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To ask if you've found a natural deodorant that actually works?

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LemonDrop22 · 13/09/2022 19:07

I know this should really be in style & beauty or green living but ... Slow boards

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KimberleyClark · 13/09/2022 19:09

Mitchum Natural Power seems to work.

Mushroomlady · 13/09/2022 19:12

I LOVE Weledas citrus deodorant. I think it's citrus. It has a green label.

applespearsbears · 13/09/2022 19:12

We use salt of the earth, brilliant

bumbledeedum · 13/09/2022 19:15

Second salt of the earth. Also your nature

Neverendingdust · 13/09/2022 19:18

The rock crystal ones you wet from H&B

Delabruche · 13/09/2022 19:26

I loved Salt of the Earth but recently it doesn't seem as effective. Can your body get used to it?

NannyR · 13/09/2022 19:32

I've used a Crystal rock deodorant for years and it works brilliantly (for me), it doesn't stop you sweating but it keeps me completely odour free. A rock lasts for years too so it's eco friendly and economical.

Theonewiththecandles · 13/09/2022 19:46

Depends on how natural you want it, but as a v sweaty person usually I've found Wild to be brilliant

Salamander44 · 13/09/2022 20:04

I loved Salt of the Earth but recently it doesn't seem as effective. Can your body get used to it?

Yes, I believe this can happen… seems to be the case for me anyway, so I have 2 or 3 different types that I switch between from time to time. I also like the Dr Organic rose one.

AloysiusBear · 13/09/2022 20:06

I have never found any that are effectively as anti perspirants. I still sweat when using any of the ones eg Wild etc.

AFineBalance · 13/09/2022 20:06

made in Wales. Plastic free


Spudina · 13/09/2022 20:07

I think Wild works. I’m a bit allergic to the one I have so I don’t use it a lot. They have since brought out a sensitive version.

Iluvperegrines · 13/09/2022 20:09

I’ve not gone the natural route however if you just need something effective - I’ve discovered the L’Oréal men’s antiperspirant is brilliant and dealt with that post deodorant smell mixed with body odour.

HousePlantNeglect · 13/09/2022 20:10

Pit Rock. Either the crystal or the spray worked for me after about a week of my body getting used to it.

The Crystal is also good for using less packaging as it lasts for ages and ages BUT I kept dropping mine and it broke.

I just tried Fussy as they are refillable but I’m not impressed as I smell a bit which is really annoying.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea · 13/09/2022 20:10

Nuud is great. Even my 15 year old doesn't actually smell. From the arm pits anyway, his room has teenage boy stench but the pits don't pong. Also like Awake Organics Moon Goo.

LemonMuffins · 13/09/2022 20:13

I use Salt of the Earth as I'm allergic to everything else. The sprays are OK on slow moving days. I find the roll on better for work days. I might try the solid next time and see which is best. It won't stop you sweating though, only helps with the stink aspect.

I wanted to try Wild but I think it has bicarb in it which gives me a horrible itchy rash.

I used to use Dr Organic and might go back to them for a bit as I think it's slightly more effective.

DottyLittleRainbow · 13/09/2022 20:16

Wild. All the scents are lovely. You can even buy it in sainsburys and boots. Even works for my husband!!

LabiaMinoraPissusFlapus · 13/09/2022 20:21

Aurelia is good. I have had brief success with some, including salt of the earth, but then seem to become immune to them.

SweetsAndChocolates · 13/09/2022 20:22

Wild- works really well

byvirtue · 13/09/2022 20:43

I don’t rate wild it irritates and barely lasts 12 hours

NumptiesIncorporated · 13/09/2022 20:44

I love nuud. Apply it and it's effective for about five days. A tiny tube lasts months. It's amazing.

Verbena87 · 13/09/2022 20:49

Fussy works, but only the ‘wide awake’ scent and it leaves greasy/waxy residue on my tops so I’ve stopped. Really annoying.

DotBall · 13/09/2022 20:49


You can choose to subscribe or buy as you go. I’m still on my first one after 9 weeks, pretty impressed tbh. The range of scents are lovely. I got the case plus two sticks to start with at the start of July and have just ordered three new ones. That’s me sorted for the next 8 or 9 months I reckon.

adagio · 13/09/2022 20:51

I don’t rate wild smells too strong for me and felt like it would clog your pores, really dense and sticky. Bionsen was also too perfumed in my view, better texture and seemed to work tho.

I use pitrok gold top roll-on and never smell, still sweat but no smell. I do smell (in fairness not much) if I exercise without using it so I assume that means it works.

I do scrub with a scrubby glove every day in the shower and did what it said on the pack to give it ten days or so to let your body get used to non aluminium formula before deciding if it worked ok for me.

Switched to it when I was breastfeeding the baby 9 years ago and read an article on how aluminium is really bad and poor baby was obviously spending a lot of time at close quarters to my armpit 😂

KyrieEleison · 13/09/2022 20:54

Make your own - it works!

Beeswax, bicarb, coconut oil and cornstarch with an essential oil of your choice.

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