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What is a healthy lunch? What do you have?

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SpringSunshineandTulips · 21/04/2021 12:21

I’m not keen on soup. Was about to have a ham and salad sandwich but watching the calories at the moment - although the bread is the 50 50 bread so could be worse.

I really get stuck with lunches and then want crisps too. I need something low cal but filling.

OP posts:
TheDogsMother · 21/04/2021 14:04

I've just had a tuna and bean salad. Mixed beans, tin of tuna, chopped tomatoes, chopped celery, red onion, block olives, chopped coriander bound together with a couple of spoons of tomato salsa. Very nice it was.

Lansonmaid · 21/04/2021 14:05

Just had ham omelette for lunch - as we have loads of eggs to get rid of (our chickens being very bountiful at the moment)

Dorisdaydream2 · 21/04/2021 14:12

I’ve just had salad leaves, half a tin of tuna and loads of picked beetroot with a low fat dressing. I’m trying to loose weight too. Will probably have a sandwich a couple of times a week or I will get bored.

ChristmasAlone · 21/04/2021 14:15

90% of the time we make enough to have left overs for lunch the next day.

I find eating something substantial makes me snack less and take in less calories overall.

I swim/gym/run 6 days a week, sometimes 2 of the activities.

Today I've had:

Porridge pot with whey (pre gym)
Banana and 2 piece of peanut butter toast (post gym)
Lasagna tiny bit of salad (lunch)
Crunch corner


Mushroom stroganoff (enough will be saved for tomorrow)

Had about 4.5 pints of water and small glass of milk as well

fishonabicycle · 21/04/2021 14:17

Any leftovers, a sandwich, sushi, if I'm home I might have a boiled egg and marmite soldiers. I sometimes make soup.

thismeansnothing · 21/04/2021 14:19

Aldi Slimwell meals for CBA days. But will have one without rice/noodles etc.

Omlette and fried veggies.

Stir fry veg, fried prawns and siracha.

Chicken sausages, beans, one dry fried egg and a potato waffle.

Chicken salad pitta and crisps (pop outs, hummus crisps etc).

Oatcakes, ham, salad bits.

Scrambled eggs on toast.

Beans on toast with a poached egg.

Tortilla wrap pizza.

ilovesooty · 21/04/2021 14:21

I usually have a couple of Babybel Light cheeses, or chicken, or ham with tomatoes and raw carrot, followed by a handful of grapes or an orange. It keeps me going until my evening meal.

Cowbells · 21/04/2021 14:23

Leftovers from a healthy dinner the night before. E.g chicken marinaded in spices and yoghurt with brown rice and salad. Or pasta and roast veg reheated.

ChristmasAlone · 21/04/2021 14:28


Leftovers from a healthy dinner the night before. E.g chicken marinaded in spices and yoghurt with brown rice and salad. Or pasta and roast veg reheated.

I was genuinely shocked that I was the 1st person to say leftovers from dinner just above this post.
Xmassprout · 21/04/2021 14:30

I generally have some kind of salad most days. If I'm feeling particularly hungry ill add rice or pasta, but I measure out how much I have.

Today I didn't fancy salad and didn't have breakfast so I had various chopped fruits with Greek yogurt and granola. I always measure out the granola and yogurt as its easy to have too much.

Sushi is another favourite, or cooked fish with some vegetables

AmaryllisNightAndDay · 21/04/2021 14:37

Was about to have a ham and salad sandwich but watching the calories at the moment - although the bread is the 50 50 bread so could be worse.

If the sandwich is 2 slices of ordinary sliced bread then that seems fine to me as a weight loss lunch. Have more green salad or a couple of tomatoes on the side, apple to follow, job done.

Green salad plus tuna plus egg plus small packet of crisps (25-30g) works for me too. Also like the readymade John West fishy "lunch on the go" packs or their nicer "creations" pouches with salmon and grains, with a pack of green salad.

I like some carbs and fat when I'm losing weight, just not too much of either, and plenty of other things alongside.

EveningOverRooftops · 21/04/2021 14:40

Swap bread for a sandwich thin. You still get the sandwich with 100cals for bread instead of 200 approx.

So for me it’s a sandwich (ham and salad or tuna and Mayo with cucumber) and an apple with light ribena

Or I have a soup pot with a bread roll and an apple.

Beans on toast/ scrambled egg on toast.

Sometimes I’ll have a frozen fish pie or frozen lasagne ready meal and frozen veg side.

It all depends really but I’ve found having a good handful of go to lunches that are around 3-400 cals helps immensely.

I more often have salad with my main meal than lunch though.

TheLadyGrayson · 21/04/2021 14:49

I was a crisps fiend who is calorie counting at the moment, to be honest I am a give an inch, take a mile person so find it easier to make lunches which crisps wouldn’t go with (soup and bagel, salads, beans or scrambled egg on toast). I haven’t bought crisps at all since the start of Jan and don’t really miss them.

ODFOx · 21/04/2021 15:00

I find protein makes me fuller for longer, so more ham less sandwich if you see what I mean?

I'm losing weight at the moment and am finding that the John west lunch on the go pots are great- they are 250 or 300 cals approx and have lots of tuna or salmon in. They have a small amount of potato, Couscous or pasta in so really don't need anything else.

mathanxiety · 21/04/2021 15:05

Hard boiled egg, grapes, baby carrots.

Bearclaw · 21/04/2021 15:14

A ham salad sandwich is only about 250 calories. If that’s what you were planning to have then I doubt you’ll find a lower calorie option? I usually have a sandwich or eggs on toast.

DrinkFeckArseBrick · 21/04/2021 15:23

Veg curry

Waxonwaxoff0 · 21/04/2021 15:38

This week's lunches I've had -

Monday: 2 Ryvita seeded thins with some cheese, raw veg sticks.

Tuesday: Cajun spiced chicken breast and vegetable cous cous

Today - half a carton of chicken soup, raw veg sticks.

Tomorrow I'll have the rest of the soup. Friday will be a duck hoisin wrap, Saturday an omelette with mushrooms and spinach, Sunday a tuna and quinoa salad.

Toothpaste123 · 21/04/2021 15:54

Ryvita or finn crisps topped with cottage cheese. Quark with banana and almonds for dessert. Mama noodles..in any flavour. Less than 100 calories and super filling. Miso soup from a packet. Pieces of tofu for protein. Filling and tasty and only about 60 calories per portion!!

BashfulClam · 21/04/2021 15:58

I had an omelette, added some cheese, spring onion and tomato. Then had a wee mixed fruit tub from the supermarket.

Hdiebfhs · 21/04/2021 16:18

When you have veg and hummus add half an avocado and an egg. The protein and good fats will fill you up more.

I tend to eat - smoked mackerel with veg batons. Omelette rammed with veg. Rivita with egg or tuna mayo. Tomatoes/avocado and mozzarella salad.

SimonJT · 21/04/2021 16:22

I have veg biryani everyday, I’m very much a creature of habit.

OlympicProcrastinator · 21/04/2021 16:25

I buy a wrap and fruit at lunch but would only have one half of the wrap and a banana. The second half of the wrap id eat the following day with another bit of fruit. With a drink as well it’s very filling.

HeyGepetto · 21/04/2021 16:27

My favourite lunch is a pitta bread stuffed with sweet chilli hummus and some combination of olives, cucumber, tomato, artichoke, sun dried tomato, depending what I have in the cupboard. It seems pretty healthy, and is delicious, you could use wholemeal pitta?

Tinkling · 21/04/2021 16:30

My absolute fave is brown pasta, mixed with extra mature cheddar, can of tuna, sweetcorn, peas, red onion, pepper and cucumber. Delish. I always make it fresh so it’s warm and the cheese melts.

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