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In thinking pyjamas and nightwear are a waste of money? (Light hearted)

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Floogal · 25/09/2022 16:32

All the recent talk about saving money has got me thinking. Why spend money on PJ's and nightwear, when you can just sleep in t shirt and pants? Does pretty much same thing

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Banana2079 · 25/09/2022 16:34

I stopped Byinh pyjamas even the Primark ones are expensive now
I just throw on Pair of old cotton shorts T-shirt or a scraggly baggy dress that’s no longer good for outside .. or a long T-shirt

Myotherdogsaballboy · 25/09/2022 16:36

I agree on t shirts but id not be warm enough in pants. If you are I say go for it. I buy either pj sets from Sainsbury's which are about £14 or bottoms and cheap long sleeved tee shirts . I've had the same pairs for 5years. They don't seem to wear out

XenoBitch · 25/09/2022 16:37

Nah, in winter, I need proper PJs in bed. A t-shirt and pants wont cut it. Even my dog needs PJs in the winter

girlmom21 · 25/09/2022 16:38

I sleep in underwear but wear pyjamas to lounge around in the evenings 🙈

BigFatLiar · 25/09/2022 16:40

When I was younger I had some pretty little nighties but they weren't for sleeping in😉

Midnights · 25/09/2022 16:40

I sleep naked, but wear cute sets of pjs around the house after work before bed 😂 they're an essential! Can't wear work clothes in the evening, or even wfh clothes, need to change into a matching pj set and then I can relax. It's totally not normal and rather expensive, but cannot break the habit 😂

Dogsgottabone · 25/09/2022 16:42

I wear vest and pants all year round. I do like soft jogging bottoms for wearing around the house before bed though.

Get straight into gym gear as soon as I wake up so wouldn't wear any first thing

DesdemonaThreethree · 25/09/2022 16:44

Isn't some people's variation on this theme that of 'doing the school run/going to Asda in their pyjamas'?

OrigamiOwls · 25/09/2022 16:48

I'd freeze in pants and a t-shirt!

LilacPoppy · 25/09/2022 16:50

I guess yoga pants would be ok but cost more money.

girlfriend44 · 25/09/2022 16:51

In the summer you don't need them at all.

Sparklesocks · 25/09/2022 16:52

It’s all relative isn’t it, depends who you ask and what your spending preferences are. Why buy flowers when you can just grow your own? Why buy a coffee out when you can bring a flask?

I like PJs because they are comfy and make me feel cosy in a way a dog eared old tee doesn’t. Putting them on puts me in a winding down mode ready for bed.

Kite22 · 25/09/2022 16:54

Well I'm not sure how you are saving if you are still at some point having to have bought a 'night time t-shirt'. In essence, that's what a night shirt is.

Plus, I am happy for others in my house / the postman / the parcel delivery driver to see me in my PJs or nightshirt when needed, but I'm not sure I'd want to inflict me in my pants upon any of them.

TitInATrance · 25/09/2022 17:02

I buy one-size-bigger T-shirts in the sale to use as tops, but proper thick cotton bottoms for winter. Looser around the crotch than pants, so more comfortable - and warmer.

StellaAndCrow · 25/09/2022 17:03

T-shirts (plus long sleeved T if cold) plus joggers. My dad always says he can't tell whether I'm dressed or ready for bed!

EnglishGirlApproximately · 25/09/2022 17:08

I spend more on Pyjamas than any other clothing 😁 Don't sleep in them though they're purely for lounging!

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal · 25/09/2022 17:11

I love silk pyjamas. They're very expensive so I only buy them when I can find them in a sale, but they're as comfortable as being naked, but keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's not.

Simonjt · 25/09/2022 17:11

I don’t wear anything to bed, but I do have shorts to wear around the flat instead of pjs. They’re generally nike shorts, so pjs would be cheaper.

vodkaredbullgirl · 25/09/2022 17:13

No I wear pj's for work.

MrsSkylerWhite · 25/09/2022 17:13

Do sleep in t shirt already but live in my pyjamas in the house. Get changed into them as soon as I get home, whatever the time of day. Will swap for a onesie as it gets colder.

balalake · 25/09/2022 17:13

I am imagining a dog in pyjamas!!

mydogisthebest · 25/09/2022 17:14

I save lots of money by never buying PJ's, nighties or any other clothing to sleep in.

I just can't wear anything in bed. It's too uncomfortable. Nighties ride up as do PJ tops or any tops.

Never cold in bed even with just a 4.5 tog duvet all year round and the heating not on overnight.

Abraxan · 25/09/2022 17:14

I probably get more wear out of my PJs than any other item of clothes.
I change into them when I get in from work during the week, and love to lounge in them.

MattDamon · 25/09/2022 17:25

I wear a vest with a built-in bra and leggings or light joggers. I do love nice PJs but agree they feel like a waste of money.

TooMuchToDoTooLittleInclination · 25/09/2022 17:26

I like the idea of Pj's - proper jacket style button up ones!! In (like I saw written on here once) wincy-yet 😂😂but the bottoms are always miles too long & I can never find any, so called, 3/4 length (full length on me) same with the soft ones or lounge wear. So if I wear anything it's a loose tshirt & if really cold, leggings. But mostly just a pair of pants or nothing.

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