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6 year old walking to school alone via a woodland track

Loveagingernut · 06/12/2021 22:17

I am looking for others views, maybe I’m being too protective and should be promoting independence.

Back story….
School walk via roads and pavements is over a mile long, however there is a short cut through woodland area where the track is just less than half a mile but it is classed as a forest. On the left of the forest is an industrial estate with approx 60 different businesses. Due to the nature of 80% of these businesses, they mainly employ men. On the right of the forest there is a residential area and the primary school.
The track is popular with dog walkers, teenagers going in the opposite direction to the secondary school use this short cut, and lots of men that walk or cycle to their employment in the industrial estate.

So this is my concern…..
A young mum, that I support, was walking her 6 year old daughter to school via the track, but I have found out that in the cold, winter, dark mornings, the child is now walking to school alone on this route. She doesn’t need to cross any roads so no safety issues there but am I being over protective thinking it’s not acceptable for a 6 year old taking this route on her own.

Mum isn’t taking her, because she has to be elsewhere for 9am and doesn’t have the time to take her daughter to school, thus allowing daughter to walk through the forest alone.

Am I being too protective or do I promote independence.

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gingerbiscuits · 08/12/2021 09:29

As many others have said, its almost irrelevant where the child is walking as an unaccompanied 6yr old anywhere is a huge safeguarding issue & needs to stop immediately! I work in a Primary School in the UK & we would definitely report that to the relevant authorities as a serious cause for concern.

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Nowayoutonlydown · 08/12/2021 09:39

This child should absolutely not be walking to school alone- especially not on dark mornings let alone through a bloody woodland.
We tell grown women to avoid taking shortcuts through places like woodlands to avoid sexual attacks but this woman is sending her child into this situation.
Most schools would surely not allow the child to walk on their own until year 4+.

My concerns for this child would be that she is at risk doing this walk, plus she is taking on responsibilities at 6 that she shouldn't be taking on for years yet, so what else is she having to do that isn't within the tasks of a 6 year old usually? Taking on responsibilities we are not ready for and are I'll equipped for as children damages the mental health.

Also, does this child even have? Or know how to use a phone in an event of emergency?

I feel really sorry to know there's a child out there who is in this situation.

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