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To ask, what’s your favourite aftershave?

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Highlandbrow · 20/09/2022 19:12

I want to get DH a new aftershave/cologne, he doesn’t usually wear it but has hinted he might like one.

I haven’t bought fragrance for so long apart from in an airport and it seems you can’t just rock up to Boots and spray hundreds anymore, you need to ask so need some indication of what smells nice!

So please can I have some ideas?

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Icouldbehappy · 20/09/2022 19:13

Old school, maybe, but it sends shivers down my spine 😂

FoxyLoxSox · 20/09/2022 19:18

Love Issy Miyake, the other original man’s one. I had a lovely ex that would wear it and I have been guilty of having a good old sniff of it in an airport or Boots or whatever. Just as a little reminder 🤣

it’s crisp and clean and gorgeous.

Sparklingbrook · 20/09/2022 19:21

Icouldbehappy · 20/09/2022 19:13

Old school, maybe, but it sends shivers down my spine 😂

OMG that stuff does things to me. Oh the memories!

Teaanddoghair · 20/09/2022 19:23

Millions By Paco Roban or Invictus by Paco Roban (sorry if it's bad spelling 😂)

FrankLampardsBrokenHand · 20/09/2022 19:24

Creed Aventus or Paco Rabanne One Million.

Spudina · 20/09/2022 19:26

Do they still make Eternity? That used to be my favourite. Yes to the ones mentioned above also. I wish my DH would wear it.....

Hintofreality · 20/09/2022 19:27

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is pure sex in a bottle.

Nothingclever · 20/09/2022 19:28

Agree with Issey Myake. A really fresh, clean smell

MatterOfThyme · 20/09/2022 19:29

Have you smelt Eau de Baux by l'Occitane? So hot!

knickersniff · 20/09/2022 19:30

I'm a sucker for Chanel Blu , then it was my 12 year olds birthday last week and I bought him a couple from Next , they are lovely .

Tinktravels · 20/09/2022 19:31

Mont blanc explorer I think it's called 😍😍

luckylavender · 20/09/2022 19:31

Eau Sauvage.

Ridingthegravytrain · 20/09/2022 19:32

Eternity for men. Mmmmm

SquirrelSoShiny · 20/09/2022 19:33

Cool Water. I was an impressionable age but it blended with cigarette smoke and vodka transports me back in time...

Coastalcreeksider · 20/09/2022 19:33

Eau Sauvage

waitingforthesun101 · 20/09/2022 19:33

Gentleman givenchy 😍

2pinkginsplease · 20/09/2022 19:35

Fahrenheit is my favourite however an ex wore it and so I’ve never bought dh it.

he wears Boss and smells amazing,

Jubaju · 20/09/2022 19:36

Chanel blu is amazing but really expensive now.
the new Guerlain ones are lovely and worth testing

Ahhhhhbisto · 20/09/2022 19:37

Jean paul gaultier le good.

RewildingAmbridge · 20/09/2022 19:37

Hugo boss, Hugo Man (not to be confused with Boss man) has real early dating DH vibes for me so I love it.
Also like Tom ford Oud something or other.

When I was a teenager it was all about Jean Paul gaultier le male in the blue striped torso bottle. Smelling that makes me feel like I'm about 15!

Chelsea26 · 20/09/2022 19:41

It does depend on the man though - my ex smelt amazing wearing Paul Smith Extreme but it does nothing for me out of the bottle or on my colleague who wears it.

Invictus from above is seconded - DP wears that

15 year old me loved Fahrenheit

yonce · 20/09/2022 19:45

Creed Aventus definitely, Mont Blanc is actually really really nice and tbh Dior Sauvage smells lovely too! Le Labo do lots of nice scents too, Santal and Le Noir are great and more unusual to smell on people I find.

LittleLottle · 20/09/2022 19:46

Chanel Bleu

TheWayOfTheWorld · 20/09/2022 19:47

Another vote for Issy Miyake ❤️

Surplus2requirements · 20/09/2022 19:52

No votes for Old Spice then? 🤔😀

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