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That vegan food at a wedding thread...

38 replies

KM38 · 24/04/2021 17:37

I’ve lost it 🤣 I’m assuming it filled up?! did the OP ever return?! Did we ever see a menu?!

OP posts:

WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo · 24/04/2021 17:37

Nope Grin


Sparklfairy · 24/04/2021 17:38


KM38 · 24/04/2021 17:41

@WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo @Sparklfairy

I’m truly gutted 🤣🤣 I was praying for her to come back with a lovely inspirational menu 🙈

OP posts:

Sparklfairy · 24/04/2021 18:39

So was I tbh! Why start it and never come back? Was it just to wind people up and watch them bicker amongst themselves? Very strange.


Samcro · 24/04/2021 18:42

I wanted the op to come back, i know nothing about vegan food, would have been interesting.


cushioncovers · 24/04/2021 18:47

Can't believe the thread filled up so quickly. Grin


DrunkOnOneSip · 24/04/2021 18:49

Come on, just a troll trying to get people to attack her so she could argue back. When people said nice positive things, she came unstuck.


GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 24/04/2021 18:50

I really wanted to see the menu too! Even though I guess I could google “vegan menu” any time I like!


icdtap · 24/04/2021 19:33

She was just wanting to start a fight!


Tambora · 24/04/2021 19:39

I had some vegan muesli for breakfast this morning. It was very nice.


LaLaLandIsNoFun · 24/04/2021 19:44

I reckon it was a controlling MoB wanting to get a pile of negative remarks to show her poor frazzled vegan daughter


TheLastLotus · 24/04/2021 19:45

Thread made me laugh - I’m of Indian descent and most of our weddings are vegan/vegetarian and the food’s delish!


Ninkanink · 24/04/2021 19:49

Vegan food absolutely can be utterly delicious. And I’m a committed carnivore and defiantly against anything that smacks of virtue signalling/worthiness.

I would happily attend a wedding where everything’s vegan - I’d probably struggle with more a week’s worth of meals but one meal? Of course it’s possible to make it a great one!


Ninkanink · 24/04/2021 19:50

*... more than a week’s worth...


Ninkanink · 24/04/2021 19:51

@TheLastLotus yes, I had that thought too. Vegan doesn’t have to mean cardboard cake and other such offerings.


EarlLeighIndamornin · 24/04/2021 19:57

I’m getting sick to death of pointless troll threads on here.


AbsolutelyPatsy · 24/04/2021 19:59

i wanted to add another post!


Backstreetsbackalrightdadada · 24/04/2021 20:01

Should’ve definitely done a vegan menu! I’d never turn down any wedding menu - as long as there’s a good spread I’m happy! Plus would be interesting to see what they came up with


3JsMa · 24/04/2021 20:03

I don't get it why this is such a huge issue.
It's the couple's wedding,their day and their choice of the menu.You go their to celebrate someone's wedding,food is just a bonus
If someone got an invitation and complains about the menu,pass it on to someone who will appreciate it more.
I can't live without meat,but it's a special occasion and their choice should be respected.


KM38 · 24/04/2021 20:22

@LaLaLandIsNoFun Grin you might be on to something there actually 🤣 I never thought of that!!

@TheLastLotus - I don’t think I’ve ever tried an Indian dish that I didn’t like so I can only imagine the spread at an Indian wedding 😍😍

Wasn’t intending to start a riot all over again btw...I genuinely just lost the thread and was overly invested in the debate 🤣🤣 I eat mainly vegan anyway because I love veg, im not over fussed about meat unless I’m in the mood for it and I have issues with dairy 🤷🏻‍♀️

I do always find it funny the number of people on the these threads that are outraged at the thought of having to sit down to a vegan meal though 🤣🤣 happy to shove any unidentifiable meat sausage down their necks but shit themselves over the thought of having to eat a green bean 🙄🤣🤣

OP posts:

RampantIvy · 24/04/2021 20:25

It was interesting that over 80% of posters voted that the OP was NOT BU.

There were only a small minority of ignorant posters who kept posting ridiculous comments on that thread.


KM38 · 24/04/2021 20:42

@RampantIvy Oh really?! I didn’t even see the voting numbers!!

OP posts:

RampantIvy · 24/04/2021 21:12

1845 (82%) voted YANBU and 404 (18%) voted YABU.


FuckingFabulous · 25/04/2021 10:04


It's not from the OP, but it may help you gain closure 😂😂

This is precisely the sort of thing that winds me up, so I sympathise with you!


RampantIvy · 25/04/2021 12:11


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