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to think it is disgraceful that babies have bare feet in the freezing cold

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mummyloveslucy · 02/12/2007 21:10

I keep seeing on my travells babies and toddlers being pushed around the town with nothing on their little feet. It is freezing cold and the moms are dressed up worm. There is no excuse imo I know they kick off their socks/booties but you could at least put tights on them, even the boys can wear navy tights under their trousers! and they could use a cosy toes buggy snuggle thing. It makes me so . They wouldn't go barefoot in the winter if they were in a wheelchair so why do they do it too their kids?.

OP posts:

coby · 02/12/2007 21:19

I would think the child would scream like mad if they had cold feet so I guess the LOs are used to it or not cold??


amytheearwaxbanisher · 02/12/2007 21:19

its terrible poor little thingsynbu


SquonkaClaus · 02/12/2007 21:22

okay, this was me three times (once with each child )

Short of stapling the blardy socks on their feet, there was absolutely no way of getting them to stay on.

And I didn't think of tights till a couple of months ago, by which time it was too late as they are all grown out of that stage now


TheAntiCod · 02/12/2007 21:22

maybe they have hot sweaty feet like my ds. if they're not crying then ?


bozza · 02/12/2007 21:22

I think the ones wrapped up in snowsuits and blankets and with cosy toes and raincovers on in heated shopping centres are worse, actually.


mummyloveslucy · 02/12/2007 21:25

coby, they usually are crying like mad but the mums just look angary. You can get used to a headache but that dosn't make it any less unplessent. They seem to be clueless!

OP posts:

coby · 02/12/2007 21:26

bozza - I agree, also people who put their kids in the car with two jumpers, a hat and a wooley coat on - they must be baking, not to mention pretty uncomfortable.


coby · 02/12/2007 21:27

Oooohh, if the child seemed uncomfortable, I might gently mention to a passing mummy of unsocked child 'oohh it appears your little one has lost thier socks' (then duck quickly if they look moody )


worleywinterwonderland · 02/12/2007 21:29

i used to be horrified at his when i had ds1 but now with ds2, he wont keep his shoes on and throws them over the side of his pushchair, another 10 mins and the socks come off too, i have tried his cosytoes but he kicks his legs over the top of it, so now i just give up, if he gets his own way and wlak then he stays fully clothed!! its just a nightmare walking round the shops with a 17mth old having tantrums so walking is not going to be an option.'


mummyloveslucy · 02/12/2007 21:30

bozza, yes that's bad too. But I'd prefere to be too hot than too cold any day. That's just me.

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 02/12/2007 21:31

we put tights on DD2 because she removes all shoes.

but we also put her in a buggy snuggle because it really is too cold up here - rural Western Scotland - to go with bare feet.


SoupDragon · 02/12/2007 21:32

"they usually are crying like mad" Oh rubbish. All my children have removed shoes and socks in midwinter and giggled whilst doing it. Go and judge something that's really worthy of an face.


SoupDragon · 02/12/2007 21:35

It's certainly not "disgraceful", nor is there "no excuse". The mothers are not "clueless" either.


bozza · 02/12/2007 21:36

but mummyloveslucy is there not a safety issue in overheating a baby? I think part of it is also individual body temperatures. And both my children are sweaty little people who routinely wear fewer clothes than I do. I cannot remember either crying from being too cold (other than when they had kicked all covers off in the night) but I can remember them crying from being too hot and having to strip them and sponge them down with a cool flannel - in a Yorkshire summer!

DS was playing out in just a pair of trousers and a t-shirt (no vest) yesterday. I stuck my head out of the window and asked if he was cold but he claimed not to be so I left him to it. He is nearly 7, he should be able to work it out for himself.


SquonkaClaus · 02/12/2007 21:36

incidentally, I said before that mine are all too old for this, BUT.. ds likes to remove his clothes.

We go to nursery with dd2 and he has a vest, tee shirt, jumper, coat, trousers, socks, wellies, hat, gloves, scarf etc. all on. In the two minutes it takes me to get dd2 sorted at nursery, the lot has come off and he is wearing a nappy and vest.

And that's how we walk home because he refuses to put them back on (and he does that archy back thing and the solidly straight arms and legs thing so I can't get them on him)

He did this last week in driving rain - twas very cold but he still refused to put any bloody clothes on


ComeOVeneer · 02/12/2007 21:36

I did put ds in his sisters old tights for precisely this reason (much to dh's disgust ) but he went hysterical trying to wrench them off, so I gave up. He is now almost 3 and has spent the last few weeks in thin trousers and a t shirt otherwise sweats like a pig. So in short it is presumptious that they are cold and that if they are crying it is for that reason. I had a lot of tuts from people like you when they saw my son and if they had felt his feet they were as warm as toast.


SquonkaClaus · 02/12/2007 21:38

with dd1, I used to spend most of the time that she was out in the pushchair saying "ooh, you naughty little girl, you've taken your socks off" because I was terrified of someone coming along and judging me


cadelaide · 02/12/2007 21:39

We had storms here today. Cold, cold winds.A tree fell down in the field and ds1 joined other local kids playing on it.
He rushed out in a t-shirt and shorts......and he was a baby that would never have anything on his feet.


cadelaide · 02/12/2007 21:40

did that make sense?


happynappy · 02/12/2007 21:41

Babies pride themselves on never keeping shoes/socks or anything else on their feet - my DD manages to poke her feet through the gap between her button on bootees and snowsuit...and has destroyed the sleeping bag which I fondly imagined keeping her tootsies seems she likes her toes to have air...


MAMAZONtopofsanta · 02/12/2007 21:45

i feel the same MLL but i mentioned this last year and got flamed


sensiblehead · 02/12/2007 21:46

TBH, I would be more at people getting all het up about something as low level as this! Save your anger for something worth your energy!


SquonkaClaus · 02/12/2007 21:47

yeah, like people parking in P & T spaces at tescos


expatinscotland · 02/12/2007 21:48

dd2 is a stripper.

she will take off her PJs and socks and be playing away peacefully in their bedroom when we discover her.

she prefers to go barefoot in the house and although the heating was off and it was quite chilly today her feet were always warm.

she's like a duck.


amytheearwaxbanisher · 02/12/2007 21:50

lol at your duckling

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