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AIBU to be furious that this isn’t illegal?

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YetAnotherHastyNameChange · 28/04/2021 13:20

During Covid myself and another few mums in my area have been visiting and delivering food parcels to elderly people whose families have been unable to visit. During this time I’ve made some really good friends with some of the old ladies and now the dc are back at school I’ve been still visiting a couple of them to help out and have a catch up and chat with them.

One particular lady is really lovely, absolutely hilarious but quite frail and her house really is a tip. Her family who live a distance away pay for a cleaner to go in weekly but as the lady is always there she never lets the cleaner actually do much other than the bathroom and all the books and stuff she’s hoarded for years is still piled up everywhere. A couple of weeks ago her family collected her and took her back to their house now restrictions have eased and booked the cleaner to go in as normal but hoping she could throw a few bits out - really not important things but there’s stacks of magazines from the 90’s, endless Tupperware that doesn’t match and the owner really won’t notice when she returns.

Anyway, cleaner goes in a discovers lots of things have been moved around so phones family to see if it’s them. It’s not them but they find out some internet blogger who visits ‘abandoned places’ has broken in somehow, dressed up in her clothes, sat on her bed, took loads of photos of all her possessions and posted it all online as a ‘time capsule house’. Family contact police who claim no laws have been broken as there’s no sign of a break in and he is claiming to have been invited in. Lady is now hugely embarrassed as everyone has seen what a mess she lives in and is refusing to come home again.

Having looked at this mans page he’s been going all round my local area and letting himself into people’s caravans, abandoned schools, loads of houses which he claims are abandoned but quite possibly just second homes that haven’t been visited for a while, taking photos in through people’s windows of houses that are clearly lived in, going into farms and photographing all the barns with animals, machinery that could be stolen, broke into a Victorian cinema that is currently being rebuilt by volunteers but is in a dodgy area so will now almost certainly just get trashed.

How is this not illegal? Why is he allowed to do this? So many people have complained on his page that he’s been in their barn/ photographing their dining room while they were out etc. and he just blocks them from the page.

He’s getting loads of views on these pages so more and more people are going to start doing this, surely? I find it outrageous behaviour and can’t believe the police won’t intervene.

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CassandrasCastle · 30/04/2021 10:06

What a complete dick! Whoever said this made them feel really sad as well as angry, I agree. The photo of him rifling through the possessions of the murdered men is just utterly grim

CassandrasCastle · 30/04/2021 10:06

Just commented on his Insta page

Thatisnotwhatisaid · 30/04/2021 10:08

His YouTube channel isn’t very popular and he’s lucky if he gets 100 views so doubt he’s earning any money from this. Not the point, I know but just wanted to make the point since someone said YouTube would demonetise his account...

I can’t really believe someone could break into my house in the middle of the night but provided they didn’t break or steal anything, that would be absolutely fine. Fucked up. Also shocked he managed to break into a NT site.

This poor woman. He needs naming and shaming, preferably in your local newspaper and possibly national news too. I like the idea of local people breaking into his home and posting pics on Facebook.

BonesJones · 30/04/2021 10:10

I asked a very simple, non inflammatory question, asking about the house/tea photo on his fb and got banned instantly. The guy is a cock. I hope your neighbours family manage to take some legal action. Makes me sick to think of the poor neighbour upset by this numpty. I'd feel so violated if someone broke into my house and took photos. I hope he gets his comeuppance.

RainbowRaine · 30/04/2021 10:43

Does anyone know which house it is, so we can all comment, what a nasty piece of work he is?

Nocomment1 · 30/04/2021 10:58

His name is the birdman adventures everyone name and shame him!

MotherOfGodWeeFella · 30/04/2021 11:00


Does anyone know which house it is, so we can all comment, what a nasty piece of work he is?

The OP posted he took down those photos when they were complained about.
YukoandHiro · 30/04/2021 11:02

Call a local journalist and expose him... he'll be forced to account for himself

YukoandHiro · 30/04/2021 11:05

Just seen your latest update OP - call the Daily Mail. They'll give him the public "exposure" and seeing to he deserves. Disgusting behaviour.

Nocomment1 · 30/04/2021 11:13

The birdman adventures name and shame the bastard!

BurtonHouse · 30/04/2021 11:13

I'm not sure the Daily Fail picking this up would be such a good thing. It might just give other low-life shits the idea to copy him. I much prefer the lying-in-wait-with-a-baseball-bat plan.

AbsolutelyPatsy · 30/04/2021 11:15

its a shame that the lady was even told imo

LadyWhistledownsQuill · 30/04/2021 11:17

I'm one of the people he's boasting about banning from his page - because I commented that entering the home of recent murder victims was intrusive and rather different to exploring abandoned hospitals!

AIBU to be furious that this isn’t illegal?
AbsolutelyPatsy · 30/04/2021 11:17

i am so glad he has taken the photos down

PerkingFaintly · 30/04/2021 11:19

@YetAnotherHastyNameChange if you decided to draw a journalist's attention to this thread, please ask for your OP to be edited.

You've said that one of the things distressing the lady who lives in the house is that she finds something at the house embarrassing. By repeating that very thing and publicising it, you've actually increased that aspect of the trauma for her.

I know you posted from the best of intentions, and actually the embarrassing thing is irrelevant to what this despicable man is doing. Your OP would make as much sense without it.

Could you ask MNHQ to edit the OP and remove those details?

In fact, please do that anyway, because anyone reading the thread and googling the guy will also now know.

[NB In case the OP does get edited, I should add that the "embarrassing thing" isn't something anyone else is judging the lady on; but something she doesn't feel good about it. She's entitled to both her privacy and her pride.]

RainbowRaine · 30/04/2021 11:29


Me too, dickhead!
If he was any kind of decent human, he would be publicly apologising rather than deleting everyone comments.

Mittens030869 · 30/04/2021 11:33

I’m another one who is shocked that what this man did isn’t illegal. Awful.

Jacopo · 30/04/2021 11:39

His Instagram is even worse than his Facebook. The huge majority of pictures are from inside people’s private houses, not old hospitals etc. All their old possessions on view for everyone to see, including family photographs. What a tosser.

SinisterBumFacedCat · 30/04/2021 11:42

Jesus what an arsehole! I can’t see how this isn’t classed as harassment or even a hate crime. How can anyone not see the massive power imbalance between an entitled young healthy male and an elderly lady. It is creepy as fuck what he is doing.

It has nothing to do with abandoned places, I love a derelict hospital or a shipwreck and regularly fall down those rabbit holes. This is shaming people for living within the probably very strict parameters of what he considers normal. People hoard, keep old magazines piled up, live in a mess, it’s not always healthy but it’s their right to do that and often takes many years for them to accept help. He’s treating these vulnerable people like a freak show.

The dressing up in her clothes, sick fucker. I bet his penis is bird sized too.

Jacopo · 30/04/2021 11:43

No doubt he thinks he’s interestingly subversive. He’s not. He’s an emotionally bankrupt twat.
Someone said he still lives with his parents. They must be so proud. If they know.

babbaloushka · 30/04/2021 12:14

Horrible little man, not surprised he's still living at home with mummy and daddy. Your poor neighbours, being terrorised by this idiot. Hopefully the police or community can find a way to come down on him HARD.

This is not what urbex is, and the urban explorers I know (real ones, not morons who are so shit at it they lie about breaking into the homes of the elderly) are disgusted by him.

Wheresmybiscuit3 · 30/04/2021 12:14

Disgusting person

Appledrop · 30/04/2021 12:15

He's mocking this now on his page. Disgusting.

AIBU to be furious that this isn’t illegal?
Xenia · 30/04/2021 12:18

If he has taken down all the photos immediately (someone needs to check on line - you can do reverse picture imaging searches on line) then that is a good step forward in writing the wrongs.

If he entered a property he thought was empty that is not lawful. I doubt the door was open and even if it were that is not something you are allowed to do. It is not public land. There is no right to roam as you might have across some farmland.

NameChangedForThisFeb21 · 30/04/2021 12:21


He's mocking this now on his page. Disgusting.

If it wasn’t true why did he take the pictures down? Idiot.
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