense of the place.

Redqueenheart · 02/10/2022 09:34

Don't do that to yourself. It is not just the noise but also the anti-social behaviour you need to be concerned about.

Allthegoodnamesarechosen · 02/10/2022 09:39

I’d rather live in a shed after being opposite a pub.

Murdoch1949 · 02/10/2022 10:27

Clientele in pub could change in future. Could lead to difficulty in future selling, but if you're in for the long haul ....

ILikeHotWaterBottles · 02/10/2022 10:37

Do it if you want, but you have NO reason to complain about noise if you do move in. And can't really make as much noise as you want, you're a resident not a business, you can make reasonable amount of noise. And you'll likely struggle to sell it.

I find it funny right now though as someone is building quite a nice bungalow beside a pub in a local town and I'm betting they will complain about noise when they finally move in. Hopefully they don't, but I wouldn't be surprised, there's been a fair few daft complaints in the town.

LuckyLil · 02/10/2022 10:53

I live next door to a pub and have done for almost a decade. It's not the pub you need to worry about but the regular changes of management and landlords with different ideas of how to bring in more money. For those ten years you wouldn't even know there was a pub next door.

This year a new manager turns up who decides to exceed the allowed maximum capacity to the point of people spilling out into the street, serves underage so it's full of yobs all weekend who couldn't get served before. I now regularly have punters parking on my drive if the car park is full, lumps of rock thrown in my garden from drunken idiots in the beer garden, large groups of drunk women wailing, cackling like witches, shouting, swearing and being rowdy for hours on end until late on Friday and Saturday nights and regular open mike live bands inviting drunks to sing along to George Michael, pint glasses dumped in my front garden, puke over my fence etc etc...

It used to be so quiet you didn't even know the pub existed, but one wrong manager and all hell breaks loose. I'm now selling up. Unfortunately it's not just you who can make as much noise as you like.

RitaFires · 02/10/2022 10:57

It really depends on the pub and your own tolerance. My grandparents lived a few doors down from a pub when I was growing up so I knew how loud they could be.

I rented a gorgeous flat 3 floors above a bar, when the building was converted they put soundproofing in so the noise was fairly manageable. However when you stepped out the door early in the morning sometimes there would be pools of vomit or piss outside and if you didn't bring in your bin fast enough there would be rubbish and/or dog poo in it.

I own a house now that is not far from a pub and the noise isn't outrageous, I can hear drunks stumbling by sometimes. When the power went out I could hear from the pub's reaction that it wasn't just my house that lost power. The neighbour that backs onto the pub hates it though, they got licensing for live music and added a beer garden after she moved in, so she was prepared for a quieter pub than she got.

AliceNutter · 02/10/2022 11:01

I nearly bought next door to a sweet little pub but concluded that the noise and smoke from the garden all summer would be too much for me.


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KimberleyClark · 02/10/2022 11:10

We live about five minutes walk from a pub and we do get the occasional people walking home a bit loud and merry but nothing worse than that.

HazelBite · 02/10/2022 14:53

To this day I have a complete intolerance of drunks caused by living near two pubs in my childhood. The vomit, the pissing, the slurring at top volume and tripping over passed out bodies has had a lasting effect.
I just have to smell stale beer and I shudder. As a PP said pay said pub a visit on a Friday night to see what its like.
We have sports/social club close to us now, we occasionally have problems, but nothing serious, apart from beer bottles in the front garden and the occasional beer glass.

civetcat · 02/10/2022 15:47

I lived opposite a pub for >10 years on an otherwise residential street. Life varied a LOT depending on who was running the pub. When it was run well, it was fine. When it was run badly, there was a lot of noise and fighting, and I often had to call the police. I'd be wary of living that close to a pub again as things can change

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