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user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 09:21

Sorry, I am probably being unreasonable to ask, but....

We have the offer of free tickets for Bear Grylls Adventure in Birmingham. I have an 8 year old who would like to do the high ropes and climbing. The website says 9 and 9 years old must be accompanied on the activity by an adult.

I AM TOO PODGY TO DO THIS AND WAY TOO UNFIT! My 8 year old loves high ropes and climbing and will be great. Me waddling my way around will not be any help at all.

Has anyone done these activities with an 8 year old and did you have to actually take part or can I just buy an activity ticket and watch???

Please and thank you.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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underneaththeash · 12/09/2022 09:32

You do have to part part. They won't let him on without you. Can you ask someone else to go up with him?

Has he done high ropes before? They are really're better off starting with the junior course at Go Ape.

user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 09:34

Oh bloody hell. No other adult and he has done high ropes before and skips round like a tumble mountain goat! I will be too heavy for the weight restrictions.

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user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 09:35

Nimble. Not tumble

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user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 09:36

But thank you for your answer. I was hoping they might take a view on the day. The other option is that I lie about his age. He is tall. I never lie about his age but... This seems madness.

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MrsWooster · 12/09/2022 09:37

Are you sure about the weight limit-I was on a treetop nets version of this at well north of 16st and got round fine -and I’m far from nimble!

user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 09:41

I about about 16 stone but I know I can't do the high ropes. I'm way too slow and scared of the zip wire etc. Ditto climbing - obvs I can't climb because I'm super unfit. I don't see how having an unfit, unsporty parent will help a struggling 8 year old? (My 8 year old will be just fine - he's super fit and sporty ;-) )

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Immaterialatthispoint · 12/09/2022 09:49

The weight limit is about 20.5stone. 130kg.

user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 09:51

@Immaterialatthispoint that is helpful! What if I'm just not actually fit enough to do it though? I 100% can't do a climbing wall.

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BacktoSlack · 12/09/2022 09:51

If you feel happy and confident in your child's abilities then I'd just lie about his age.

Your child, your risk?

user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 09:52

Also, he will be going up with his sibling (who is way less confident but over the age of 10!!) So I'm not sending him up alone.

OP posts:
user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 09:54

@BacktoSlack Yes. The main thing is that I don't want my children to know I'm lying (we don't lie about things and I don't want to teach them that it's ok sometimes). Which makes me a massive hypocrite because I am thinking it's ok to lie!! Argh.

You know when you KNOW your child and their abilities and you know that arbitrary age cut offs don't always make sense. Height restrictions make much more sense to me.

OP posts:
nonevernotever · 12/09/2022 10:04

I wouldn't lie about his age. Partly for the reasons you've given, but also because if anything did happen and your son was badly injured (or his actions led to someone else being injured), the centre's liability insurance wouldn't cover you. It's just not worth the risk in my view.

Jules198 · 12/09/2022 10:07

Just ho for it, youll be fine x

Jules198 · 12/09/2022 10:07

*go 😂

user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 10:09

@nonevernotever You mention some of the things I always worry about!! (although nothing bad has ever happened, but it could...!!)

OP posts:
3WildOnes · 12/09/2022 10:10

You really don't need a high-level of fitness it is not hard at all.

Unexpecteddrivinginstructor · 12/09/2022 10:14

Do you know anyone with much older siblings who might be willing to go with him? Or maybe a uni student who is into climbing who you could pay a bit of babysitting money to? We are nowhere near you but if we were this is the sort of thing dd would love to do for a tenner!

Net123456 · 12/09/2022 10:29

Is there an option to pay for an instructor to accompany them? The one near me if the child is under a certain age they must be accompanied by a responsible adult and if not you pay for a member of staff to do it with them

OldTinHat · 12/09/2022 10:32

Oh, OP! Your post has brought back a memory of when my DSs were a similar age, I a similar weight, and we went to Go Ape. I remember them skipping and leaping about and me hugging a tree about 40ft in the air and sobbing with my eyes screwed shut, completely frozen!

I can laugh about it now!

Tbh, although I would never do anything like it again, it was an amazing day with my boys and the zip lines were the best part! The faces of people way below as this crazy fat woman flew through the trees above their heads yelling 'wahooooooooo!' was brilliant!

I think you can do it, OP. If I can, anyone can! Do it at your own pace and your DC will love you for it.

Fozzleyplum · 12/09/2022 10:41

Don't lie about his age - it could have all sorts of legal repercussions if anything went wrong, plus they have a age limit for a reason.

I'm sure you'll be fine if you go on with him. I've accompanied my DC on similar activities and they are fine for anyone with a reasonable level of physical functioning and no medical conditions that would present a risk. You don't have to be particularly fit.

Having said that, the ones I have been on (Go Ape) would not be suitable for anyone who hates heights or is very uncoordinated. I found it somewhat nerve-wracking when I was trying to supervise my extremely gung ho DS, even though I had no physical issues at all!

BobLemon · 12/09/2022 10:57

OP, I see a lot of people encouraging you to join in.

please be reminded of the MN adage: “No” is a full sentence.

NoYouSirName · 12/09/2022 11:08

I’d just lie, but you’d have to tell him, as if he’s asked he’ll need to say he’s nine!

user5587553798654345678 · 12/09/2022 11:59

I’ve booked for February and aim to be a bit thinner. I definitely can’t do the climbing but have booked shooting (for me and older child) and high ropes (for both children but if I HAVE to do it I will and older child will miss out. (Free tickets with the sun).

I’m ok with heights. I 100% couldn’t do the climbing wall!!!

OP posts:
Worldgonecrazy · 12/09/2022 12:08

You don’t actually have to do any climbing, you can just put the gear on and give encouragement from below, as long as you are in with him.

However he is too young so it’s a no go anyway, unless you can defer the tickets.

You might be able to swap high roses to something else, maybe shooting or archery?

The best but is the assault course, and it would be a shame to miss that. Is there any way a fitter adult could join you when he is old enough?

Maybe try doing some you tube fitness videos? Three months is long enough to get fit.

Pootles34 · 12/09/2022 12:11

Could you go to a climbing wall/club type thing with your boy a few times before then? Would increase your fitness, and be a fabulous thing to do together.

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