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Am I going mad? Please help :(

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Fluffysheep12345 · 12/09/2022 00:34

This has been happening for a while but I ignored it because I had other things going on health-wise. But today at work it was particularly embarrassing and I’m starting to worry that I’m going mad.

I keep saying the wrong word for things. It’s just random words and not all the time, it usually happens maybe 5-7 times a week but today it happened 5 times at work alone! Eg,

-I went to tell a customer that I would ask the manager. Instead I told them I would ask the table.
-I tried to say I was going to get my water, instead I said I was going to get my watermelon
-I said I was going to eat fish for dinner, instead i said I was going to eat at pencils for dinner
-I tried to say to someone ‘I fully understand why you are upset’ instead I said ‘I fully why understand you’re upset’
-I tried to say has anyone seen my pen and accidentally said has anyone seen my puppy

am I going mad? This has only been a problem in the last year or two and nothing seems to trigger it (I’m not tired or stressed). It happens equally inside and outside of work. I get headaches a lot and had a particular awful one today so I’m wondering if that maybe made it a bit worse than normal.

I wasn’t upset or embarrassed about it before because it wasn’t a frequent thing and I just thought it was a daft habit I had, but it’s getting a bit embarrassing now! The words I say accidentally don’t usually have any link to the correct words and it’s not like they’re in my head. As soon as I’ve said it I realise straight away it’s wrong and I correct it but it’s obviously not ideal.

what is going on?! Is there anything I can do to stop this or am I actually going mad?!

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Riseabove · 20/09/2022 10:55

Have you booked to see the GP yet op?

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