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in thinking that most gp's, doctor's generally and nurses are hardworking proffessionals who deserve some respect?

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pukkapatch · 13/12/2007 18:04

because they certainly dont seem to getany nowadays.
obvioulsy there arethe small minority of people in the profession who give it a bad name, but most of them train bloody hard and work even harder to help people. they certainly dont do it for money. not in this country anyways. and if they dont get respect, then why bother training for it?
aibu in thinking they deserve respect?

OP posts:
walkinginawinterBundleland · 13/12/2007 18:09


handlemecarefully · 13/12/2007 18:11

Yes, the majority deserve respect...agree

TinselHockey · 13/12/2007 18:12

and teachers and childminders!


POOKAingwenceslaslookedout · 13/12/2007 18:12

Agree completely.

Magrat · 13/12/2007 18:13

'don't do it for money' ... maybe not nurses

I am farked off at our doctors so won't answer

manchita · 13/12/2007 18:13

yanbu- people don't seem to appreciate how dedicated they are to their profession.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt · 13/12/2007 18:14

yanbu. But then most people are hardworking and deserve some respect.

JinglyJangly · 13/12/2007 18:14

"they certainly dont do it for money"

thought GP's were on 100k and Consultants a lot more.

We all know nurses are on crap money.

FairyTaleOfNewYork · 13/12/2007 18:14


i love our GP and receptionist. i dont even have to say my name anymore.

they are v friendly and lovely.

hotbot · 13/12/2007 18:15

there are more than nurses and drs in the nhs
and most of us put up with crap and poor wages

camillathechicken · 13/12/2007 18:16


i started a thread in praise of GPs this morning , but only got a couple of responses...

people love a good moan more !

crokky · 13/12/2007 18:16

I think that all the people you mentioned deserve respect.

I think the reason that they don't always get it, or even worse take abuse from patients is that they work in a service (NHS) that has:

-not enough doctors
-not enough nurses
-not enough midwives

Therefore, the overall service received by patients can be frustrating (and in some cases dangerous). Nothing to do with individuals usually, just to do with appalling management and appalling policies.

handlemecarefully · 13/12/2007 18:20

100k is not that major for doctors, considering the years at medical school, the continuing professional development they must do (more exams etc throughout their career) and the degree of responsibility they have (literally life and death decisions)

Other professionals can earn considerably more just by doing a bit of fancy smancy corporate law / providing financial advice / investment banking etc.

handlemecarefully · 13/12/2007 18:21

I think they earn every penny and more

binklebells · 13/12/2007 18:22

I have seen a new doctor today - a lovely man who told me that he couldnt believe my age as I looked around 22-23 (I'm 36) and that I had a 'babyface' (Is this man safe to give out medical advice I have to wonder... )

Unfitmother · 13/12/2007 18:24


SofiaAmes · 13/12/2007 18:26

I think everyone deserves respect. If they are dedicated and hardworking they shoudl be respected for that whether or not they are a professional or a binman. I had the most wonderful, respectful helpful and considerate binmen at my last house. I was just as grateful for them as I was for my lovely gp and the BT guy who fixed my phone in one go, or the plumber who answered my call at 8pm when I had no heat in the middle of the winter. Although I am a professional myself, I don't really see why being a professional entitles one to more respect than anyone else.

JinglyJangly · 13/12/2007 18:28

Excellent post SofiaAmes.

It gets on my nerves when people bang on about professionals.

OhGiveUsAPruniPudding · 13/12/2007 18:29

Of course they deserve respect BUT if you have ever talked to a disgruntled doctor, or a medical student in training telling you what their teacher-consultant has been telling them, sadly you realize how low their esteem for the patients can be
Agree that it must be awful to work within the NHS whether you respect your patients or not.

deenymcqueenygoreandguts · 13/12/2007 18:29

erm, handlemecarefully, nurses are in the very same boat, further training, life and death decisions.
im about to make many on my night shift running an intensive care unit tonight. i handed in an essay that i have been working on on all my days off last week....

on crap money

PortAndLemonaid · 13/12/2007 18:30

People deserve respect, unless they as individuals do something to forfeit it.

That does include people who are GPs, doctors and nurses, yes, as well as people who aren't.

ScottishMummy · 13/12/2007 18:36

i work with a brilliant team, all driven by vocation compassion and desire to do the right thing. and in light of reasding Goldman Sachs are receiving @£30 000 binus, when NHSet well - hee haw actually!Nice to read a positive post thanks

so let's hear it for
path labs
lab staff
reception staff
Art therapists
drama therapists
support staff
..anyone else i missed apologies

but globally big shout to the
nursery nurses
Support workers
Housing officers

Oh dammit all public sector

ChirpyGrinch · 13/12/2007 18:36

I think the problem is the bad ones stick in your mind more. My surgery has one horrible, unfeeling GP who I refuse to see, but 4 wonderful ones, ones who remember me when they haven't seen us ina while, who remember my DD's foibles, who make time to sit and talk to me when their surgery is running an hour late and I am worried about a procedure, and who are not too big to admit when they are unsure and refer me to paeds urgently just in case...
But whenever I meet someone who belongs to my surgery, we all mention the nasty doctor first....

hatrick · 13/12/2007 18:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SlubbersRingAreYouListening · 13/12/2007 18:46

Completely agree with SophiaAmes post. I am full of respect and thanks for the great car mechanics this afternoon, who MOT'd DH's car, started when they said they would, had finished when they said they would, and were generally charming and helpful.

Thank you also the pukkapatch for this thread (will show DH) as some professions take more than their fair share of bashing and critisism (not looking at any other current threads in particular ).

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