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To tell you this is what the Government think of carers, in black and white!

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lockedonwhole · 29/09/2022 11:09

Not sure if someone has posted already

This is the government response to the petition about carers being paid better

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Increase Carer's Allowance to equal 35hrs at National Minimum Wagee_”.
Government responded:
Carer’s Allowance is a benefit that provides some financial recognition that a carer may not be able to work full-time. It is part of a range of support based on individual needs, rather than a wage.
This Government recognises the very important role that unpaid and family carers make in providing significant care and continuity of support to family and friends on a daily basis.
It is however, important to emphasise that Carer’s Allowance is not intended to be a replacement for a wage nor a payment for the services of caring and is therefore not comparable with either the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage. The principal purpose of Carer's Allowance is to provide a measure of financial support and recognition for people who choose to give up the opportunity of full-time work to provide regular care for a severely disabled person. It has never been the role of the Government to pay people for the tasks they undertake, voluntarily, in the way that an employer would, and this Government has no plans to change that principle. Instead, successive Governments have supported carers through allowances and benefits as well as wider cross-government actions.
Unpaid carers are overwhelmingly caring for a family member or friend, rather than someone unknown to them. The amount of unpaid caring they undertake, and its intensity, will differ from carer to carer, as will their reasons and motivation for accepting caring responsibilities. Many can successfully combine caring with some employment, so will continue to have income from paid employment. Those unpaid carers who do need financial support may be able to get help from the benefits system – and not only from Carer’s Allowance, but from a range of means-tested benefits as well.
Carers on low incomes can claim income-related benefits, such as Universal Credit, alongside Carer’s Allowance. Universal Credit can be paid to carers at a higher rate than those without caring responsibilities through the payment of the carer element. In April 2022, the Universal Credit carer element increased to £168.81 per month. Around 405,000 (Feb 22 data) carer households on Universal Credit can receive around an additional £2,000 a year through the carer element.
Real terms expenditure on Carer’s Allowance in 2022/23 is forecast to be £3.4bn and between 2022/23 and 2026/27 real terms expenditure on CA is forecast to increase by just over a third (around £1.2 billion). By 2026/27, the Government is forecast to spend just under £4.5 billion a year on Carer’s Allowance. 
A National Insurance Class 1 credit is generally awarded for each week that Carer’s Allowance is paid to a working-age carer. Class 1 credits can help towards the conditions of entitlement to all contributory benefits, as well as the new State Pension. Receipt of Carer’s Allowance also exempts the carer from the benefit cap.
Carer’s Allowance permits carers to undertake some part-time work if they can do so, without this affecting their entitlement. The earnings limit recognises the benefits of staying in touch with the workplace, including greater financial independence and social interaction.
The Government consulted on proposals for a new entitlement to carer’s leave in 2020 and published its response in September 2021. This committed to introducing carer’s leave as a day 1 right. This will be available to all employees who are providing care for a dependant with a long-term care need. Eligible employees will be entitled to one week of unpaid leave per year, which will be available to take flexibly in individual or half days.
Department for Work and Pensions
Click this link to view the response online:

OP posts:
Abaiia · 29/09/2022 12:16

Outnumbered99 · 29/09/2022 11:15

I don't remember "choosing to give up the opportunity of paid work" when my profoundly disabled child was born, I must have missed that meeting


Facecream · 29/09/2022 12:20

Thats your situation.
My five year old daughter cannot walk, talk, eat (gastrostomy fed), dress herself, wash herself herself, she can’t even raise her arms.
She gets ZERO social support.
Im finally getting to speak to Social Services about her needs.
She is FIVE. Who else would care for her?
We have no relatives nearby.
Im 47 and not going to get younger.
My earning potential was £50,000 pa ten years ago.
I will most likely never work again.
She barely sleeps.
This morning alone I had to drive to a 9am appointment- thirty miles away then drive her to school. I got back at 11:40. She’ll be home just after 3.
Most of my days are full of appointments and phone calls etc.
On Friday night she was rushed to A and E with bleeding from her mouth.
Only qualified nurses would be able to care for her.
I have had ZERO pursue of respite.
Because my DH works I get ONLY carer’s allowance per month. Her DLA is spent entirely on her needs.
Some life, eh?
Fuck these cunts in power

Thatsnotmycar · 29/09/2022 12:27

That response is disgusting.

@Facecream as well as social care have you looked at continuing care funding?

Failarmy · 29/09/2022 12:36

"Choose to give up work"?

Of course!! 💡I didn't realise I had a choice, silly me and my silly choice to look after my profoundly disabled, non verbal, incontinent 10 year old. Clearly I can carry on working.

What utter utter bastards.

TigerRag · 29/09/2022 12:36

RainbowZebraWarrior · 29/09/2022 12:07

It says "a carer may not be able to work full time" i didn't think you were allowed ri work at all in order to qualify for carers allowance? When I looked into it, my Dad wasn't allowed to claim it as he's retired, and that is considered an income. (he's been caring for my Mum with cancer for 2.5 years)

The whole thing is a fucking disgrace.
Like PIP, there should at least be levels.

You can earn up to £132 a week

MarshaMelrose · 29/09/2022 12:36

The point you're making, @Facecream , is that every situation is different, which I agree. I'm not going to detail my mum's behaviour. Govt policy and laws are blunt tools because they can't define care for 67m different cases.

She gets attendance allowance and a state pension. Other than that she is not entitled to any state assistance. She gets no UC, etc. It costs me money to look after her.

I could give up responsibility for my relative so SS are forced to take over, but like most people, that's not something I could do because I love her. My mum could go into care but that's not what I want so I have made the choice not to. It's not an easy choice, it's not a choice I don't resent from time to time, but it is my choice.

Discovereads · 29/09/2022 12:50

Ugh. That’s an awful response.

Facecream · 29/09/2022 12:51

I really really hate this government.

Umbrellabee · 29/09/2022 12:52

I’ve got a disabled child. I had to leave work to look after her. There was no childcare available for a child with her needs when she was a baby. No nursery would have her. She has just started school and we fought tooth and nail to get her into a school with adequate provision for her needs. It’s miles away and she gets transport there but that means I can’t utilise wrap around care to allow me to work. There is no one else to care for her. Caring is not a choice, it’s enforced because there are no other alternatives.

notnownorma · 29/09/2022 12:56

Lunabun · 29/09/2022 12:01

That really is disgusting 😡 vile party vile government

It was exactly the same when I was a full time carer in the 1990s/early 2000s. Society doesn't want to pay, it has little to do with the party in charge.

RainbowZebraWarrior · 29/09/2022 13:01

TigerRag · 29/09/2022 12:36

You can earn up to £132 a week

Ah that's right. Thanks. Dad gets pension of around £160i think, so not entitled.

I'm on basic daily living PIP. Someone would be entitled to carers allowance to help me (I'd dearly love that help) but I have nobody to do that.

Wonder how much the Govt saves because so many aren't entitled to claim or there's no actual carer.

fruitbrewhaha · 29/09/2022 13:03

I dont think they give a shit about any of us

LovelaceBiggWither · 29/09/2022 13:07

ClaryFairchild · 29/09/2022 11:57


Fuck me, how bloody dare they?! My DSis cared for my DM for many years in Australia and was paid the same amount as the pension.

We actually get a $1000 bonus that other pensioners don't get. With the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), my life is a lot easier with support workers and regular respite. It's far from perfect here but it's a start.

lockedonwhole · 29/09/2022 13:09

Failarmy · 29/09/2022 12:36

"Choose to give up work"?

Of course!! 💡I didn't realise I had a choice, silly me and my silly choice to look after my profoundly disabled, non verbal, incontinent 10 year old. Clearly I can carry on working.

What utter utter bastards.

Yes. This 1000% times. It makes me so angry and feel so hateful. How dare they!

OP posts:
Devilishpyjamas · 29/09/2022 13:13

People can’t work (or study for free) much though because they then lose CA.

Kaibashira · 29/09/2022 13:16

It has never been the role of the Government to pay people for the tasks they undertake, voluntarily, in the way that an employer would, and this Government has no plans to change that principle.

This is so callous.
All of us are a single moment away from needing care or needing to give care.

It's almost a throwaway sentence in the middle of the response but it's just so horrendous.

What is Government for if not to help those most in need?

This is essentially saying, unless your activity has worth in a capitalist system (I.e. generates money - and yes, tax revenue), then we will deem your activitiy worthless.

Not to mention social safety net systems have been decimated, leaving no option for many but to become carers.

So: dismantle all viable options, force an individual to become a carer instead of a worker, then tell that carer they're "volunteering" so fuck you, here's £69 a week.

It's hard to choose what the cruellest policy of this Government is, but the carer's allowance system is right up there.

starfishmummy · 29/09/2022 13:17

Basically their response is just reiterating what they have always said ever since they brought in Invalid Carers Allowance as it was then. Its not right but as a long term carer (24 years and still counting) I'm nor surprised.

ClaudineClare · 29/09/2022 13:21

To qualify for CA you have to be providing care for 35 hours a week - i.e. it is a full time job. How can you do another full time job on top of that, or even a part time job? Who is going to keep an eye on the cared for person while the carer is out at work?

No-one cares for the carers, that is why so many of us end up burned out.

SerendipityJane · 29/09/2022 13:30

How can you do another full time job on top of that, or even a part time job?

Ask an MP. They seem to manage.

ClaudineClare · 29/09/2022 13:40

SerendipityJane · 29/09/2022 13:30

How can you do another full time job on top of that, or even a part time job?

Ask an MP. They seem to manage.

I mean real jobs, not pretend ones that benefits from lobbyists in disguise.

ClaudineClare · 29/09/2022 13:40

that are benefits...

feellikeanalien · 29/09/2022 13:51

The absolute icing on the cake for me is that CA is deducted from UC. They prattle on about getting a higher amount of UC. Don't think they mentioned that CA is deducted.

I am terrified what will happen to DD when I am no longer here. Disabled people are really only regarded as a burden in the UK and this really emphasises it.

I am disgusted beyond words but not in the least surprised.


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Ridley10 · 29/09/2022 13:53

Utterly disgusting. Though I didn’t realise I had a choice. What an idiot I am when the nursery said they could only care for my child for 15 hours a week and sometimes I was called to collect her. Or the nursery that told us to leave.

I have two children both in specialist schools. I’m exhausted. There is no respite care. I care for my kids for more than 35 hours and this government do not care. They’re giving millionaires even more money.

braggingaboutbrasize · 29/09/2022 14:03

Another unpaid carer here who felt sick reading that. Utterly callous

melafixer · 29/09/2022 14:06

We’re Labour any better though?

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