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To ask when you stopped dressing your toddler in an under layers?

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Feelfreetocallme · 20/09/2022 22:41

Confused.. So when you dress a baby you put a vest on then a top but when do you stop this? I’m still putting a vest on my 18 month old under her jumpers or dresses or whatever. She’s just had a growth spurt so about to go shopping. Do I need to buy new vests? I mean the ones that button up around the nappy. Thanks.

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LaaDeeDaaa · 20/09/2022 22:44

I started using the normal vests when they started potty training.

My children wore vests until they started wearing bras instead. Although one of them still wears a vest as well.

Oinkypig · 20/09/2022 22:45

Stop the button vests when they don’t wear nappies or have started pull ups for the purpose of potty training

TheLightSideOfTheMoon · 20/09/2022 22:45

Stopped at about a year old I think.

I hated them, though. Awkward poppery fuckers.

Yazo · 20/09/2022 22:45

Don't see why not, I just bought some for my 9 year old..not the popper variety!

Buttons aren't very comfy on skin and it's coming into winter so handy to have another layer

MinnieMouseclubhouse · 20/09/2022 22:47

Mine has just turned 2 and I still use them sometimes. Not buying any new ones though as hoping to potty train soon.

Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow · 20/09/2022 22:54

Like a pp I stopped the button vests once they were potty trained by mine still wear vests in the autumn/winter.

Mariposista · 20/09/2022 23:18

Live in a hot country so this has never been an issue apart from a couple of months in the winter. We usually have the opposite problem - how few clothes can we get away with.

TheLette · 20/09/2022 23:20

I used them for my first daughter until she was 2 ish. Second daughter only wears them at night, can't be bothered with the faff / inability to easily check her nappy 😂. Perhaps more essential if you live somewhere super cold? I would avoid buying loads of unnecessary stuff simply because you'll only have to store it for future children or give it away and then you'll wonder why on earth you have 28 vests aged 2-3...

Northernsoullover · 20/09/2022 23:23

I wear vests. I'm 50 🙂. Not in the summer but in winter. It's much nicer to have another layer before your clothing.

jgjgjgjgjg · 20/09/2022 23:35

Never used vests. I don't wear vests myself so it didn't occur to me to dress my children in them either. I just dressed an appropriate number of layers of clothing for the temperature, as I would myself.

NuffSaidSam · 20/09/2022 23:39

I'd use a popper vest when it's really cold until they're potty trained. It keeps them much warmer than just layers because you don't get the gap between tops and bottoms and that makes a massive difference.

piegone · 20/09/2022 23:40

In summer?

Seriously though, I chose their clothes based on the weather not their age.

Chattycathydoll · 20/09/2022 23:41

Until potty trained, otherwise she was liable to wiggle the nappy off.

jumperfromasda · 20/09/2022 23:42

We used popper vests at night time up until 3 years because they helped to keep the nappy in place, but since then DS rarely does much in his nappy at night time and finding vests to fit was difficult so we dropped them altogether. He hasn't worn them during the day since we started potty training

eddiemairswife · 20/09/2022 23:45

I'm old. When I was young Winters were cold, so the only times I didn't wear a vest were on very hot summer days.

Oceanrudeness · 21/09/2022 00:15

My 20ish month old stopped wearing them when it got a bit warmer, in about April I think. He'll wear them again over the winter. My 3.5ish year old was potty trained in March and hasn't worn a vest since.

Glitterblue · 21/09/2022 00:16

Until potty training. I just feel they keep the nappy in place and keep everything together.

HorseInTheHouse · 21/09/2022 00:31

Yep, until potty training for the baby vests that button under the nappy.

Mine still wear ordinary vests except in summer but they are probably in the minority.

LordMooey · 21/09/2022 03:27

How do you feel about poppered vests, OP? Are they useful or a pain? We always seem to reach a natural point where the value of having a little tummy neatly covered and warm is suddenly outweighed by the annoyance of having to faff about with the vest for a nappy change or potty trip.

NumberTheory · 21/09/2022 03:49

Never used the popper ones as vests, just as the top they wore with something warmer over if they were cold. Stopped using them around a year old and went over to t-shirts, mainly with cardigans/jumpers/coats if it was cold. I couldn’t see the point in a vest. Houses are generally much warmer now so kids, even youngsters, don’t really need two layers as standard.

TabascoAddict · 21/09/2022 04:12

The main argument in favour is that they keep the kid's belly or back covered, since the small tops tend to roll upwards when running, playing, rolling.
Trousers and skirts are never tight enough to keep the top tucked in and soon or later, the top is up

StClare101 · 21/09/2022 04:34

I used ordinary vests in winter until they were about three. No idea why I stopped! I don’t think it was a conscious thought, but I think it might have been the move to proper bedding from sleeping bags.

KangarooKenny · 21/09/2022 06:47

I used the vests with poppers to hold nappies up, so moved onto normal vests when potty training.
They stopped wearing vests when they chose to, sometime in primary school.

SunshineLollipopsRainbow · 21/09/2022 15:28

Mine was in 18-23 months vests at 2y 4m when I started potty training (spring/summer) so didn't buy any more vests and he just wore t shirts etc but I have now bought non popper vests to go under t shirts/long sleeved tops/jumpers over autumn winter but haven't started using them yet.

FlounderingFruitcake · 21/09/2022 15:32

Mine is currently 19 months and stopped this summer as it was too hot for 2 tops. This winter he’ll wear t shirts under his jumpers, not the poppered ones. I find them a bit annoying for nappy changes and also reusing the summer t shirts that still fit means no need to buy anything new.

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