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To not know what to buy DS for a wedding

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Grumpasaurus · 13/05/2021 21:50

Hi all,

DH, DS and I have been invited to a somewhat formal wedding this year. It will be at a country manor in July. DS is 4.

I have no idea what to dress him in? At the risk of coming across wrong, all the little suits I have seen look sort of cheap and tacky. But I can't find anything else?

Could I just buy smart trousers and a smart top? What shoes? A bow tie?

AIBU to have no clue how to not dress DS, 4 years on?!

OP posts:

Antiqueanniesmagiclanternshow · 13/05/2021 21:52

I dressed my 4 year old is a cream linen waistcoat and shorts combp with an open necked white linen shirt. It was smart but little boyish and cool and comfortable. He looked gorgeous too!


AuntyMabelandPippin · 13/05/2021 21:53

I put mine in a lovely white shirt with navy blue shorts. They looked lovely.


Serin · 13/05/2021 21:54

Trousers and a nice shirt.
Maybe a silk waistcoat if it is very formal.

Otherwise you could go all Prince George and have a look at the Spanish kids clothes websites for shorts sets and sandals.


Curiosity101 · 13/05/2021 21:55

Have you googled "4 year old boy wedding outfit" - I just did and it might give you some inspiration for buying all the separate pieces if you wanted to do it that way.

Also, have you checked eBay? I'd imagine there could be lots of outfits going relatively cheaply on there which will have only been worn once (or not at all due to Covid).


Honeywort · 13/05/2021 22:00

At that sort of age my DS had a lovely linen collarless shirt the he wore with drawstring trousers. Another wedding outfit involved a waistcoat as per pp - would go for linen or corduroy rather than silk if not part of the bridal party. I wouldn’t go for a suit on such a young child.


Honeywort · 13/05/2021 22:01

Monsoon used to be good for this sort of thing.


Toilenstripes · 13/05/2021 22:03

I just clicked on the link and went “awwwww”. I love children’s clothes. 😃


Serin · 13/05/2021 22:04 This from Next? Available in several colours.


HerMammy · 13/05/2021 22:05


katienana · 13/05/2021 22:06

I got my then 3 Yr old a pair of navy shorts with braces and a blue shirt. He wore converse style trainers with it. I think it was all from Next.
Primark always do chino shorts and you could get a shirt to go with them. Cute, smart and comfy


shouldistop · 13/05/2021 22:06

I prefer them in shorts at that age.

Shorts, a short sleeved shirt with a nice pattern, long socks and nice leather shoes.


gingercat02 · 13/05/2021 22:08


Monsoon used to be good for this sort of thing.

I was about to say that. We got ds a lovely mandarin collected shirt and a mole coloured trousers and waistcoat set for my brothers wedding when he was 3. For my cousins wedding surprisingly H&M came up trumps with a dark cream short and waistcoat set and a white shirt with rolled up sleeves. I think he was 6

SmednotaSmoo · 13/05/2021 22:08

Not a suit, but a waistcoat/shirt/shorts thing will look lovely. Make sure he’s got shoes so you’re not doing emergency shopping the day before when you realise last season’s scuffed Clark’s Dino trainers don’t really complete the look.


DelurkingAJ · 13/05/2021 22:16

As friends? I’ve got an outfit for a 7 year old and another for a 3 year old from DBIL’s wedding...I’d be delighted to lend them to a friend (or indeed donate the younger version) and they’ve been worn once.

Do remember shoes though...we had to do a last minute swoop for smart shoes as DS2 wasn’t at school.


DelurkingAJ · 13/05/2021 22:16

Ask friends even!


nanbread · 13/05/2021 22:22

I'd go for a linen collarless shirt and smartish trousers. Zara and H&M always do shirts like this. Hate it when little children are all trussed up in bowties and suits.

This shirt would look lovely with blue or brown trousers.


Belindabelle · 13/05/2021 22:23

Yes shorts waistcoat and shirt. I would take a clean t shirt too just in case. As for shoes I honestly think white tennis shoe type trainers would be fine or maybe navy or tan sandals or boat shoes.


nanbread · 13/05/2021 22:23


Grumpasaurus · 13/05/2021 22:38

Oh you guys are wonderful, thank you!

I did try EBay and that's where the cheap looking suits came up!

love love love the linen shorts and waistcoat with a sweet but smart top- thank you!

Shoes wise, I think I will go for smart sandals or boat-type shoes.

Thank you SO much!

OP posts:

MargateSands · 13/05/2021 22:41

Go full on morning suit, including top hat and pocket watch.


Meatshake · 13/05/2021 22:50

Shirt, trousers with braces, flat cap. Love it when little boys look dapper 😂


FurryGiraffe · 13/05/2021 22:56

When our boys were 5 and 2 and my BIL got married we did cream chino type trousers and blue shirts. Tan leather boat shoes.

Not too fussy, and perfectly comfortable, but they looked smart and a bit dressed up.


BaronessBomburst · 13/05/2021 23:02

How is he with wool?
I bought DS a gorgeous trousers, shirt and waistcoat combo from M&S when he was 4. He complained instantly about the trousers being itchy and we had to give up and change them before we even got to the church.


Grumpasaurus · 13/05/2021 23:18

I am going to go for the JL linen shorts and waistcoat, a pink collarless shirt, and cute tan leather sandals from next. Thank you all so much!!

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