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AIBU to go to the cinema?

37 replies

PleaseReferToMeAsBritneySpears · 05/05/2021 23:32

If you've had both jabs, will you be happy going to the cinema when they open on May 17th?

I will, but saw a poll which was largely of the opinion to wait a bit. I've erred on the side of caution all the way through, been shielding etc. but once I'm vaxxed to the max, I'm outta here!


OP posts:

FeelyMcNeily · 05/05/2021 23:37

Im doing as much as i can as soon as i can. With or without 2nd jab. Life has been put on hold for far too long now. Cant wait to do all the things ive missed out on this last year.


Dancingalong · 05/05/2021 23:41

No jabs here yet and I’d happily go to the cinema when they open.


Quaagars · 05/05/2021 23:46

I've had no jabs yet, would still be completely fine with going to the cinema.


YerAWizardHarry · 05/05/2021 23:48

I went to the cinema when they briefly opened between lockdowns and will go as soon as they’re open (no jabs yet due to age)


BackforGood · 06/05/2021 00:12

YANBU to go.

However, that isn't what the poll was asking.
Personally, I wouldn't. I think we all weigh up the 'pluses' we'd get from doing something against the negligible risk of doing it.
I think there is a negligible risk, but I really couldn't be less bothered about going to the cinema.

OTOH, there will no doubt be things I'm going to do (because I love doing them) that other people - possibly including you, OP - would consider too great a risk, because the 'pluses' of doing a different activity just wouldn't add up for them / you.

It's all about balance.


Sparklfairy · 06/05/2021 00:15

Every time I go to the cinema for at least the last five years, whether small or a big chain, they're practically empty anyway. I'd have no problem with going when it's probably going to have 5 other people there.. safer than the supermarket!


FizzyPink · 06/05/2021 00:18

I have no problems with the risk and haven’t been jabbed. However, I really have no interest in returning.
We used to go to the cinema on a Sunday when we didn’t have anything else planned just to fill the afternoon. But during lockdown we’ve discovered so many great ways to fill our weekends while also not spending money for the sake of it and we plan to continue some of that.


SleepingStandingUp · 06/05/2021 00:18

I saw Pinocchio between lockdowns. Early Sunday morning showing due to childcare. Was great, empty cinema.

There's a couple of movies I really want to see. Cinema had a good process last time and I'd really like it to stay open so DH and I will both likely go but alas to the same movie separately as we have too many kids for a baby sitter 🤣🤣


PleaseReferToMeAsBritneySpears · 06/05/2021 00:19

Sorry, I don't know what poll you're referring to and what it was asking. What I saw wasn't on MN.

Thank you, All!

OP posts:

BackforGood · 06/05/2021 00:23

Sorry, I don't know what poll you're referring to and what it was asking

er....the one you referred to in your opening post ..........
I will, but saw a poll which was largely of the opinion to wait a bit.



lurker101 · 06/05/2021 00:26

Yes! I was in Westfield shopping at the weekend for longer than I would watch a film, so the risk must be similar....


PleaseReferToMeAsBritneySpears · 06/05/2021 00:27

Ha! Sorry! It's late! You said "That isn't what the poll was asking" which made me think you'd seen a different one!

People here would be happy going. That's made me feel better. Thank you.

OP posts:

IdblowJonSnow · 06/05/2021 00:38

I love going to the cinema. We have a lovely independent one near us that tends to be pretty quiet so I'm looking fwd to going back there. I will have my second jab next week.


Allwokedup · 06/05/2021 07:13

I went to the cinema last summer when things opened up without vaccines. It’s fine. You’ve been doubled vaxxed. Just go stop worrying abs start living your life again!


Iheartmysmart · 06/05/2021 07:18

I’ll be there with my nose pressed against the glass waiting for the doors to open! Have a cinema pass and always used to go on a Friday night straight from work with a couple of friends and a little bottle of wine and some chocolate in my handbag.
Went a few times in between lockdowns and it was very quiet. Hopefully more people will feel like going back now.


nancywhitehead · 06/05/2021 07:22

If it's open then it's open. It's fine to go.


KingdomScrolls · 06/05/2021 07:23

I don't usually watch much TV, but I've been inside watching a lot more than usual over the last year, the last thing I want to do is go and sit in a dark room and watch another screen! No risk concerns though


IceCreamAndCandyfloss · 06/05/2021 07:26

No, will still be cautious re indoor places on the 17th as plenty still not vaccinated or are on first doses so I’d rather avoid busy places for a while longer.


Chemenger · 06/05/2021 07:29

I would go as soon as they’re open. I’ve had one jab. I’m assuming they will be set up with social distancing and infection rates are so low that I think the risk is worth it.


actiongirl1978 · 06/05/2021 07:31

I went to the cinema when it was open last summer and autumn. And the theatre in London at christmas.

Felt very safe on all occasions


actiongirl1978 · 06/05/2021 07:32

Ours is an Everyman cinema so not a massive multiplex


newnortherner111 · 06/05/2021 07:32

Yes and indeed looking forward to it. My local cinema has a seating plan and I know they maintain social distancing. Worth thinking about going at an earlier screening in the day as they are usually quieter.


fairfat40 · 06/05/2021 07:34

It would depend how full the cinema was, but I think I will be going. IMO cinemas are low risk, with high ceilings. Talking is a risk factor, but people have their mouths shut., so not too much aerosol. Eating out in a poorly ventilated space is more of a concern.


kowari · 06/05/2021 07:35

Are they requiring vaccination certificates or something? I haven't been offered the jab but would go if there is anything worth seeing.


BlusteryLake · 06/05/2021 07:35

Different people have different thresholds for risk vs reward. Once cinemas are open, go if you fancy it!

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