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to be feeling weird about the fact that ex's new baby boy has a similar name to my dd

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PirateInaPeartree · 27/12/2007 12:47

My dd5 is called by the name of that very talented singer who won x factor last year.

The name means lioness.

ex dh's bro, (they live in germany)and his wife have had a little boy over xmas. Just found out today he is called Leander.

I like the name. Really do, but its meaning is the f ing same, but a boy version. And shortened its the same ---Lee, as dd's. I also know its a greek mystical name, which does coem up in searches, yet hey, it souns the same in many ways.

I think its wierd tbh. Ok we live in different countries, but tbh I guess i just think there are so very many names they could have had, let alone the same letter, and the same sound etc...

oh and yes they also pee me off as they didn't even send dd a card for xmas. she is theri only niece. I expected a card tbh, in recognition.

OP posts:

BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer · 27/12/2007 12:49

You are being unreasonable IMO.

Sounds to me like it is more about the card than the name. TBH.


dooley1 · 27/12/2007 12:50

it's not ex's baby boy though is it?
it's ex's brother's baby boy


madamez · 27/12/2007 12:51

SOrry but YABU. THey are not going to feel they should avoid the name of their choice because a family-member child of the oppposite sex has a similar one and it's possible that they don't think the relationship between them and your DD is that close anyway.


PirateInaPeartree · 27/12/2007 13:01

my title was wrong sorry, mistyped, in angst.

i still think there are thousands of names other than one that sounds like, and means the same as dd's.

the granparents have two granchildren only. and they have the same type of name.

this really wouldnt make you think it was a littel ill concieved??

OP posts:

PirateInaPeartree · 27/12/2007 13:03

yep , taking on board what you are syaing, yes the card thing does make me mad for other reasons.

Just bad timing i guess.

Ok so if I take away the card thing, its still almost the same name.
I might be unconciously being annoyed, for other reasons, yes i know i prob am.

OP posts:

BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer · 27/12/2007 13:06

If they lived around the corner I would agree, they live in Germany. I am leaving this thread before I say something I might regret.


FairyTaleOfNewYork · 27/12/2007 13:07



SantaBabyBeenAnAwfulGoodGirl · 27/12/2007 13:07

it's not a close relationship and even if it was i don't think it matters

concentrate on something else


yorkshirepudding · 27/12/2007 13:08

Message withdrawn


sparklygothkat · 27/12/2007 13:11

my aunt has just had a baby and called it the same name as one of her sister's kid's name, now that is not on.. IMO


VictorianSqualor · 27/12/2007 13:12

I have a friend whose daughter is called Tamsin, her sister had a baby 3months later called her tammy
I don't think you're being unreasonable as such, we all like to think our babies names are precious to them, but it's not really any of your business what they call the child.


FairyTaleOfNewYork · 27/12/2007 13:13


is it one of my dd's names?


PirateInaPeartree · 27/12/2007 13:13

yes maybe they did.

why what do you want to say Brie, what makes you so cross?

OP posts:

ItsMyPartyAndIllCryIfIWantTo · 27/12/2007 13:14

I do think there are greater things in life to get worked up about.

Save being proper arsey for one of these future occasions


Carnival · 27/12/2007 13:17

Maybe you should be flattered that they used your DD's name as inspiration. If the baby is new then they are maybe having a bit of a time of it, and you could cut them some slack over the card.

Playing devil's advocate a little, as I might be peeved, too. I suppose you'd be less peeved if you were getting to see him?


PirateInaPeartree · 27/12/2007 13:17

hang on a minute, my op was I think its weird thats all. Is this thread going to be the one today that everyone slaughters someone on?

Why the anger towards me?

yes i do have lots of things to be arsey about in my life, belive me.

Thanks, I feel quite upset now.

OP posts:

PirateInaPeartree · 27/12/2007 13:19

yes she had a good pregnacy but for the first 5months was told the baby was a girl, only to be told it was a boy, so that was a shock.

I am happy for them, the baby came early on xmas eee, whic is the day they celebrate Christmas in germany, so how perfect.

OP posts:

ItsMyPartyAndIllCryIfIWantTo · 27/12/2007 13:21

Sorry - my comment was meant in a light hearted way..I did say it with a smile on my face hence grin afterwards!

You did ask if you were being unreasonable and my answer is yes, you are.


goingfor3christmaspuddings · 27/12/2007 13:24

If they didn't even send you a christmas card then they probably don't think about you and didn't even consider the similarites in the names. It is not the same name and even if it was it's your childs cousin who lives in a different country. YABU.


PirateInaPeartree · 27/12/2007 13:25

ok, just misunderstood, I am emotional today it has to be said.
hard to convey sometimes, on here. I am crying my eyes out and i dont really know why. Is it the after xmas thing.

OP posts:

SantaBabyBeenAnAwfulGoodGirl · 27/12/2007 13:30

ah have a hug from me babe

in that case definitely stop thinking about this and distract yourself


ItsMyPartyAndIllCryIfIWantTo · 27/12/2007 13:31

Awww,now dry your eyes Pirate, this name thing isn't worth getting upset about.

I know what you mean about post xmas..big slump today, horrible.


BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer · 27/12/2007 13:33

It is not worth crying over.


Carnival · 27/12/2007 13:34

I don't think the lack of a card necessarily means that they aren't thinking about you and your DD. As I said, my DD was born at a similar time and I don't think everyone on my normal list got a card, nor would they have expected to.

I don't think you are being particularly unreasonable, but I think it would be better for you, your DD and the rest of the family to look on it as a positive thing - an extra Christmas present for your DD?


PirateInaPeartree · 27/12/2007 13:37

she is very pleased to be a cousin

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