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to let 8 yrs old DSD to read books whilst the kids movie was put on for her

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biglips · 01/12/2007 15:28

as the movie is on half way thru, i said that she cannot watch the movie and read the books at the same time

Dp just gave me a funny look and DSD saw him


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NAB3littlemonkeys · 01/12/2007 15:30



biglips · 01/12/2007 15:31

so i am being unreasonable??

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NAB3littlemonkeys · 01/12/2007 15:32


I often read and watch tv at the same time.

It is good she can do more than one thing at once. If she doesn't want to watch tv and would rather read, nothing wrong with that.


MerryAnnSinglemas · 01/12/2007 15:32

yes of course you are !


hildegard · 01/12/2007 15:32

one or the other seems reasonable imo


Weegle · 01/12/2007 15:32

I think so, but I don't really understand your post sorry!


amytheearwaxbanisher · 01/12/2007 15:33

a bit is it not a tgood thing that she wants to read,a thing to be encouraged i would have thought


mummynumber2 · 01/12/2007 15:33



biglips · 01/12/2007 15:33

oh i supposed as it was the way i was bought up as it was either one or the other.

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Beetroot · 01/12/2007 15:34

why do you find it a problem?


frothykindofadrink · 01/12/2007 15:35

if she was not interested in movie turn it off and read a book

tv shouldn't be on aimlessly in the background if you are doing something else



biglips · 01/12/2007 15:38

well ive asked her if she is watching the movie and she said Yes

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NAB3littlemonkeys · 01/12/2007 15:40

leave her alone. there really is more important things to stress about, imho.


Blu · 01/12/2007 15:41

Were you trying to make her watch the movie, or read the book?

It is irritating to have the TV on 'for the sake of it' esp if you are all in the same room and it's the only space.

ot were you trying to get her to stop reading and watch the film?

Anyway, it doesn't sound as if you were v tactful - did you say 'are you still watching this DSD, or would it be ok if I turned if off?'. That would be ok, imo.


fingerwoman · 01/12/2007 15:42

I don't think you're being unreasonable.
If she asked for a movie then she should watch it. If she wants to read a book instead then turn it off and she can watch the rest later.

I can't see how she can read a book and watch a film at the same time. and it means everyone else has to watch it too, even if she isn't!


biglips · 01/12/2007 15:44

exactly fingerwoman. As weve all got to watch it too

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biglips · 01/12/2007 15:46

no she had a choice, i asked her she will either read the book or watch the movie.

She got the books out about 20 mins ago but the movie is half way

OP posts:

Bink · 01/12/2007 15:49

Was this an isolated thing? or part of a picture of differences (b/w you and dp, or b/w how you were brought up & how dsd was brought up) over what dsd does? As it seems a very very small thing to care about (I don't think I'd so much as notice), & only likely to be bothersome if it was part of a bigger picture.


roisin · 01/12/2007 16:16

I would say the same actually.

I'm happy for the boys to read a book, or watch TV, or play Gameboy/DS, etc.

But not more than one at once.

If they want the TV on, they watch it. If they want to do something else they go upstairs or the TV goes off.

I wouldn't get particularly stressed about it, but it is pretty much a ground rule here. (for children anyway ... not for adult!)


staryeyed · 01/12/2007 16:17

Im a one or the other person aswell. Happens in my house annoys me so much. Having to watch someones rubbish on TV while they are not really paying attention. I think its a control thing (in my house not yours Biglips).


hercules1 · 01/12/2007 16:53

Seems a bit of a strange thing to consider whether you were being unreasonable or not. DOes it really matter?


ElasticAnimal · 01/12/2007 16:57

is it a boring film?
perhaps the book is better?


shrinkingsagpuss · 01/12/2007 17:02

one or the other would be our rule as well. TV on in background not happening, it's either being watched or its off.


cat64 · 01/12/2007 17:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

biglips · 01/12/2007 17:16

thanks everyone for your advice.

maybe i am abit pushy but as i said its the way i was bought up..(we dont know whats her own upbringing is like at home with her mum and stepdad).

i do think its true that its only a small thing not to be stressed over it.

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