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to want more than 1 buggy?

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bigbumhole · 05/01/2008 21:10

Ok, me and DP have 2 fab kids, DD1 who is 24 months and DD2 who is 8 weeks.

I am a SAHM so we live on 1 income (DPs) so money is tight but we're not painfully or horrifically poor (we have about £50 a week to live on after bills and mortgage payment)

Anyway, when i was pregnant i bought a 2nd hand Phil & Teds from our local newspaper (which i payed for).

The buggy is fab, its great for long days out and long trips etc, however i find it a bit bulky and i sometimes struggle to manage a big buggy and a walking toddler when DD1 decides she wants to walk (not that often).

I also find it a bit bulky when i nip to the shops with the kids or pop out for an hour as i have a tiny fiesta in which it fills my boot, i cant even put the parcel shelf on when its in there.

ANYWAY!!!!......i want a little stroller just to use when im popping out and about for short trips, or nipping here or there (and DD1 can walk), then use the big Phil and Teds for long haul trips or full days out with the kids where then both of them can have a seat each (DD1 still naps in the day)

DP thinks one buggy is enough and i should just make do with it. I feel its ME who has to deal with it all as im the stay at home parent and he works 12 hour days and is never around in the day time to wittiness how difficult it can be.

Am i being unreasonable in wanting a little run around buggy as well as having an expensive big double buggy?

Sorry for the long post, but i wanted you to get the full picture!!

OP posts:

bigbumhole · 05/01/2008 21:10

Ooooh forgot to say, i want the Britax Verve Buggy!

OP posts:

stripeymama · 05/01/2008 21:11


They can be picked up for under a tenner in the local papers usually. Get it with the Child Benefit - its what its for!


fireflyfairy2 · 05/01/2008 21:12

Isn't 8 weeks too young for a small buggy/stroller?


ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas · 05/01/2008 21:12

no not unreasonable at all. most people i know have 2 or 3 buggies for the simple reason that one buggy does not fit all your needs!


ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas · 05/01/2008 21:13

firefly you can get them from birth


Bouncingturtle · 05/01/2008 21:14

I can understand where your dp is coming from, but you can pick a stroller up really cheap. Have you a particular one in mind? Perhaps you need to look into them and actually get some costs you can present to your dp.
Tescos do one for £12.49.


NorthernLurker · 05/01/2008 21:14

YANBU - join freecycle and get one for free - dh can't say anything then!


fireflyfairy2 · 05/01/2008 21:15

I just googled that type & it's £129.99!

I had a mamas and papas until ds was 2 then bought a stroller for £19.99


ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas · 05/01/2008 21:15

the verve is from 6 months though


sweetkitty · 05/01/2008 21:15

I agree I have had 4 buggies and am currently hankering after a P&T for when DB3 is born but am still keeping my Maclaren as a single.

I don't think one buggy fits everyones needs it's yet to be invented.

You can pick up a little buggy very cheaply as well.

My DP never understnads either probably because he never has taken two children out on his own usually I am there and he walks with DD1 whilst I push DD2 in the buggy.


havalina · 05/01/2008 21:20

Nope YANBU I had 5 buggies at various times with dd, and I have already had 2 with ds, currently hankering after a stroller with one hand close, farking McClaren farking techno. But I will probably buy one of those cheap ones from argos. I haven't bought all the buggies, but I fear I should have researched the ones I did buy before hand.


crokky · 05/01/2008 21:24

YANBU! Having a buggy that doesn't suit your needs makes small things lots harder. I bought a small umbrella folding stroller for £49 and felt really guilty about it, also a [childless] family member chastised me for being wasteful when I bought it!! Then I found out that ALL of the other people in my antenatal class wanted to get a cheap little stroller as well. It is very common otherwise there would not be so many on the market. The £49 included the raincover and hood so that was the total cost of the lot!


Staceym21AtLast · 05/01/2008 21:25

nope not at all, when i got rid of my double i also had the intention of getting rid of the'big' single that hasnt been used since dd was small (my older dc) and only have the stroller, however i have found the bigger one easier t opush and not as heavy with shopping, so shall keep and when i pass my driving test the small one can stay in the car and i can keep the big one for walking!

so no YANBU!

although i know someone with 13 buggies, now i feel thats a little obsessive!


137wallis · 05/01/2008 21:27

I have more than 1 buggy as with a 2yrold and 7month old baby, and three older ones, theres not a single buggy that can do all things, I have an expensive double/single pushchair, but its a pain for on the bus, and in most car boots! but I love it for walking, I don't drive so walk alot, so I have a smaller buggy that I use sometimes, and a really cheep £5 in the tesco summer sale stroller in the car for my toddler!
so I think more than 1 buggy is fine


Lomond · 05/01/2008 21:27

YANBU for wanting a buggy that is easier to manage but you could find one for less than a verve buggy. Your dh may be more reasonable about it if you are willing to settle for something cheaper.


moljam · 05/01/2008 21:28

get a sling.or could you sell p and t and get cheaper double and a single?


Misdee · 05/01/2008 21:31

not unreasobale at all, BUT i wuld wait until your baby is a bit older and get a stroller and not a verve. a good stroller, maintained well, will last years. and maclarens can be folded one handed and carried easily, and fit in most boots with ease. i have a mac in the car and a buggy in my hallway.


moljam · 05/01/2008 21:33

Misdee-is it you thats the buggy expert?what do you think of micralite?if its not you ignore me


crokky · 05/01/2008 21:33

yes, mine is a maclaren & well worth it, I got it cheap on as I think the fabric was last season/unfashionable or whatever!


Misdee · 05/01/2008 21:36

micralite is fab

light and easy to steer, can pull it upstairs easily as well due to big air tyres at the back.


hatrick · 05/01/2008 21:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

moljam · 05/01/2008 21:37

how about rough terraine?
sorry bigbumhole for hijack
love your name btw!


LynetteScavo · 05/01/2008 21:37

YANBU Men don't undertand the need for more than one pushchair. At one point I had 6


LynetteScavo · 05/01/2008 21:39

Everyone needs on small Mclarren umbrella one. Great for holidays.


moljam · 05/01/2008 21:39

same with shoes!!!!!!!!

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