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in thinking that most gp's, doctor's generally and nurses are hardworking proffessionals who deserve some respect?

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pukkapatch · 13/12/2007 18:04

because they certainly dont seem to getany nowadays.
obvioulsy there arethe small minority of people in the profession who give it a bad name, but most of them train bloody hard and work even harder to help people. they certainly dont do it for money. not in this country anyways. and if they dont get respect, then why bother training for it?
aibu in thinking they deserve respect?

OP posts:
MissPebbles · 13/12/2007 18:47

Yes I agree that Doctors nurses work hard etc and I do respect their job roles but as a nursery nurse I find it hard when I read that nurses are only on £20,000 a year I only just make under 12K a year and then you have teachers and nurses being able to get affordable houses whereas a lot off nursey nurses are either in debt or living with parents etc. What I would do to be able to afford what most nurses/teachers/doctors can afford - one teacher I know bought a house on affordable housing and rented it out and then bought/mortagaged their own home.


pukkapatch · 13/12/2007 19:08

wow, what a response!
i started this thread because of all the negatives i was reading on the gp thread. a lot of my family and freinds are nurses or doctors and i know how hard they work. and i know how hard they have trained to get where they are. and i know how much abuse they take. i just wanted a positive thread for them.
sofiaames post listing the other professions is also very very true.

misspebbles, whilst i agree with you re the money, and i agree that nursery nurses do a fantastic job, you cant compare the money they earn because the training and responsibilities are not of the same order of magnitude. but having said that, in a capitalistic society that we live in, training, responsibility, integrity etc have nothing to do with renumeration received.

regarding consultants earning over 100k, most docotrs dont become consultants. because of the mess the nhs is in, there is a huge bottleneck at the senior level, adn a great many docotrs feel they have to leave their vocation in order to continue earning a living.

OP posts:
ScottishMummy · 13/12/2007 19:10

nice post

tiredemma · 13/12/2007 19:17

Good thread.

I have received nothing but good wishes and lots of heartfelt thanks since strting my MH nurse training.

Someone being genuinly grateful for the care that you give them means such a lot

tiredemma · 13/12/2007 19:18


orangehead · 13/12/2007 19:26

I agree everyone deserves respect. Many people work very hard,I dont think ,professionals deserve more.Yes they have trainned hard but they reap the benefits in pay, other people who work equally as hard in difficult jobs dont have that benefit. I also agree on a whole doctors do a fantastic job, but I have also had a fair share of very bad experinces with docotors. The problem is when docs do make mistakes is can often be a matter of life and death which people dont get over

expatinscotland · 13/12/2007 19:29


I had one crap GP in the past and recently some rather unprofessional and rude midwives, but there's good and bad in every place.

sallystrawberry · 13/12/2007 19:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fibernie · 13/12/2007 19:39

Thanks ScottishMummy, I'm in your list! It's nice to be thanked... we get very few complaints where I work, but wish people would tell us how satisfied they are a bit more!

mummyofgirls · 13/12/2007 19:50

Can assure you that most consultants do not earn anywhere near £100k based on their NHS work alone. If they do private they may earn a fair bit more, but fewer and fewer are doing lots of private work nowadays.

PatsyCline · 13/12/2007 19:55

I hereby publicly declare my love and respect for all the staff of the RVI, Newcastle and Northumbria Healthcare Trust.

We have had far too much to do with them over the last couple of years and from the consultants to the stenographer midwives to the cleaners to the nurses to our GPS to the ladies who let me sneak into the RVI staff library and to our HVs, they have all treated me and mine with kindness and professionalism. Oh, and they saved my DD2's life several times. Respect due!


moljam · 13/12/2007 19:57

yanbu i agree.

tissy · 13/12/2007 20:31

are you a Daily Mail reader, Jinglyjangly?

Most hospital consultants don't earn as much as GPs and most GPs don't earn anylike like as much as 100K.

Yes, it is good money (compared to some professions, terrible compared to others), and nurses are underpaid for what they do, as are teachers, police etc etc , but people would still slag off doctors even if they earned peanuts.

This week I am mostly being bugged by the fact that some people feel that the welfare state owes them perfect health, regardless of the fact that they smoke and drink to excess, and abuse their bodies in various ways, and then expect doctors to wave a magic wand and turn them into the person they can never be.

Thanks, pukkapatch, your OP made me smile, and not much does, these days.

pukkapatch · 13/12/2007 20:33

you're welcome tissy.

OP posts:
Mincepiedermama · 13/12/2007 20:33

I think GPs get plenty of respect in their pay packets don't they?

Ozymandius · 13/12/2007 20:35

From the BBC:
"Hamish Meldrum, lead GP negotiator for the British Medical Association, told the BBC average GP earnings were a bit below £100,000 a year."

This was in 2006. Salaries have risen substantially since then.
You may argue that GPs are worth it, but not that they don't routinely earn this sort of money.

pukkapatch · 13/12/2007 20:36

no spidey, they dont.
and no one becomes a gp for the money. there are much much easier methods of making money than studying your brains out for first gcse's then A levels, then five years of university, then the godawful hours that junior doctors have to do.the conitnuous traing, then the gp training, and then perhaps, but not necessarily a job as a gp.
if you want to earn money, then train as a plumber. much less timne required, you can arrange our hours to suit, and money is much better.
or, if you want to go the studying route, do your a levels and uni, and then get a job in the city. much much better pay packet.

OP posts:
Ozymandius · 13/12/2007 20:39

Money so much better? Oh come on.
"The Institute of Plumbing said it was difficult to enrol on gas-fitting and plumbing courses because so many people believe it is well-paid. A spokesman said: "The average salary is about £30,000 but you can earn up to £50,000."
Gps can earn up to £250K a year. That's a brilliant salary by anyone's reckoning.

Ozymandius · 13/12/2007 20:40

Again, from the BBC.
"The salary figures come from an annual survey by the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants due out later this month.
They suggest the average annual income for GPs could rise to £120,000 before tax.
But the figures also give evidence that some GPs are earning up to £250,000.
The survey is the first of its kind since the GP contract came into effect between April and December 2004."

orangehead · 13/12/2007 20:45

I think some doctors choose that profession for the pay and status,not all but some

pukkapatch · 13/12/2007 20:45

well, th eplumbing analogy isnt accurate by any means, as i know nothing about plumbing except that the people at school withthe flashiest cars, biggest houses are the plumbers builders etc. whilst the doctors nurses teachers there have one little, almost burnt out car per family. and normal houses.
so shouldnt have used an example i know nothing about.
but doctors dont earn that much money as a rule. i know, because a lot of my friends and family are doctors. dsis couldnt even afford to buy a little flat, and she's a surgical registrar with no kids and no dp.
money is not a reason to become a doctor, a nurse or a teacher. these are not jobs to earn a living. that is a side benefit. these jobs are vocations. and these people will do them regardless of monetary benefits. although of course money does help.

i just think they deserve a lot more respect for the, mostly, fantastic jobs they all do.

OP posts:
Ozymandius · 13/12/2007 20:50

Really? I know plenty of wealthy doctors, who would not describe their work as a vocation. Enjoyable and interesting at times, yes, but not a vocation. As you can see, once you are trained, the salaries are excellent for doctors. Nurses are a different story of course. The idea that GPs are poorly paid is a complete myth. They do very nicely. Some do a wonderful job, others do a good job. But they do get paid pretty well by the standards of the vast majority of people in this country.
I don't see the point of this thread. People are allowed to complain about their medical treatment if it is wrong.

Ozymandius · 13/12/2007 20:51

House prices are tough for everyone. But when she is qualified she will earn enough to buy somewhere.

frostythesnowmum · 13/12/2007 20:52

YANBU I am a nurse so respct me now

Tipex · 13/12/2007 20:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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