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Unpleasant dogs

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Revolvingwhore · 25/09/2022 19:37

Walking my puppy this weekend I have bumped into two different people with what can only be described as unpleasant dogs.

The first one was very reasonable, a clearly responsible owner who quickly put her dog on a lead and changed direction. We bumped into her again later and her dog muzzled wanted to attack us, it was very aggressive. She did everything she could to stop this though. She was very apologetic and I felt sorry for her having to be hyper vigilant all the time.

The second owner had an alsation who bared its teeth at us and tried to lunge. We hung back and, mystifyingly, she slowed down. We changed route and she seeme to follow us. I couldn't understand this. She looked at us as though we were being unreasonable.

Both dogs seemed very unpleasant and it just made me wonder how people with dogs who are aggressive feel about being out and about with them, about having people over to their houses. Do people feel stuck with them, or do they still get pleasure with a dog they have to muzzle.

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BeanieTeen · 26/09/2022 20:22

I could understand where you’re coming from, but since you now actually have a dog I think you need to wise up a bit - you sound a bit clueless regarding dogs. Some might just not like other dogs. Some might just be reactive in certain spaces - they may feel less nervous and react less in a big field than on a tight pavement or vice versa. Some dogs are actually more reactive on a lead than off it. Some dogs are territorial and hate strangers coming into their homes but love being petted by strangers on a walk. Some react more with one owner than the other, or with accompanying children, because they are protective. Just because a dog reacted negatively to you and your puppy doesn’t mean they are difficult all the time and some kind of ‘sentence’ for the owner.
Many rescue dogs are reactive, understandably. People choose to adopt knowing this, and take on dogs they know will be difficult to walk, but it’s worth it to them and quite frankly bloody good of them. As opposed to simply buying a puppy as you have done. So get changed out of your judgy pants.


RIPWalter · 26/09/2022 20:23

CatGrins · 25/09/2022 19:47

Also lots of dogs just don't like puppies!

My dog is nearly 6 and he absolutely loves puppies, I offer him up for playdate walkies with puppies to help with socialising. His stamina for rough play and chasing is definetly (finally) starting to slow up, he has to take breathers these days.

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