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no I bloody well am not .. Pissed off at SIL

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Twiglett · 04/12/2007 13:47

who sent a christmas card to my family house addressed to DH

not Mr and Mrs Twiglett

not The Twiglett Family

oh no .. it is addressed to Mr Twig Lett

OP posts:

Iota · 04/12/2007 13:48

perhaps she's sending you a separate one


CarmenerryChristmas · 04/12/2007 13:49

OOOOH that is nasty Talk about throwing down a gauntlet, do you have a difficult relationship with her?


scattyspice · 04/12/2007 13:49

How rude.

Have you upset her?

Or is she just forgetful?


Kathyis6incheshigh · 04/12/2007 13:49

rise above it


Chloe55 · 04/12/2007 13:49

On the envelope or the actual card?


SweetSnowflake · 04/12/2007 13:50

Shit, ive addressed my sil's to her and not her hubby as i for it now? is that really ignorant?, i was in a rush and writing them with dd!


RosaLuxMundi · 04/12/2007 13:50

DH's brother does that. I don't mind for me but it pisses me off that he doesn't acknowledge our girls.


LadyMuck · 04/12/2007 13:50

handwritten or typed label?


MaureenMLovesmincepies · 04/12/2007 13:53

My mil addresses my birthday cards in my maiden name. I've had the same name as her for 16 years - how hard can it be?


Twiglett · 04/12/2007 13:54

handwritten on envelope

yes no doubt the card will have all our names on it .. mine and DS's I will bet now are mis-spelt though

should I open it?

OP posts:

Twiglett · 04/12/2007 13:54

sweetsnowflake .. sorry but it's rude IMO

OP posts:

Chloe55 · 04/12/2007 13:55

I wouldn't be bothered if it was just one name on the envelope I don't think - I'd be furious if I didn't get a mention in the card though - yeah open it, it's December after all.


mishymoo · 04/12/2007 13:55

It is rude and yes open it!


MaureenMLovesmincepies · 04/12/2007 13:56

Oh no! If you do you can't make a point about it to DH. You need toleave it for him and say you assumed it was something personal for him, since your name isn't on it!


DanJARMouse · 04/12/2007 13:56

very rude.

i think my SIL does the same....


NadineBaggott · 04/12/2007 13:56

have you sent hers yet? ......

forget it come and play boggle


Twiglett · 04/12/2007 14:02

but you keep trouncing me nadine

OP posts:

Iota · 04/12/2007 14:03

open it Twig


Iklboo · 04/12/2007 14:05

DH gets Xmas card written by his dad's wife

"To DH, Iklboo & DS from Dad & wife"

Not LOVE from or BEST WISHES, just FROM - like he's the postman. He gets on really well with her and it upsets him. Also cos it's a cheapo one from a box of 1 million for £1 (and they are MINTED). He thinks surely they should be able to splash out 50p from Card Zone or something for one that says 'To Son & his Wife"


Drusilla · 04/12/2007 14:07

If yours and childrens names are on the card does it really matter? It's the card that goes on the mantelpiece, not the envelope...


scattyspice · 04/12/2007 14:07

Oh I thought you ment you weren't mentioned in the card.

Not rude just lazy/busy/forgetful.


SoupDragon · 04/12/2007 14:10

Does she always spell your name Twiglet?


RosaLuxMundi · 04/12/2007 14:12

We don't get mentioned on the card. And last year DH got a bottle of wine as a present, he didn't bother to make it a joint present and bought nothing for the girls. I rose above it (and drank half the wine anyway.)


Mistymoo · 04/12/2007 14:13

I think I can beat it - my dh received a wedding card on our wedding day simply addressed to him and he was the only one mentioned in the card.


RosaLuxMundi · 04/12/2007 14:15

Who from Mistymoo? I think that does take today's prize.

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