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Fleece bedding

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PollyPaintsFlowers · 27/09/2022 11:54

What are people's general thoughts on fleece bedding? Am I being unreasonable thinking it's going to lead to eight hours of inhaling dust and plastic fibres?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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SoupDragon · 10/10/2022 16:29

InPraiseOfBacchus · 10/10/2022 16:01

Another thing I forgot to mention - stuff gets "embedded" in the fleece and refuses to come out! Hair, clumps of lint, threads and fibres from other bedding and clothing - it'll all work its way in the fleece. Looks unsightly after a while. The fleece fibres themselves get clumped and "chunky" after a few washes too.


DD had some and it went all flat and nasty.


crumpetswithjam · 10/10/2022 16:39

I sleep in a vest with the covers thrown off, fleece bedding makes me sweat just thinking about it!


QuestionableMouse · 10/10/2022 16:42

Icanstillrecallourlastsummer · 27/09/2022 12:20

Fleece makes me skin crawl. I could absolutely not sleep in what is essentially fluffy plastic. Natural fibers which allow moisture to move away from the skin are 100% my preference for all my bedding.

Same! I don't even like fleece linings in coats because they're just nasty! And I don't find them to be particularly warm either.

I'm still using a 7 tog duvet (and have the windows open) so I'm probably not the target audience. Cotton bedding all the way imo.


QuestionableMouse · 10/10/2022 16:48

Sounds incredibly wasteful too. All those sheets going in the bin every year. Terrible.

My cotton stuff is 15+ years old and still decent!


darisdet · 10/10/2022 16:53

I do like brushed flannel for spring and early autumn, cotton for summer. Our house is freezing, though, even in summer.


dontgosummer · 10/10/2022 17:01

I also love my fleecy bed set .. think it was from B&M , not on yet will keep that for when it drops down a bit more


GasPanic · 10/10/2022 17:07

Blocked · 10/10/2022 14:53

Would it though? Fleece pyjamas dry really quickly.


I forgot that when people say "fleece" they normally mean polyester. Which is one of my tips for not needing the tumble dryer as much - make sure all your clothes are polyester.


Favouritefruits · 10/10/2022 17:19

If I had fleece bedding I’d spend the night dripping in sweat and unable to sleep I like a nice breathable cotton I can’t even be done with poly cotton.


hattie43 · 10/10/2022 17:29

Best thing ever for cold nights .

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