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To be excited about trickle down economics?

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TrickleDownQuicklyPlease · 27/09/2022 12:54

Aibu to get excited about the banker’ bonuses? Does anyone know when the bonuses might start trickling down?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Dogtooth · 27/09/2022 13:34

I agree, OP! I also can't wait for them to close down the NHS. I'm going to take much better care of my health if I know I might die if I get ill :)

The same goes with work - who wouldn't work harder without any employment protections?

It's also great that someone's finally taking on the natural world for being so muddy - I'm sick of all those woodland creatures lounging around, not being poisoned while bankers are working so hard.


JesusInTheCabbageVan · 27/09/2022 13:35

I'm excited too! Basically if you try something and it doesn't work, keep trying. Eventually it'll work! I'm pretty sure that history AND politics AND economics all show this to be true.

The only thing I'm worried about is how I'll spend my cash! 😀


womaninatightspot · 27/09/2022 13:35

an alternative proposition?

WoolyMammoth55 · 27/09/2022 13:36

About 7 years ago I worked for the richest person I've ever known - she was Director of her own company and invoiced £35K in an average MONTH. Married to a city guy with his own 6-figure income.

They paid their cleaner cash in hand, wouldn't put her on payroll. They also had a nanny for their baby who they paid partially in cash to avoid hitting the threshold where they'd have needed to make NI contributions.

Trickle down is and always has been utter bullshit. As the markets have noticed...
God, we are fucked!


FayeGovan · 27/09/2022 13:37

Brokendaughter · 27/09/2022 13:31

Unless you are a bullion dealer or a broker I doubt you'll catch much.

That's where I put extra money.
I'm not the only one.

I looked in asda for bullion but they seemed to be out of it.


jgw1 · 27/09/2022 13:41

Sometimessometime · 27/09/2022 13:34

Conservative HQ: "What's the one thing that's annoyed the public more than anything else in the last 15 years?" "Definitely the time when bankers' ended up crashing the economy in what was essentially one large ponzi scheme, and then it came out that they were getting massive bonuses for making terrible decisions, which were based entirely on greed" "Good-o, let's start by bringing that back then"

That surely requires a level of rational thought that hasn't been evident in CHQ for many years.


IronicElf · 27/09/2022 13:42

Is this where the rich people with extra money from government policy* can afford to spend money on holidays and other luxuries, where the rest of us work or provide the service at the same price?

So they go out the only ones who can after the prices go up on everything and leave a patronising tip in a restaurant, and the server should pick it up and thank them for bestowing largesse?

Shortly before the restaurant folds due to lack of customers, and everyone becomes benefit scroungers that the rich people with extra money from government policy* can complain that their taxes are paying for. The trickle down wasn't effective enough. Should have tipped more to make it work it was never going to work, it never did

*Not all rich people I'm sure.


myleftventricle · 27/09/2022 13:43

Do you have a luxury foreign retreat that the rich and famous (and Tory MPs) flock to in their droves? No? Oh well, you won't see any of it then because if it doesn't go on foreign holidays it goes straight into offshore investment accounts.


jgw1 · 27/09/2022 13:43

FayeGovan · 27/09/2022 13:37

I looked in asda for bullion but they seemed to be out of it.

Try Sainsburys, but we alert for the announcements about 50% of people going through the menopause.


Porcupineintherough · 27/09/2022 13:43

Trickle down economics is exciting. Waking up every morning wondering whether excessive risk taking has crashed the banks again. The thrill of realising that you, the tax payer, is yet again funding the bail out whilst some piece of shit walks off with his bonus. Happy days!


AStar98 · 27/09/2022 13:44

... it's already trickling down OP. Aren't you in the additional rate tax bracket like the rest of the UK yet?? Great news that we'll all be so much better off when they scrap the highest rate of tax too 👍 #TrustTruss


Abra1t · 27/09/2022 13:44

Is it too late to retrain as a yacht-builder? Ski chalet designer?


DawkinsOldSpot · 27/09/2022 13:45

I heard there’ll be a steady trickle straight into our bank accounts shortly!


StickywithSuncream · 27/09/2022 13:46

Get your thimbles ready, people! <excited> 😆


StJeanDeVence · 27/09/2022 13:50

Agree, it's super-exciting! And it's come just at the right time - it's starting to get damp and chilly in my house but no more worrying about winter energy bills for me! Thanks, bankers!


jgw1 · 27/09/2022 13:54

DawkinsOldSpot · 27/09/2022 13:45

I heard there’ll be a steady trickle straight into our bank accounts shortly!

By gove you've got it.
Interests rates are going to be so high, that there will be daily significant increase in our bank accounts.


Whammyyammy · 27/09/2022 14:01

Seems legit

To be excited about trickle down economics?

Alexandra2001 · 27/09/2022 14:02

I used to live further down the hill from a v wealthy ex footie manager (5th home) the wealth that trickled down was palpable, we would go and wash in his piss as it flowed in abundance from his broken septic tank.

Bring it on, i'll be voting Tory once the Wealth starts to flow through the streets of the poor and dispossessed.


AuntSalli · 27/09/2022 14:04

Is it my warped mind or does it look like he’s taking a Pee ?

To be excited about trickle down economics?

Ninini · 27/09/2022 14:05

I loved Rosie Holt on this - "We're watering a garden. Selectively".


DuncinToffee · 27/09/2022 14:05

They will be burning bank notes soon and we can all inhale the smoke and feel warm.


1dayatatime · 27/09/2022 14:08

Rather than go through all the complexities of changing and reducing employment rights and to whom trickle down trickle downs to, I was thinking it would much simpler to just re introduce serfdom.

It would be a lot easier and everyone would know their place.


Doingprettywellthanks · 27/09/2022 14:12

It’s not entirely without logic.

i am on very good terms with my ex, who is a very high Werner. Now he knows no cap on his bonus next March, he’s booked one hell of a holiday for him and the children.

using a local independent travel company to arrange the entire thing (from flights, to accom to trips)

will use local taxi company to get to airport

and that was a decision he made within hours of the news.


Doingprettywellthanks · 27/09/2022 14:15

Oh and will use a dog sitter whilst away for 3 weeks!

indeed it is a “trickle” but that’s the point.

3 separate local independent businesses benefits from a decision he made solely as a result of news of bonus


Mojitoo · 27/09/2022 14:15

I think this might be a little too soon OP, judging by the replies.

I was thinking it would much simpler to just re introduce serfdom

Hang around for the Tory conference. Who know what will strike this despicable, incompetent government next as An Awfully Good Idea?

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