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In thinking pyjamas and nightwear are a waste of money? (Light hearted)

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Floogal · 25/09/2022 16:32

All the recent talk about saving money has got me thinking. Why spend money on PJ's and nightwear, when you can just sleep in t shirt and pants? Does pretty much same thing

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bellabasset · 25/09/2022 17:27

I do the same as@StellaAndCrow and buy joggers to wear round the house/ bed with a T shirt. Have probably about 8 pairs. It's because PJ'S are too short and we had no heating one winter.

Branleuse · 25/09/2022 17:28

I love pyjamas.
Of course you can wear a tshirt and pants or sleep naked if you prefer, but unless its middle of summer then i get cold at night and sleep better in pyjamas

TooMuchToDoTooLittleInclination · 25/09/2022 17:28

bellabasset · 25/09/2022 17:27

I do the same as@StellaAndCrow and buy joggers to wear round the house/ bed with a T shirt. Have probably about 8 pairs. It's because PJ'S are too short and we had no heating one winter.


Too short? I could give you the spare 6" off the bottom of mine 😂😂

ditavonteesed · 25/09/2022 17:38

Pyjamas make me happy ina way that day clothes do not.

RoseAylingEllisFanClub · 25/09/2022 17:47

I sleep in DH’s old t-shirts (oversized, well-worn and thus soft and comfy) and old leggings (mine!) as well if it gets cold. A decent t-shirt and leggings always accompany me to hotels so I can escape respectably in the middle of the night if the fire alarm goes! Both avoid the dreaded ride-up - can’t stand nighties, or PJ legs riding up or twisting themselves round my legs! Alternatively M&S sleep bras and sleep vests can be worn for either lounging or sleeping. I wear them a lot as sometimes they’re more comfy than a conventional bra, when you feel you need it.

Little trainer socks for summer wear do double duty as bedsocks in the winter (plus they’re easy to kick off once my feet are warm). We get maximum use out of everything. I had a lovely little thin t-shirt that was new about 2003. I stopped wearing it out about 2007, but continued to wear it as a night top, even as holes began to appear in it. I gave up on it last year - no longer wearable, but still enough fabric for DH to use as a couple of bike rags.

25jaffacakes · 25/09/2022 17:59

I probably get hundreds of wears out of my pjs, and they’re cheap supermarket ones to start with. Probably the best value clothing I own! If I wanted to economise I’d start with occasion wear.

Sleeptightnightlight · 25/09/2022 18:09

I wear my daytime clothes much less thus reducing wear on them and cost of washing by wearing pjs as much as possible (work from home most of the time). And pjs are cheaper than regular clothes.

So for me ditching the pjs would be a false economy.

mogsrus · 25/09/2022 18:23

Too warm for me, & find restricted, so nothing at all & summer duvet all yr round

DramaAlpaca · 25/09/2022 18:23

I don't even possess a pair of pjs. I don't wear them, they are too bulky and I get far too hot in them thanks to the menopause.

gnilliwdog · 25/09/2022 18:24

Can do without PJs but dressing gown is essential.

OutDamnedSpot · 25/09/2022 18:27

I think you’re misunderstanding what PJs are for. They’re not for sleeping in. They’re to get comfy in after work but before bed.

LionessesRules · 25/09/2022 18:29

I need something to wear over my pants when I roll out of bed and come downstairs before getting dressed properly.
Since my current, non PJ, choices are jeans or work trousers I buy PJ bottoms. I could equally buy leggings or joggers or yoga pants, but they tend to be more expensive.

Crotonifolia · 25/09/2022 18:44

Oh, I love my PJs! I tuck the top into the bottoms so that not an inch gets cold overnight. It's very attractive, as you can imagine 😅

TitsInAbsentia · 25/09/2022 22:22

It's too hot in here all summer to wear any but in the winter pjs are essential! In fact I'd say to anyone with worries about heating this winter a decent set of pjs would be a good investment, along with a hot water bottle or two. I mean yes you could just layer up some old tshirts and leggings but I don't think they'd be as comfy as proper pjs.

Sunnytwobridges · 25/09/2022 22:48

I used to love pajamas and night gowns. But they became too expensive to buy so over time I started wearing shorts and a tank top/leggings to bed which I already had to work out in. Now I only wear a tank top and underwear as I get too hot to wear pants and a T-shirt now

Lakalla · 25/09/2022 23:01

I buy all my pjs in the sales 🤷🏻‍♀️

CongratulationsBeautiful · 25/09/2022 23:04

I wear PJs in the winter and I love them - they're like a little bit of self-care for me - my little indulgence!

elm26 · 25/09/2022 23:05

I get in from work, bath or shower and then straight into PJs for the evening but I sleep naked even in the winter.

YourWinter · 25/09/2022 23:11

Usually I sleep in a loose t-shirt or vest and knickers. When it’s cold enough to not want bare legs I like satin pyjama trousers because they’re slippery and I can turn over easily. If I wear brushed cotton PJs they get twisted and rucked up when I turn over. I don’t wear satin trousers except to sleep in so YABU!

Lemaj5 · 21/10/2022 14:25

Our two boys hate pj’s it’s a battle to get them to wear them so we’ve just brought packs of shorts & t shirt sets which work out cheaper than pjs anyway & they will wear them if it’s really cold. Our 10 year old daughter hates them too prefers night dresses which I do buy her. We have recently ditched towels too, because it’s recommended you replace them every two years we’ve just use bathrobes now & replace them when they need it this also works out cheaper & warmer, we have one hung each up in the bathroom & one each hung in bedrooms, I’ve found bath robes ideal to use after swimming too to keep warm. We have also started buying unisex bikes & scooters so we can pass down to next child & because our kids have dust mite allergies we’ve also ditched duvet covers & now buy seasonal cover less duvets, cheaper, easier to deal with & more hygienic. Every little cut back helps with the current price hikes.

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