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Am I going mad? Please help :(

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Fluffysheep12345 · 12/09/2022 00:34

This has been happening for a while but I ignored it because I had other things going on health-wise. But today at work it was particularly embarrassing and I’m starting to worry that I’m going mad.

I keep saying the wrong word for things. It’s just random words and not all the time, it usually happens maybe 5-7 times a week but today it happened 5 times at work alone! Eg,

-I went to tell a customer that I would ask the manager. Instead I told them I would ask the table.
-I tried to say I was going to get my water, instead I said I was going to get my watermelon
-I said I was going to eat fish for dinner, instead i said I was going to eat at pencils for dinner
-I tried to say to someone ‘I fully understand why you are upset’ instead I said ‘I fully why understand you’re upset’
-I tried to say has anyone seen my pen and accidentally said has anyone seen my puppy

am I going mad? This has only been a problem in the last year or two and nothing seems to trigger it (I’m not tired or stressed). It happens equally inside and outside of work. I get headaches a lot and had a particular awful one today so I’m wondering if that maybe made it a bit worse than normal.

I wasn’t upset or embarrassed about it before because it wasn’t a frequent thing and I just thought it was a daft habit I had, but it’s getting a bit embarrassing now! The words I say accidentally don’t usually have any link to the correct words and it’s not like they’re in my head. As soon as I’ve said it I realise straight away it’s wrong and I correct it but it’s obviously not ideal.

what is going on?! Is there anything I can do to stop this or am I actually going mad?!

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Am I being unreasonable?

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SingingWaffleDoggy · 12/09/2022 13:02

Sorry, didn’t read your post thoroughly, was rushing to get little one down for a nap.
If it’s an ongoing problem and you’re well rested and not under pressure it does sound like migraines but it’d be best to get it checked out by your GP

Fluffysheep12345 · 12/09/2022 13:12

thank you so much for all the advice! With saying the wrong words- as silly as it sounds, I just sort of ignored it and I always made excuses for it but it’s been going on for around a year and it’s getting worse now. This morning I tried to say to my friend ‘see you on Saturday’ and instead said ‘see you on January’ , it’s so embarrassing especially when the word is completely irrelevant and random

the headaches have been going on for years now so I’ve just sort of accepted them and live around them

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Tarkan · 12/09/2022 14:26

I get this and it's related to fibromyalgia/brain fog and silent migraines for me, and it could be the migraines with you but obviously checking with your GP to rule out other things as others have said is definitely the way to go.

We were once watching TV and a swan appeared in a shot and I went to exclaim "swan!" and somehow I shouted "bus!" at the TV instead. We make a joke out of it in our family now but it can be really confusing and embarrassing when you don't realise you've used the wrong word, especially when it's with people you don't know as well.

Laiste · 12/09/2022 14:51

One of my DDs suffers with migraine (24) and if/when one ocours at work she will call me to come and get her. (She can't drive with them as she gets nausea and visual disturbances as well).

When she calls me under these circs. she speaks 90% utter drivel! I know it's her and i know why she's calling and i just calmly tell her i'm on my way and leave asap.

See your GP obvs, OP, but for info. DD has been quite successful at managing hers with cutting out caffine and certain other foods. Bright lights for too long trigger them too. I wonder if you can spot any link between your speech episodes and what you were eating/doing?

Fluffygreenslippers · 12/09/2022 15:20

This used to happen to me all the time. Then it stopped as suddenly as it started.

Dizzywizz · 12/09/2022 17:04

Def go to your gp. I get this as part of my ms, it’s the ‘brain fog’ that causes it.

ParasiticMicrowasp · 12/09/2022 17:15

Another one for migraines. For me, it's like I can't make my tongue go to the right place in my mouth, so I'll say 'chalk' instead of 'talk' or 'udder' instead of 'other'. Do your word issues coincide with your headaches, by any chance?

Rainbowx · 12/09/2022 19:41

I have this and I suffer with migraine and sometimes it's like a TIA my brain says the word bit mouth says something completely different! It's awful most days funny smell up nose,eye twitches aura etc etc pls get checked

Fluffysheep12345 · 12/09/2022 19:54

The headaches sometimes coincide with it but not always and I get the word/confusion quite often even without headaches. The headaches probably make it worse though.

It’s the weirdest thing- I don’t feel confused and I don’t forget the words, I speak like normally but my brain just gets a random word mixed up. it takes me by surprise when it happens because I didn’t feel confused

sometimes the word is relevant to the conversation and other times it isn’t
like tonight, I told my dog that dinner is ready but instead I said Television is ready 🥴 no idea where TV came from it just randomly got changed from dinner

but then other times it is sort of relevant, eg i when I was getting petrol and went to ask what time was it open until (small talk with the cashier!) and accidentally said ‘what time is it petrol until’ so it was obviously in the back of my mind and just randomly came out

OP posts:
Opaljewel · 12/09/2022 19:58

Please still go to your doctor. Even if it is migraines, regardless if you're so young, those words you're replacing with don't sound like the word you are originally meaning to use.

Don't let the doctor dismiss you because of age. Insist on a scan.

Xiaoxiong · 12/09/2022 20:05

I just read a book by a neurologist describing this as a type of aphasia called anomia (difficulty finding the correct word) and in that case it was caused by a brain tumour.

Don't let them fob you off as being "just" a migraine, especially if it's getting worse. It might well be, but there are other causes of like head trauma, stroke, tumour, an infection or neural degeneration.

Purplemoons2827 · 12/09/2022 20:14

I get this too! I’ve never seen a doctor about it either and it’s been going on for years, but I do find it frustrating. Mine is worse currently and I think linked to tiredness as I have had a baby recently. I also have it with writing where I’ll be thinking ‘b’ for instance and instead my hand will just write a ‘t’. That happens a lot. No idea why!

SwimmingOnEggshells · 12/09/2022 20:26

Oh god. I have this, for years! It's stress. I find it happens when I'm thinking about something entirely different to what I'm talking about. I'm known for it!

I'm pretty sure I don't have a tumour.

SpiderinaWingMirror · 12/09/2022 21:07

I do similar. With me it's a leftover from having meningitis in my 20s I think.

MrsTeaShore · 12/09/2022 21:12

SwimmingOnEggshells · 12/09/2022 20:26

Oh god. I have this, for years! It's stress. I find it happens when I'm thinking about something entirely different to what I'm talking about. I'm known for it!

I'm pretty sure I don't have a tumour.

I have this too! Exactly the same situations.Glad it’s not just me 😅

Starfishswimmer · 12/09/2022 21:14

Yes deffo worth a go appointment
good luck op

Cheeseandwines · 12/09/2022 21:29

Go to GP and asked to be referred for a CT head.

Riseabove · 12/09/2022 22:12

It’s probably stress related, but please do get checked out by GP

Passthecake30 · 12/09/2022 22:17

I do it too, strangely I can hold many conversations at work but fluff up with words with my immediate family. I think it’s the menopause for me. Sometimes it’s worse than others, if I’m stressed for example

StarCourt · 13/09/2022 01:50

Op this describes me when I'm having a migraine

Mummadeze · 13/09/2022 03:18

It sometimes happens to me, but no way near with the regularity you have it. It is strange though, as I immediately think why have I said that too! Glad you are listening and will see the doctor. Best to be safe.

TheLadyofShalott1 · 13/09/2022 05:08

Of course your first port of call should be your GP and a CT scan OP.

Have you had Scarlet Fever, Covid, Flu etc?
In fact any viral (and maybe bacterial as well - I don't know about that) infection can lead to Fibromyalgia, which is also called Long Covid these days. The brain fog of post viral infections causes exactly the syptoms you describe. It can also cause unrelenting fatigue and chronic pain in various parts of the body, but everyone is different in the symptoms they present with.

However, in your case, if you are not getting any extra tiredness, weakness or tender spots on your body, I think that your brain fog is probably due to your headaches/migraines. But do please get an expert opinion, if your Dr doesn't suggest it himself, I think that you should ask to see a Consultant Neurologist at your nearest hospital.


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CuriousMama · 13/09/2022 10:44

Can you answer whether you're going to see the GP?

iwonttaketheeasyroad · 13/09/2022 11:00

I get this too and I suffer with migraines with aura. Definitely worse with stress. Go and see your GP ,

AssumingDirectControl · 13/09/2022 23:12

This could well be linked to migraine or something similar, but I too had a friend with these symptoms (headache, losing words) and sadly he was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer. That may be less likely OP but you really do need to get checked out.

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