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To be done eith M& S (almost)

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Viviennemary · 28/04/2021 18:36

Just got something from M&S click and collect. Thrown in a bag and looks like a creased rag. Not the first time. Boden always beautifully packed. Even George at Asda clothes are well packed. Marks are a disgrace. It makes you wonder how they keep going.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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ToryStelling · 28/04/2021 18:48

I had a couple of similar experiences with M&S around Christmas.

I received a dressing gown (Christmas gift for someone) packaged in a box (not inside a bag) with some loose baubles that I’d also ordered. The baubles were glittery so the glitter had gone all over the dressing gown. It was just a complete lack of common sense - I understand they’re trying to reduce packaging waste, but still.

I do really like M&S but I’ve found their online delivery service abysmal lately. This is just one of many issues! They also allow you to pay for ‘Named Day’ delivery but never seem to honour it.


Viviennemary · 28/04/2021 19:29

That was very annoying. I think its to cut down on packaging but I still object. Not sure if its worth complaining. Don't think I'll use their online again but I probably will.

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Novacancy3 · 28/04/2021 19:31

I've noticed that quite a lot of their online reviews mention the bad packing and the creased state that the clothes arrive in. It's Mark's, we expect better.


PurplePansy05 · 28/04/2021 19:32

I've never had this issue with M&S and I shop there quite a lot. Email customer services with photos?


NameChangedForThisFeb21 · 28/04/2021 19:38

I’ve had this recently, clothes (T-shirt’s and trousers) quite literally screwed up in a ball. They were gifts and would have needed ironed before giving them. So I couldn’t in case they were the wrong size or the recipient didn’t want them.

Also a candle in a gigantic box which was a waste of packaging, especially as it had 12 feet of the large bubble wrap in there (I was sad enough to measure). For an 8 inch candle. The box was the size a king sized thick quilt or duvet would have been in or a few pillows.

With the clothes being screwed up like that, I did email and complain with pictures. I wouldn’t be allowed to intentionally do something like that at my job. They gave me a £5 voucher for the hassle of having to return and look for new gifts during lockdown.

M&S have hands down been the worst for this. I’ve had a similar experience again recently, not with the items being intentionally screwed into a ball but with them just being shoved in and not folded meaning they were badly creased.


SunIsComing · 28/04/2021 19:49

Never had an issue.


Junobug · 28/04/2021 19:55

My pet peeve with them is that I order 5 items and each one will come from a different location so indivually packaged. But one will come with 48h priority, one will be couriered and the rest 2nd class mail so take 7 days. Why? It makes no sense and must cost them half of what I spent in postage.


Viviennemary · 30/04/2021 10:55

That's interesting about the comments on their atrocious packing. I don't want to return items because of this I just want them to pack properly. Who wants a creased screwed up item.

OP posts:

Xiaoxiong · 30/04/2021 11:22

juno this has happened to me with both M&S and John Lewis - an order of multiple items coming from different locations I understand, but why the different postage methods (that I didn't specify or pay for). Very mysterious.

I've never had anything but good packing and packaging from either of them, luckily. Amazon is bad too with a big box and yards and yards of paper packing just for a tiny item.


user1471548941 · 30/04/2021 11:49

I recently refreshed my underwear drawer, that being the only thing I still buy from M&S.

12 pairs of knickers and every single one came on an individual hanger!!! What a waste, I don’t need the hangers, because seriously, who hangs their pants?

Several of the hangers were the ones that could host multiple pants also!


Demelza82 · 30/04/2021 12:36

It's such a shame that irons no longer exist in people's homes , such a shame


Foxyloxy1plus1 · 30/04/2021 12:44

Irons do exist and I have one that Use, but if you buy the item as a gift, you can’t iron it before you give it to the recipient because it might invalidate the warranty.

In any case, it isn’t a question of whether people an or should iron, it’s about companies poor practice.


GreenSeaGlass · 30/04/2021 12:49

I’m done with Next online orders. Items packed separately in plastic bags packed in more plastic bags. Numerous items double bagged in separate plastic bags. If you return an item they put it in another plastic bag to go inside a bigger plastic bag. It’s disgraceful.


Namechangedforthistoday · 30/04/2021 12:56


That's interesting about the comments on their atrocious packing. I don't want to return items because of this I just want them to pack properly. Who wants a creased screwed up item.

You are meant to wash all clothing before use. This is due to all the chemicals from the dyeing process which are still on the items. Even if it arrived in pristine condition you’d “undo this” by washing it anyway.

LakieLady · 30/04/2021 13:00

I bought 4 15" square cushion pads from M&S earlier this year, but click and collect rather than delivery.

I assumed they'd just stick them in a couple of bags, as they're squishy, not fragile, and weigh next to nothing.

I was gobsmacked when I went to collect them and was presented with an enormous cardboard box. It was so huge, it took up the whole of the luggage space of my estate car. And a man kindly offered to carry it for me!

It seems really weird that they should pack something for click and collect in a completely excessive way, but pack clothes for delivery in a woefully inadequate way.


LakieLady · 30/04/2021 13:03

You are meant to wash all clothing before use

Who has decreed this, @Namechangedforthistoday? It seems like a waste of energy and water to wash stuff that hasn't been worn, and I've never come to grief from wearing new clothes that are unwashed, despite having skin that's very reactive.


WhatElseCouldIDo · 30/04/2021 13:06

I’m impressed that you’ve found some clothes at M&S that you want to buy.


Scarlettpixie · 30/04/2021 13:10

I haven’t had any issues with m&s packing but yanbu to shop elsewhere if you don’t like the service you are getting.


Tisforptarmigan · 30/04/2021 13:20

I was pleased to receive several pairs of jeans from there recently just in an outer bag without wasteful plastic bags on each item.

Just think how much plastic they are saving. I think other retails should do the same.


RubyFakeLips · 30/04/2021 13:23

I’ve given up with M&S, aside from food and fitted sheets.

Everything I’ve bought from them in the past couple of year has been shockingly poor quality. Knickers, cushions, socks all fail on washing or wearing. The clothes are hideous. I don’t know who they’ve got designing and buying for them but they obviously don’t know who their target customer is.

Women’s nightwear is the most depressing area. Do they really think most women are looking for polyester character pyjamas and fleeces with ears on as loungewear.


Thatisnotwhatisaid · 30/04/2021 13:25

I order lots from M&S and it’s all been absolutely fine. Granted, it’s never click and collect so unsure whether that’s the difference.


1Morewineplease · 30/04/2021 16:37

I agree @RubyFakeLips
No idea who they are aiming at.
Women's fashion is dire and needed addressing years ago.
I expect that's why they're going to be selling seasalt, Hobbs and Joules clothes soon, it's easier than bothering with their own lines.


oneglassandpuzzled · 30/04/2021 16:43


You are meant to wash all clothing before use

Who has decreed this, *@Namechangedforthistoday*? It seems like a waste of energy and water to wash stuff that hasn't been worn, and I've never come to grief from wearing new clothes that are unwashed, despite having skin that's very reactive.

This is a MN thing. In real life I can't think of anyone who washes and irons new clothes.

Northernsoullover · 30/04/2021 16:47

Perhaps a poor single parent got her hands on it, washed it in her machine and packed it for Marks ?


GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman · 30/04/2021 16:53

I've almost given up on shopping actually in M&S. In that pre-Christmas spell when the shops were open I went in for knickers and a couple of white camisole-type vests. The knickers I liked they had in my size (novelty value right there) but I had the in my size of grey thermal vests (not what I wanted). They had cami ones - in an 8 or 22. I was so fed up that I put the knickers back and resorted to FatFace and the Boden catalogue.

M&S have been shit at having all sizes in stock for bloody years. It used to be the same with woolly school tights: age 4-5 or 10-11 only, when you had a seven year old.

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